Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – July 1, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In LaSalle County, CPO Wagner, while checking fishermen along the Illinois River near Peru Sportsman Club, cited four individuals for fishing without a fishing license. All four claimed to not be fishing but after crossing over the river and watching individuals from the other side, CPO Wagner observed all four individuals fishing.

In LaSalle County, CPO Wagner, while observing fishermen at Lake Mendota, noticed two fishermen on the southwest bank of the lake. Upon approach, one fisherman dropped his pole and claimed he wasn’t fishing. CPO informed the fisherman he had watched him fish, but the fisherman insisted he wasn’t fishing and the pole belonged to his friend. The fisherman was cited for fishing without a license and later apologized for not telling the truth.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn was checking fishermen at Spring Lake when observed a boat coming into the boat ramp. An inspection of the boat led to him ask the fisherman about a bucket with a lid on it. After CPO Finn requested to see in the bucket, the fisherman tried to dump out the bucket containing two protected slot bass. The fisherman received a citation for possession of protected slot bass and was warned if he had dumped the fish he would have been obstructing a police officer.

In Tazewell County, CPO Finn observed a stringer  of fish at Spring Lake with what appeared to be an illegal bass. CPO Finn approached the fisherman and asked for licenses and inquired about the stringer of fish. One fisherman admitted to catching the fish, however, stated he had not measured the fish. Bass between 12 and 18 inches are protected at spring lake and unlawful to possess. The bass was 14 inches and the man received a citation for keeping it.

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner, while conducting sport fish enforcement at Mautino SFWA, observed a stringer with what appeared to be a short largemouth bass. The CPO took out his measuring board and found the fish to be in violation of  the length limit. While CPO was checking licenses, the girlfriend said hers was in their car. CPO Wagner went with the fisherman to the car to retrieve the license and when the car door was opened a strong smell of cannabis was detected. After a short interview, the fisherman admitted to having cannabis in the car. A fisherman was cited for the short fish and subsequent discovery of cannabis.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson responded to a landowner complaint of hunting without permission. Upon responding to the complaint, CPO Thompson identified a man hunting wild turkeys without permission of the landowner near London Mills. The man was issued a citation for hunting without permission of the landowner. 

In McDonough County, CPO Elliott and CPO Thompson patrolled McDonough County. While on patrol, the CPOs entered Spring Lake Park in Macomb, to check several fishermen and watercraft. During a sport fishing compliance check, CPOs had previously observed a male subject and a female subject both fishing near the circle drive-off of the northwest boat ramp. When asked, the female subject explained she wasn’t fishing. The male subject then affirmed she was just holding his fishing pole for him. After explaining to both subjects they had been observed for several minutes both casting and reeling from a short distance, they both admitted she had been fishing. Both CPOs explained the law as it pertains to the requirement of having a Sport Fishing License and presenting it to an authorized CPO upon request. In addition, the male subject was found to be in possession of opened cannabis in a public park. 

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Kane County, CPO Iaffaldano responded to a complaint of a wild turkey being retained alive. The Elburn residents were issued two written warnings and the turkey was released back into the wild.

In Lake County, CPO Kelley responded to a call of an injured rabbit in Gurnee. The rabbit, while alive, was unable to move its hind legs. The animal was transported to a local wildlife rehab person who thought it may survive what looked like a dog attack.

In Grundy County, while conducting sport fishing enforcement at a lake in Grundy County, CPO Prasun observed one fisherman in possession of a turtle that had been caught illegally. The fisherman was issued a written warning for the violation. CPO Prasun observed another fisherman who was in possession of a short walleye and issued him a citation for undersized walleyes.

In Kendall County, CPO Bergland checked two fishermen at Loon Lake, Silver Springs State Park. They said they had three bass in the bucket by their picnic table. Upon walking to the picnic table, CPO Bergland saw two beer bottle caps on the table and beer in an open backpack. In a bucket were three bass that didn’t look like they were the 15” minimum length required to keep them. When asked, the fishermen said they didn’t know that there was a minimum length even though they had walked past the sign that explained the site-specific regulations for Loon Lake. They also said that they didn’t see the 3-foot x 5-foot sign they drove past that said no alcohol was allowed at Silver Springs. One subject was issued a written warning for the alcohol and a citation for the short bass. The other subject was issued a written warning for the short bass and a citation for the alcohol.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes came across a subject fishing on the Kankakee River in Will County without a fishing license in his possession. The subject claimed to have lost his wallet, along with all forms of identification, in Mexico. The  subject provided a name, date of birth, and address, all of which proved to be false. Through extensive research, the subject was properly identified and issued a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license.

In Will County, CPO Thompson and CPO Prasun investigated a report of migratory non-game birds being taken from the wild and being kept as pets. A citation was issued for Unlawful Take and Retain Alive Migratory Non-Game Birds. A written warning also was issued.

In Cook County, CPO Vik was patrolling William Powers SP near State Line Road when he observed two ATVs driving inside the state park. CPO Vik located the entrance the ATVs had used to enter the state park and discovered four ATVs, a pickup truck, and an awning set up inside the state park. Two ATVs carrying five people immediately fled, nearly colliding with CPO Vik’s patrol vehicle. CPO Vik detained the remaining individuals and ATVs. After interviewing the remaining individuals, CPO Vik issued a citation to the owner of the ATVs.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff encountered a subject fishing in the Mount Olive area of Macoupin County. After greeting the subject and looking at his catch of bluegill, CPO Gushleff asked for the subject’s fishing license. The subject produced his last three years of fishing licenses but failed to purchase a current license. CPO Gushleff issued the subject a written warning. 

In Pike County, CPO Jansen completed an investigation at the end of December regarding a deer that was harvested by a hunter lawfully, but not recovered.  Weeks after the harvest, the body was located and the skull cap and rack were missing. CPO Jansen worked on leads from members of the community and was able to recover the missing deer rack from the Mississippi River. The subject who had the rack did not realize it was a violation to possess the deer rack without a salvage tag. The rack was seized and after the landowner confirmed he wanted it returned to the hunter with a salvage tag.

In Sangamon County, while CPO Wahlbrink was performing fishing compliance checks at Lake Springfield, a fisherman stated his girlfriend had purchased a license for him and a picture of the license was on her phone. DNR records indicated that was false and that his privilege to fish had been revoked due to not paying child support. The individual was issued a citation. 

In Jersey County, while working a special event, the Pere Marquette State Park Fishing Fair, CPO Gushleff received a complaint from the park superintendent. Horseback riders on the park horse trail complained that someone was camping on the horse trail. CPO Gushleff went and investigated the complaint. CPO Gushleff found a tent on the horse trail and seized it. CPO Gushleff left a seizure tag with contact information on it. On the next date, a subject called CPO Gushleff and asked about the seizure tag. CPO Gushleff advised the subject that the horse trails are not designated camping areas, and he cannot camp there. The subject stated he is indigent and was basically homeless. He did tell CPO Gushleff he just got a job and is trying to get back on his feet. CPO Gushleff met the subject and returned his tent. A written warning was issued after CPO Gushleff informed the subject of some of the administrative rules about camping. The subject stated he understood, and would only camp in the designated campgrounds of the park.

In Morgan County, CPO Gerdes conducted an investigation into reports of illegal woodchuck trapping in Jacksonville. The investigation revealed a local man had been trapping woodchucks in a residential area without a trapping license and using untagged traps. The man admitted to the violations and was issued a citation.

In Cumberland County, CPO Hyatt received a call from a Greenup resident who reported a baby opossum found in their residence. Upon arrival, CPO Hyatt located a family of opossums and was able to retrieve them and relocated them to timber in Cumberland County.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Jackson County, CPO G. Anderson checked a fisherman below the Kinkaid Lake Spillway. CPO Anderson noticed the fisherman had an undersized smallmouth bass in his cooler. CPO Anderson cited the fisherman for the undersized bass and educated him on the immediate release of smallmouth bass in streams and rivers between the dates of April 1 – June 15.

In Johnson County, CPO Johnson received a call about a subject in possession of a fawn. When CPO Johnson arrived at the residence, a doe was nervously wandering around the back of the residence. The subject released the fawn and it returned back to its mother.

In Clinton County, CPO Macias was called to the Carlyle Lake spillway where a large group of people was snagging all at one time. Along with the district Seargant and a few Army Corps of Engineer rangers, the team made contact and issued seven citations.

In White County, CPO Roundcount was on patrol. A male driving an ATV was observed coming to a stop by a county road. The male had a loaded rifle slung on his shoulder. CPO Roundcount stopped the male. During the investigation, it was discovered the male had a revoked FOID status. The male was arrested for possession of a firearm with a revoked FOID. After further investigation, several other felony violations were discovered. The rifle was equipped with a silencing device. The male failed to submit his suspended concealed carry license. The male was in possession of fewer than 5 grams of methamphetamine. The ATV the male was riding had all the VINs removed except one.

In Richland County, CPO Taylor and CPO Roundcount received a complaint that a juvenile was on a jet ski harassing geese on Borah Lake. When CPO Taylor and Roundcount arrived, the complainant was at the boat ramp and stated the juvenile went back to a house located on the lake. CPO Taylor and CPO Roundcount launched a boat and boated to the home and observed a jet ski matching the description. The CPOs contacted with the homeowner and he stated his girlfriend’s son was out on the jet ski and did some dumb stuff by driving a jet ski at the geese. CPOs asked the subject if the juvenile had a boater competency card and he stated “no.” The subject was issued a citation for allowing the juvenile to operate a jet ski without supervision. 

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