Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 3, 2022


Ashland Team/April

Warden Lynna Martin, of Bayfield, investigated information from a local hunter who said the turkey he had shot was full of sunflower seeds. Martin checked the area and found a ground blind baited with seed. She returned the next morning and found a turkey hunter hunting over the seed.

Spooner Team/April

Warden Dustin Gabrielson, of Webster, investigated a feeding complaint in Voyager Village where the landowner was feeding deer with mineral blocks.

Wardens Gabrielson, Chris Spaight and Mike Melgaard responded to a rural area in Burnett County where a 3-year-old child and a dog were reported missing. While on the scene, Gabrielson heard a faint dog bark in the distance. He responded to the area with a Burnett County Sheriff’s Department deputy and located the dog on a gravel, dead-end road. Gabrielson then located the missing child at a house. The child then was reunited with the family.

Warden Joshua Loining, of Rice Lake, responded to a hotline call of a person snagging fish below the Chetek dam in Chetek. Loining responded and observed the person engaged in the activity.

Warden Loining responded to a traffic stop conducted by a Barron County Sheriff’s Department deputy which led to an admission of baiting deer on private property in Barron County. Loining responded to the property and located the bait piles.

Warden Loining contacted a person operating an off-highway motorcycle (OHM) on closed ATV trails in Poskin. The operator stated he did not know the trails in Barron County were closed to OHM operation.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, followed up on a complaint of illegal septic disposal. Hagen spoke with the landowner who was running gray water out of his camper onto the ground. Hagen educated the individual on the legalities of the situation and issued a warning. Hagen also contacted county zoning for further follow-up, as well.

Warden Hagen patrolled ice fishing activity and contacted a person whose fishing license had expired two days prior. Hagen warned the person and instructed him to purchase a license.

Warden Hagen responded to a wild land fire call near Twin Lakes, and the fire was approaching a cabin. Hagen spoke with the landowners; one had minor burns to the side of his face and singed hair from his attempt to extinguish the fire. While there, Hagen saw an illegal mineral block for feeding deer. Hagen educated the new cabin owners of the feeding regulations and current restrictions. A DNR fire ranger educated them on the burning permit regulations. 

Wardens Jesse Ashton, of Luck, and Dustin Gabrielson participated in the annual Balsam Lake Animal Classic that included guest speakers on hunting tactics and adventures, antler scoring by Pope and Young and Boone and Crockett scorers, display of animals, and prize raffles. Ashton and Gabrielson brought several mounts for display and engaged with members of the public who stopped by with questions.

Wardens Ashton and Pete Carlson, of Frederic, investigated a possible deer hunting violation by a person who had purchased archery and gun deer licenses, but did not harvest any animals. The person instead used his authorizations on two deer shot by a relative. The person was not hunting with the relative at the time. Enforcement action was taken against both individuals.

Park Falls Team/April

Warden Aaron Koshatka, of Hayward, received a call regarding syrup taps placed on state property. Koshatka located the responsible party and had him take the taps down. Koshatka provided property management contact information to be able to get a free permit to tap trees on state property.

Warden Kurt Haas, of Medford, received a call from the Taylor County Sheriff’s Department about illegal ATV use near Lake Esador. On the way, Haas saw a loud ATV being operated on the road. Upon contact, Haas found the operator to be 15 years-old and without an adult accompanying him, as required. A verbal warning was issued to the youth’s father for the violations.


Marine Enforcement Team/April

Wardens Gaven Brault, of Green Bay, Issac Hackett, of Sheboygan, and Collin Sherod,  of Manitowoc, investigated a call of individuals using snag hooks and nets in a refuge to harvest walleyes illegally. The wardens saw the individuals doing the activity. In 15 minutes, the individuals had illegally kept 10 walleyes from the refuge, five of which were undersized. Multiple coolers were found in their vehicle that they intended to fill. They were found to have filled three coolers with illegal walleye the previous time.

Warden Isaac Hackett contacted a charter captain because of late report submissions. Hackett found the captain was knowingly submitting late reports, not reporting some fishing trips, and omitting some required information from reports.

Wardens Adam Strehlow and Sam Haferkorn, both of Milwaukee, assisted the Milwaukee Police Department with off-highway vehicle enforcement in the city. Wardens and city police officers stopped several ATV riders and 10 citations were issued. Two ATVs and one UTV were towed by the city police department. One operator was arrested by city police after Strehlow discovered an Illegal firearm in the person’s waistband. The arrested person also had a felony warrant.

Peshtigo Team/April

Warden Clark Delzer, of Shawano, worked with wildlife staff to capture two bear cubs abandoned by a sow that was spooked off the property due to human conflict. The sow did not return for the cubs. The cubs were transported to Wild Instincts where they will be rehabilitated and released.

Warden Delzer assisted the Shawano County Sheriff’s Department with the capture of a person who attacked a man after attempting to steal a catalytic converter. Delzer set up a perimeter and the person was captured by a canine unit.

Warden Paul Hartrick, of Oconto Falls, was checking individuals in a fishing group while one person with the group was busy on his phone. When checking the last individual for a fishing license, it was found he purchased his fishing license with his phone just before being checked. A citation was issued. 

While checking anglers on the Peshtigo River in Marinette County, warden Tim Werner, of Crivitz, contacted two persons fishing late at night. Werner determined one angler’s fishing license was revoked due to child support non-payment. In addition, the angler had a warrant for child neglect in Brown County. The person was arrested on his warrant and enforcement action was taken for fishing during revocation. 

Warden Werner responded to a call of an orphaned bear cub near Lake Noquebay. Working with area property owners, the bear cub was successfully captured. The cub, which was only two or three months old, was transported to a rehabilitation center. 

Lake Winnebago Team/April

Warden Logan Woods, of High Cliff State Park, checked a boat coming off of Little Lake Butte des Morts at night that did not have a 360-degree white light attached. There were four individuals bowfishing from the boat. None of those individuals had a fishing license, all were under the age of 21 and had consumed alcohol, and the operator was operating while intoxicated.

Wardens Zack Seitz, of Shiocton, Mary Bisch, of Appleton, and Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, responded to a call regarding a deer suspected to have been shot with a rifle out of season. The wardens found the deer had been shot over a corn/apple pile using an agriculture damage tag in an area that the authorization did not cover. 


Lower Chippewa Team/April

Warden Adam Hanna, of Clark County, collected a crow that displayed neurological distress signs associated with avian influenza. Hanna collected a video of the bird’s abnormal behavior and worked with wildlife staff to submit for testing.

Wardens Kevin Christorf and Adam Hanna, both of Clark County, followed-up on illegal turkey hunting complaint near Curtiss. A person had placed illegal bait, possessed a gravity feeder and was trespassing.

Warden Clayton Peters, of Chippewa County, responded to a report of a coyote being caged at a residence. Wild coyotes were found to be illegally possessed and were recovered and transported to a licensed captive wildlife facility.

Lower St. Croix Team/April

Warden Madison Bryan, of
St. Croix County, responded to a call of an occupied boat lodged sideways in the Mallalieu dam in North Hudson. Bryan assisted the Hudson Fire Department with securing the boat and bringing the boaters back to shore. The boaters were uninjured and the boat received minor scratches.

Wardens Kyle Kosin and Joe McMahon, both of Pierce County, patrolled trout fishing activity and received a call of individuals keeping trout on the Rush River. They contacted two anglers who had been observed keeping several trout while using live bait. The wardens found the two were in possession of 17 brown trout, fishing with live bait, and did not have licenses or trout stamps.

Warden Jaime McDermid responded to a call of two persons snagging fish on the Red Cedar River. McDermid contacted the pair and found they had 10 carp in two vehicles, one which showed signs of being foul hooked. The person who caught it admitted to catching the fish by snagging it in the head and keeping it.

Warden McDermid investigated a call of someone building structures on state lands and using ATVs. While walking the property McDermid located an old deer stand. The stand was inaccessible from the state land, and only accessible from private property. McDermid spoke with the neighboring landowners, who admitted to putting up the stand on state land about six years ago and using his ATV to access the area. The landowner told McDermid he feeds deer and wildlife behind his house and then showed him a grain bin with corn in it for the deer. McDermid explained the regulations regarding state lands and the illegal feed.

Warden Joe McMahon, of Pierce County, contacted individuals using live bait as they fished for trout on area streams. They also did not have fishing licenses. Some of those contacted said they were unaware of the artificial bait requirement on the stream.

Warden McMahon contacted an ATV rider coming out of a state park. The rider stated he was looking for his wife and dogs. McMahon found the ATV had been operated in the park and on a closed road route, along with other ATV equipment violations. McMahon also talked to the operator about having his dogs off leash in the park after previously receiving numerous complaints on the individual.

Warden J.J. Redemann, of Dunn County, reported the adjudication of an illegal deer hunting case from the fall of 2021. The hunter became frustrated after several deer walked by out of archery range. The hunter switched to a .243 rifle and shot a large 10-point buck. After killing the buck, he shot an arrow through the dead deer to make it look like a legal archery harvest. The Dunn County court ordered three years revocation of all DNR privileges, more than $2,000 in fines, and the court-ordered confiscation of the buck and rifle.

Black River Falls Team/April

Warden Michael Weber, of Mauston, contacted an individual who illegally harvested a buck and doe over bait on private property with a crossbow during the 2021 archery season. In addition, Weber found that the same individual harvested the doe in the Central Forest Zone, but without the proper harvest authorization and failed to register the deer, as required.

Warden Patrick Seybert, of Necedah, received a littering complaint on private property near an unimproved road in Monroe County. Seybert identified the individual responsible for dropping two large trash bags after cleaning a residence.

Warden Wade Romberg, of Friendship, issued multiple citations in April for burning without permits in Adams County.

Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, conducted a traffic stop on a three-wheeled ATV being operated in Oakdale in Monroe County. The headlight was not illuminated, and there was no rear license plate or taillight visible on the ATV as required. Modjeski recognized the operator, as he had issued a citation to that operator in 2021 for no ATV registration.

Wisconsin River Team/April

Warden Bryan Lockman, of Stevens Point, contacted a fisherman on a closed trout stream, who was fishing without a license or trout stamp, was using live bait and possessed multiple brook trout. 

Warden Lockman contacted a hunter whose son shot a turkey during the youth hunt near a baited site, failed to register the bird and violated the mentoring law.

Warden Kyle Ziembo, of Wausau, observed a UTV operator exceeding the speed limit on a county highway. Multiple violations were found and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Ziembo observed two boats without navigation lights on being operated below the Dubay dam over an hour after sunset. Both boaters were contacted and multiple other violations were found.

Wardens Kyle Ziembo and Nicholas Hefter found a live raccoon in a foot-hold trap on state land in April. The raccoon was released, but another raccoon was found dead in a different trap at the same location. The trapper was contacted.

Wardens Ziembo and Korey Trowbridge and a Marathon County Sheriff’s Department deputy investigated an illegal camping call on the Mead State Wildlife Area. The officers located a man who had a tent on state land. The person had recently lost his job and housing, so he decided to camp on state land. The person was given a warning and information on other camping options.

Warden Josh Litvinoff, of Schofield, gave a presentation to participants of a trapper education course at the Weston Hit or Miss Trap Club.

Warden Erika Leigh, of Marshfield, worked with the Wood County Sheriff’s Department in locating a person who shot at a turkey from his vehicle off the road. Leigh had previous contact with the person in years prior for the same violation, and the person again was found to have shot at another turkey from the road.


Racine, Kenosha Team/April

Warden Brandon Smith, of Twin Lakes, responded to a call at the Waterford dam of a person fishing and keeping a northern pike during the closed season. The person was found in possession of one northern pike and admitted to knowing the season was closed, but stated northern pike was a favorite fish to eat. 

Wardens Alex Basting, of Sturtevant, and Brandon Smith were patrolling Richard Bong State Recreation Area, checking vehicles for state park stickers. They observed an unoccupied vehicle parked in a closed area. Located in the vehicle and visible while looking through the windows was drug paraphernalia. Shortly after, the vehicle’s operator returned to the vehicle and admitted to being in the possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Warden Mike Hirschboeck, of Racine County, checked a group of six persons bowfishing on the Fox River and Conservation Bay. Five of the six did not have current fishing licenses. 

Wardens Hirschboeck and Jen Burrow-Niemeyer responded to a call of two individuals operating a motorboat on plane on the Nicholson Wildlife Refuge. The pair were reported to have been shooting geese and coots. After a foot pursuit, the pair were located and ordered out of a hayloft of a barn. The boat operator stated it was hard to shoot the geese and operate the boat at the same time. The boat operator had 20 violations and the other person had 17 violations.


Madison Team/April

Warden Henry Bauman, of Madison, investigated an individual for possessing velvet deer antlers without authorization. The individual illegally removed the antlers from a car-killed buck along Hwy. 60 between Columbus and Arlington.

Warden Jake Donar, of Madison, was patrolling night fishing on Lake Mendota when around 11 p.m. he observed a fisherman targeting walleyes during the closed season. The man was using a jig and twister tail and sight-fishing walleyes with the help of a flashlight.

Warden Matthew Koshollek, of Dane County, was following up on night-fishing complaints involving fishing in closed fish refuges near McFarland on the Yahara River. While watching the refuge, Koshollek observed a large bowfishing boat enter the refuge and the occupants start bowfishing. Koshollek contacted the anglers and found one man did not have a fishing license. Other boating violations were also found.

Wardens Ryan Caputo and Jake Donar, both of Dane County, contacted two turkey hunters found to be hunting in the wrong zone in southern Dane County.

Warden Pete McCormick, of Poynette, contacted several shooters at the Columbia County range and addressed several range safety violations.

Warden McCormick contacted a fisherman on Lake Wisconsin who was fishing with four lines. Other violations included fishing without a license and possession of a 11.5-inch walleye.

Sauk County Team/April

Warden Keith Meverden, of Sauk City, was conducting fishing enforcement checks when a person drove a vehicle into a day-use area at an unusually slow speed and park in a remote corner. The driver then laid down across the front seats. A welfare check discovered open intoxicants and the driver was arrested for operating while intoxicated.

Rock River Team/April

Dodge/Jefferson/Rock Counties

Warden Brad Burton, of Beaver Dam, while patrolling the Hwy. G bridge for anglers, observed a person drive an ATV on a route not designated for ATV use. The operator did not have any registration or a rear license plate on the ATV. Upon contact,  Burton found the registration had expired in 2020 and registration decals had never been applied to the ATV.

Warden Burton checked fishing licenses in a group at the Hwy. G bridge in Beaver Dam and found a person in possession of four crappies over the daily bag limit.

Warden Burton responded to a report of someone keeping an undersized northern pike below the dam in Beaver Dam. Burton found the person was in possession of an undersized pike. This person had been cited in the past for keeping undersized pike.

Warden Ryan Mannes, of Horicon, found a person who admitted to harvesting a 6-point buck during the 2021 archery season without having a valid license.

Warden Ryan Mannes, while checking anglers at the Kekoskee dam, found a person fishing without a license. The person said he had difficulties with the DNR GoWild system. However, records indicated the person had not attempted to use the licensing system since 2019, but had hunted for deer in 2021 without a license and last bought a hunting license several years earlier.

Warden Mannes came upon one person in possession of an illegal-sized walleye while checking anglers at the Jefferson dam.

Warden Alex Brooks, of Jefferson, was working fishing enforcement in Fort Atkinson when he contacted an angler who was fishing with five rods and six baits/lures.

Warden Brooks and a Jefferson County deputy contacted a person who had been operating an amphibious vehicle on Jefferson County park property and the waters of Rock Lake. The officers found there were several violations, including operating the vehicle as a boat without registration and failure to have enough PFDs on board.

Wardens Brooks and Koshollek performed a taxidermy audit and found the taxidermist had been operating without a required taxidermy license for years.

Warden Brooks discovered a large pile of garbage had been dumped on DNR lands. Brooks found a possible responsible party, who admitted to the littering violation.

Warden Brooks was made aware of a turkey hunter who may have hunted without having a valid license. Upon contact, it was found that the hunter had not purchased his license and turkey stamp, as required.

Warden Kyle Johnson, of Janesville, concluded a person suspected of harvesting a bear during the 2021 season and not registering it had done just that.

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