Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – May 6, 2022

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Mercer County, Captain Petreikis and CPO Posateri patrolled Mercer County during firearm deer season. After legal shooting hours, flashlights were observed in the timber. A short time later, a truck was observed driving through the field. Officers approached the hunters and identified themselves as game wardens. A field-dressed deer was on the ground without a tag and was about to be loaded in the bed of the truck. One hunter claimed the deer but said he didn’t put the tag on it yet because he didn’t want to get it all bloody or lose it dragging it out of the field. The guns were unloaded and a check for a plug revealed an unplugged shotgun capable of holding five slugs. Citations were issued for the untagged deer and the unplugged shotgun. The deer was then tagged and released to the hunter.

In Ogle County, CPO Engledow issued multiple written warnings to an individual for parental responsibility involving a juvenile who unlawfully took a white-tailed buck deer (fawn) during the archery deer season without a hunting license or any archery deer permits

In Rock Island County, for several months, an open bow pleasure boat with an outboard motor sat abandoned on the Rock River at Moline’s South Shore Drive near the Interstate 74 overpass. The registration expired in 2017 and the last registered owner was in the Chicago area. A CPO in that area made contact with the last owner but they were unable to find information on the person the boat was sold to over five years ago and there was no information available on the trailer, either. No one in the area would come forward with any information as to a possible owner. So before it was frozen in the ice, CPO Posateri made arrangements with a local tow company and had the abandoned boat removed.

In Whiteside County, Whiteside County deputies were called to Como Lake to report individuals being dropped off carrying garbage bags. The individuals were located on the lake ice fishing. The deputies contacted CPO Zigler with the information on who was fishing and where they were located. CPO Zigler issued one of the fishermen a citation for no valid sport-fishing license.

In Boone County, CPO Engledow observed a vehicle traveling at a rate of speed faster than the posted speed limit. CPO Engledow locked the speed of the vehicle on his radar at 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. CPO Engledow observed no front registration plate on the vehicle as it passed his location. CPO Engledow conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. CPO Engledow observed the rear registration on the vehicle did not match the vehicle it was registered to. After speaking with the driver, it was discovered the individual’s driving privileges were suspended and the individual “swapped” plates on another vehicle weeks ago after purchasing this current vehicle. The individual was also unable to provide proof of insurance. CPO Engledow issued the driver citations for driving while license suspended, speeding (73 mph in 55 mph zone), improper display of registration, and no proof of valid insurance. CPO Engledow seized the registration plates and the vehicle was towed. CPO Engledow released the driver on Notice to Appear citation

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner, while following up on the deer investigation, found the individual had not reported two deer taken during the first firearm deer season. The individual was cited for the violation.

In Bureau County, after receiving information about possible hunting over bait incident, CPO Wagner interviewed the possible offender and gained a confession. The individual was cited for hunting by aid or use of bait.

In Bureau County, after an investigation into a stolen camera from a rural Bureau County property, two men will be charged in connection with the theft. Both men are being charged with criminal trespass to real property and theft. The court date is pending in Bureau County Court.

In Bureau County, CPO Wagner, while checking ice fisherman at Mautino SFWA, ran a vehicle check near the boat ramp. CPO found the license plate response came back to a different vehicle. An ice fisherman was found and cited for the violation. Two individuals were cited for speeding in excess of 75 mph.

In Bureau County, a coyote hunter was cited by CPO Stanbary for hunting with no valid hunting license. Additionally, he issued a warning for no habitat stamp.

In Putnam County, CPO Stanbary cited an individual in Putnam County who was found in possession of shotgun shells and was the occupant of a goose pit with a revoked FOID card. The man denied that he was hunting but was unable to explain why he was in possession of shells when his FOID had been revoked for years.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In Will County,  after receiving a complaint about a large amount of construction trash being dumped at a state wildlife area, CPO Prasun began an investigation into the matter. CPO Prasun was able to develop suspect information and issued a citation to the offender for Dumping Trash on Department Property.

In Will County, CPO Prasun received a complaint in reference to a person goose hunting without permission. After a brief investigation, CPO Prasun was able to locate the offender and issue him a citation for hunting without permission.

In Will County, after receiving a deer hunting complaint, CPO Prasun conducted an investigation into the incident. It was determined the hunter shot a deer on private property which he had permission to hunt on. The deer ran onto an adjacent property where the hunter did not have permission to remove the deer. The hunter subsequently recovered the deer. He was issued a written warning for hunting without permission and failure to check in the deer by 10 p.m. on the day of harvest. After CPO Prasun and CPO Thompson made contact with two deer hunters, it was determined they had harvested deer without having deer permits. They were subsequently issued citations for unlawfully hunting white-tailed deer without a valid deer permit. They were also issued written warnings for failure to tag whitetail deer immediately upon harvest.

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

IIn Macoupin County, CPO Gushleff is investigating several deer permit violations in Macoupin County. One subject was cited in the investigations, and others must be located to be interviewed.

In Schuyler County, CPO McClenning is investigating the unlawful take of deer complaint. An investigation remains pending.

In Mason County, CPO McClenning was contacted by a resident regarding a dead eagle. CPO McClenning retrieved the eagle. The eagle was transported to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for further investigation.

In Sangamon County, CPO Wahlbrink investigated a complaint of two individuals hunting for deer sheds and shooting on a property without the permission of the landowner/leaser. The individuals were identified and the case is ongoing,

In Cumberland County, CPO’s Mieure and Vivero issued some Florida hunters multiple written warnings while goose hunting Lake Mattoon for no federal waterfowl stamps, no state waterfowl stamps, and no harvest information program registration.

In Shelby County, CPO Hyatt conducted a deer investigation from this past season and discovered an individual who killed a buck without a valid permit in November. The hunter was cited for harvesting a deer without a valid permit and his buck was seized.

In Shelby County,  CPO Barnes completed an investigation of a subject who harvested a deer without a deer permit, hunting license, or habitat stamp. The subject was cited for several violations.

In Ford County, CPO Z. Williams met with a person suspected of hunting without permission near Clinton Lake property. After a brief interview and complaint from a landowner, CPO Z. Williams issued the person a citation for hunting without permission.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Monroe County, CPO Schachner was working the late-winter antlerless-only season when he observed a deer hanging in a garage. The homeowner was in the driveway and CPO Schachner congratulated him on his deer. The man was very dismissive of it and did not want to talk about it. A quick inspection revealed the untagged deer was illegally killed with a muzzleloader (the subject did not have any firearm permits) and the harvest was recorded as an archery kill. The poacher also illegally possessed a second deer, an untagged trophy quality buck which was killed sometime prior to that day under very suspect circumstances. The poacher received three citations with a mandatory court appearance and Civil Penalties on the illegal deer. He also received several verbal warnings.

In Monroe County, CPO Binsbacher, CPO Schachner, and CPO Waigand were investigating a poached deer when they developed evidence of another deer that was likely killed illegally. Diligent investigation/searching and foot patrol in a remote area proved their suspicions were accurate. A subject was cited for illegally shooting an extremely large trophy buck with a shotgun during the first late-winter antlerless-only season. The poacher also placed a large amount of bait and he attempted to make the trophy buck-kill appear as an archery harvest and he falsely recorded it as such. In addition, the subject illegally killed another quality buck with the aid of bait approximately three weeks earlier. The poacher received multiple warnings and five citations with a mandatory court appearance and Civil Penalties on the deer. Both deer were seized and the meat was donated to charity.

In Monroe County,  CPO Schachner cited a subject for unlawfully killing an antlered buck with a shotgun during the antlerless-only season. The subject cut the antlers off and used a variety of methods and materials in a failed attempt to make the cut-off antlers look natural. The subject also falsified the harvest record in a further attempt to conceal the buck harvest. This particular subject has a history of killing/possessing deer illegally. 

In Randolph County, CPO Sievers was called out to a car that went through the ice at the Doza Creek Waterfowl Management Area. The area is flooded for waterfowl season which causes the water to cover the roadway that goes to the normal-water-level boat ramp. The road stays open for the high-water-level boat ramp. The car traveled approximately 75 yards across the ice before it broke through the ice. The front of the car sank in about 2 feet of water and landed on the gravel roadway. The five occupants exited the car and walked to a nearby house for help. The homeowner called 911. The car occupants went to another residence and were allowed in to call for a ride to pick them up. Red Bud Fire Department, Baldwin Fire Department, Randolph County Sheriff Department, and ISP were also on scene. The car occupants were identified as being safe but could not be located. The car was towed from the water. The following day, CPO Sievers located the car owner and he admitted to driving the car when it went through the ice. A citation was issued for unlawfully operating a car in weather conditions without regard to the safety of persons or property.

In Randolph County, CPO Schachner visited a known violator while in the course of investigating a poached deer. The subject appeared to be clear of the deer poaching incident, however, CPO Schachner discovered the subject possessed ginseng illegally. In addition, many of the plants were very immature (unable to produce seed) and illegal to harvest. The illegal ginseng was seized and the subject received two citations and a mandatory court appearance.

In St. Clair County, CPO Schachner and CPO Waigand each received separate complaints regarding trash and illegal tent/camping in Kaskaskia State Fish and Wildlife Area. After several searches, they located the unoccupied illegal camp. They returned two days later and it was still unoccupied, although someone appeared to be visiting it periodically. With the help of CPO Trainee Mills, they picked up and removed five bags of trash, drug contraband, multiple tents, and a variety of gear. A seizure tag with appropriate contact information was left on the scene.

In Jefferson County, CPO Williams investigated a complaint of a deer hunter cleaning and dumping a deer carcass on private property. The hunter was located and cited for the violation.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan investigated a complaint of unlawful take of doves during the closed season. It was discovered four males killed 25 doves. The subjects admitted to killing the doves and turned over the meat as evidence. The case is being referred to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service for prosecution.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis investigated a dumping complaint in Perry County. Someone had disposed of snow goose carcasses in a creek. CPO Lewis located the hunter and issued him a citation for the pollution of the waterway.

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