Outdoor News Radio – March 26, 2022: From ice to open water to … rock & roll?

Captain Jeff Johanson, DNR Enforcement training and recruitment manager, kicks off this week’s show with host Rob Drieslein with details about the agency’s 2022 Enforcement Training Academy plus the CO Prep program, which is hosting an open house in early April. Then Rapala pro Tony Roach jumps in to wrap up chatter on the ice-fishing season, look ahead to open-water fishing, and promote the great new April Showers contest that Outdoor News is hosting with Rapala in which 16 lucky anglers will win a full set of Rapala RAIN or RAIN Pro gear. “Tackle” Terry Tuma then offers some insight into ice-out crappie fishing, and the show wraps up with Rob and Tim Lesmeister going off topic during a “spring break” week. Their mission? Tuning up Rollingstone magazine’s recent top 10 list of all-time great rock-and-roll band singers.


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