Outdoor News Radio – February 19, 2022: Wolf talk

Thanks to a court order last week, wolf is the word on this week’s Outdoor News Radio. Host and Outdoor News Publisher Rob Drieslein and Editor Tim Spielman break down the ruling and what it means for state management of wolves across the region. Then “Tackle” Terry Tuma, or “T3” as he’s affectionately known by his band of angling followers, offers some hard-water angling insight for the final week of inland waters walleye fishing in Minnesota. Old buddy and Backyard and Beyond columnist Stan Tekiela then jumps into the fray with a report from his recent winter photography trip to Yellowstone National Park. Rob and Tim Lesmeister wrap up the show with chatter about their recent blogs on wolves and outdoor recreation, Duluth making Final Jeopardy, and that now former mayor in Ohio who made headlines with his comments on ice shanties.

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