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Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Pennsylvania Fishing Report – December 1, 2021

Northwest Region

Forest County
Allegheny River
Walleye fishing has been productive on the Tionesta pool of the Allegheny River.  Anglers are catching Walleye and Northern Pike from boats and along the shore near the boat ramp.
Tionesta Lake
Musky fishing is generally productive throughout the fall and will continue until the lake freezes. Trolling along the shoreline seems to be the most productive method. Anglers are catching Yellow Perch, Bluegill, and crappie from the Nebraska Bridge. Anglers fishing from Nebraska Bridge should be cautious of passing vehicles.
Tionesta Outflow
Anglers are catching Muskellunge, Walleye, and Northern Pike near the wall on the campground side. Downstream of the wall, there is a fishing trail that provides access to the creek. Anglers are reminded that they must have a trout/salmon permit to fish in Tionesta Creek, from the outflow to the confluence with the Allegheny River. The permit is always required, regardless of fishing for or keeping trout.
Lawrence County
Neshannock Creek (Delayed Harvest Section)
Fly anglers are catching trout using a Black Zebra Midge pattern and on wooly bugger flies as well.

Mercer County
Shenango Reservoir
The US Army Corps of Engineers started its draw down and water levels are dropping to achieve winter pool. If you are boating during this time of year, be extra cautious because of obstacles that may not have been there last week.  A reminder that Shenango Reservoir is designated as a Panfish Enhancement Lake.  Crappie must be nine inches to harvest and the creel limit is 20.
Shenango River
The Shenango fish consumption advisory is still in effect until further notice.
Trout Stocked Waters
The fall stocking of trout occurred at the Shenango River.  The fall creel limit is three trout.

Warren County
Chapman Lake
Chapman Lake will be stocked on December 15, 2021 with adult trout. Anglers are reminded that the daily limit for trout is three combined species.
Allegheny River
Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass and Walleye near Tidioute. Anglers are catching Smallmouth Bass in the pool behind the United Refining Company.

Northeast Region

Northwest Monroe, Southern Wayne, & Western Pike Counties

With recent snowfall, low temperatures, and howling wind, fishing and boating opportunities have been sparse in the Pocono mountains. The only upside is that means plentiful ice fishing opportunities are only right around the corner. Lakes such as Tobyhanna Lake, Gouldsboro Lake, and Brady’s Lake have begun to see the formation of ice in some way. Though not a lot, it won’t be long until the good ice is ready to go. Once the ice good and solid, individuals will have many opportunities to catch good panfish, such as crappie and sunfish, as well as yellow perch and even some bass. As a reminder, before heading out on the ice, please follow all rules and regulations relating to ice fishing as well as all safety precautions recommended on the PFBC website.

Southern Monroe & Northern Carbon Counties

Fall trout fishing is continuing to yield good results on the McMichael’s Creek and the Brodhead Creek. One angler reported catching a nice wild brown trout and a good-sized rainbow trout in the Hickory Valley Park along the McMichael’s Creek Section 2. Anglers are reporting catching trout at the confluence of the McMichael’s and Brodhead Creek using a variety of spinners and flies.

Anglers fishing in Hickory Run State Park reported catching some nice wild Brook Trout along Mud Run.

Pike & Wayne Counties

The lower water temperature has the Striped Bass on Lake Wallenpaupack feeding throughout the day at the mouth of most coves and when trolling around Spinnler Point, Shuman Point, Calico Point, Boulder Point, and Briar Hill. There have also been reports of anglers catching Northern Pike on the southwest end of the lake.

Trout fishing on the Delaware River has slowed down with the cooler temperatures; however, the pickerel are still biting in the river. Some anglers have been keeping smaller, but legal sized pickerel to pickle them which I’m told dissolves the bones in the process.

Northern Luzerne County

The time of year is upon us when many of us trade in our waders for hunting blinds and our fishing rods for rifles. It is important to remember this time of year that there may be people out hunting in the areas we are fishing. To maintain safety for all involved we should be wearing the same bright colors as we would be if we were the ones spending the day pursuing game afield. At the very least you should consider wearing a brightly colored orange hat when moving along the streams and rivers. Often, you will be down over a bank and the only part of you that might be visible to a hunter would be your head. If you are blessed enough to still have hair you want to do all that you can to make sure you are not mistaken for a furry brown or black target.

Area trout streams are still providing many opportunities for anglers and water temperatures are still high enough to keep the fish moving. During days when the water temperature is lower that means you need to put your bait, fly or lure right on their nose or make sure it is something so tempting it can bring them from a distance. Line Weight gets more and more important as we move into the winter months. Keep it as fine as possible and consider using fluorocarbon or other materials that are harder for the fish to see.

Now is also a great time to clean up your rods and reels and to lubricate gears and replace line. Check your boxes for old bait and discarded line and consider replacing or sharpening hooks on some of your most used lures.

Columbia & Southern Luzerne Counties

Water conditions on local waterways have improved from the last set of rainstorms.  Anglers fishing the Susquehanna River should find success, as bass and walleye begin to feed heavily in anticipation of winter.

The local trout stocked waters are flowing nicely, and still provide some excellent fishing opportunities for those willing to put in some work.  You will not catch a limit of trout out of a single hole.  However, if you cover water and fish the pockets, you will find fish.

Francis E. Walter Reservoir has been drawn down to winter pool levels.  Those with access to a small boat will find fish stacked up for sure.  Find one, there will surely be others, especially panfish.  One word of caution, the water level there will fluctuate.  Use caution when parking a vehicle on the exposed road or lake bottom.  We recently had a boater return to shore, only to find his vehicle submerged under water!

Lake Irena, Briar Creek Lake, and Lily Lake have all received fall trout stockings.  Fishing pressure has been light though.  This may be due to most outdoorsmen switching gears from fishing to hunting.  Definitely a shame, because the fishing can be good right now.

With it being November, many are looking forward to the hard water season.  It’s not too early to begin going over gear, as well as safety equipment.

Western Bradford & Sullivan County

As we wrap up November and are into deer and duck season it is important to remember and practice good watercraft safety when on the water. Mandatory PFD use is in effect and extra equipment for various hunting pursuits means more weight in the boat. Be safe and good luck!

Southwest Region

Western Allegheny County
Anglers are fishing the Ohio River below Dashields Lock & Dam for Walleye. Some anglers are having success catching them on jerk baits while others are catching them on jigs.
Western Armstrong County

The buoys have been removed from both upriver and down river side of the US Army Corps lock and dam on the Allegheny River. Boaters are reminded that entrance into these areas immediately upriver and down river are still restricted. Refer to the PA Boating Handbook for rules and regulations regarding the locks and dams.

Anglers are catching legal size Walleye on the Allegheny River in pool 4 and pool 6 from shore and by boat.  Some Muskellunge are being caught near the mouth of the creeks.

Northern Fayette County and Southern Westmoreland County

Anglers are catching Walleye in the Monongahela River. A new state record Walleye was caught in Connellsville, on the Youghiogheny River, which is not far from the area.  Walleyes continue to be caught in the Youghiogheny this time of year and anglers are encouraged to get out and wet a line in the warmer weather.

Trout were stocked in local waters last month which gives trout anglers a good opportunity to get out of the house and catch some fish

Boaters are reminded that the water temperatures are cold this time of year and that while wearing a lifejacket is always encouraged, it is mandatory while on boats less than 16 feet in length and while using all canoes and kayaks until May 1st. Stay safe.
Southern Somerset County

The fishing activity in Southern Somerset County has been significantly low.
With the recent temperature drop, ice has started to form on High Point Lake. However, weather and fluctuating temperatures have affected this greatly and continues to delay the lake’s process to consistently form ice. Hopefully the colder months ahead will bring consistent freezing temperatures to allow for a good ice fishing season.

Anglers at the Youghiogheny River tailrace are catching some trout on artificial lures.

Indian Lake has been drawn down for the winter months for vegetation control and property maintenance.

Northern Westmoreland County

Northmoreland LakeOpens In A New Window is providing anglers with a lot of action right now.  The two hot spots are the cove behind the old boat rental and near the accessible fishing pier.  Anglers are experiencing good catch rates throughout the day.  One angler reported catching 19 fish in one day.  Anglers are reporting a lot of good-sized Brown Trout and Rainbow Trout.  The preferred lures are spoons, spinners, and various other artificial lures.  Some anglers are fishing with scented paste bait and that is also proving to be successful.  This time of year is Extended Trout Season.  The creel limit is (3) per person per day. Good luck out there and dress warm.

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