Wisconsin Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – October 29, 2021


Woodruff Team/September

Warden Matt Meade, of Boulder Junction, contacted an angler fishing from a kayak and found the person did not have a PFD, as required. Meade also found the person had been smoking marijuana. When Meade walked the angler back to his truck, he found the angler also had a loaded rifle in the passenger seat.

Warden Meade contacted the driver of a truck pulling a boat that had aquatic plants attached to the trailer. The operator stated he had not bothered to check for weeds when he left an area lake earlier that day.

Warden Tim Otto, of Rhinelander, was checking waterfowlers when he encountered a person who stated he hadn’t been participating in the early teal season even though he was in a boat set-up specifically for hunting waterfowl. Otto found the person was hunting without a license. 

Park Falls Team/September

Warden Kurt Haas, of Medford, contacted a man walking out of the woods with a crossbow. Haas learned the hunter was baiting illegally and that he had killed about 10 deer in Taylor County but had never registered one.

Antigo Team/ September

Warden Brad Dahlquist, of Langlade County, responded to an early morning ATV accident on Hwy. K. One ATV operator was traveling westbound, lost control of the ATV, crashed and suffered injuries. The injured person was transported to a Wausau hospital.

Spooner Team/September

Wardens Chris Spaight, of Grantsburg, and Dustin Gabrielson, of Webster, responded to assist the Burnett County Sheriff’s Department with a call involving a man who had multiple warrants for his arrest and was in possession of meth and meth paraphernalia. The call also involved a woman who hid drug paraphernalia on herself for the man in attempt to hide it from officers. The contraband was seized, and the case is pending at the district attorney’s office.

Warden Spaight responded to a call of a hunter who had harvested a bear cub less than the 42-inch minimum legal length.

Warden Jon Hagen, of Spooner, assisted the Washburn County Sheriff’s Department with a timber theft investigation. Three men were caught in the act of stealing birch poles from Washburn County land. They were arrested based on multiple warrants, including a felony warrant. 

Warden Hagen, while on patrol in Spooner, observed an UTV rider traveling on Hwy. 63 and on Walnut Street where UTV operation is prohibited. The UTV was not registered.

Warden Hagen saw a person operating an ATV with a small child, and without a helmet on board. Also, the ATV was not registered.

Wardens Pete Carlson, of Frederic, and Jesse Ashton, of Luck, contacted a group of three waterfowl hunters during the early teal season at Joel Marsh Wildlife Area in Polk County. The hunters shot after hours, shot mallards and wood ducks during the closed season, hunted without stamps and licenses, and hunted with shotguns capable of holding more than three shells.

Warden Carlson observed a UTV driver operate off of Hwy. 35 and into a gas station lot. It is illegal to operate a UTV/ATV on state highways. Also, the UTV was not registered.

Warden Joshua Loining, of Rice Lake, received a call from the Rice Lake Police Department about an injured osprey caught on a radio tower in Rice Lake. With help from the Rice Lake Police Department and Rice Lake Fire Department, the osprey was retrieved from the tower and brought to a raptor rehabilitation center in Spooner.

Warden Loining received a call about a man operating an unregistered motorboat at night without navigational lights activated, as required. Enforcement action was taken.

Wardens Loining, Jeremiah Redemann, of Menomonie, and Mike Melgaard investigated a group of bear hound hunters who had not tagged or registered bears they harvested in northern Dunn County and southern Barron County. The wardens determined some of the hunters did not possess valid authorizations for harvested bears, did not validate their tags as required, and that they also harvested more bears than they were allowed.

Wardens Dustin Gabrielson and Jon Hagen investigated a deer hunting complaint in Burnett County. They found a female hunter had harvested an antlerless deer while hunting over bait and without the required antlerless approval.
Baiting is prohibited in Burnett County.

Warden Jesse Ashton encountered a person who had placed a bag of corn and a “trophy rock” on his property in Polk County where baiting and feeding deer is prohibited.

A Polk County Sheriff’s Department deputy contacted a person illegally digging ginseng on public property in southern Polk County where ginseng harvest was prohibited. The deputy seized the ginseng. Warden Ashton followed up on enforcement action for trespassing while harvesting ginseng.

Wardens Ashton and Pete Carlson followed up on a complaint near Turtle Lake regarding a person illegally using raccoons to train hounds. They found the person was illegally live-trapping raccoons on public property without a license, and he knowingly released a raccoon and allowed his dogs to kill it.

Ashland Team/September

Warden Amie Egstad, of Bayfield, received a call of UTVs going on a county highway several times during a Saturday afternoon in September. Egstad stopped a UTV driver for illegal riding on a highway, which was not a route. The UTV was rented and had a mapping system in the dash, as well as a paper ATV map. Egstad asked the operators if they saw the specific ATV route signs nearby. One operator said they saw two “end route” signs a couple miles back.

Warden Egstad received a call from a Red Cliff tribal warden about a fisherman who had come to the Red Cliff boat landing and was in possession of a lake trout. The lake trout season had closed in mid-August and the fisherman said he didn’t know it was closed. However, there were postings at the landing and online.

Warden Phil Brown, of Brule, and a Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission warden were working Totagatic Lake for wild ricing activity when they observed an individual using their canoe paddle instead of their flails to harvest wild rice. The wardens contacted the individual, who said the canoe paddle was easier to use in harvesting rice instead of switching to flails when in a headwind. Enforcement action was taken. 

Wardens Brown and Dave Sanda, of Superior, patrolled Chequamegon Bay for duck hunting activity. They took enforcement against hunters for violations including hunting without a small game license, hunting without a state waterfowl stamp, hunting without a federal stamp, failure to complete HIP, possession of a loaded firearm in a motor boat, operating an unregistered motor boat, failure to provide enough PFDs, failure to have a fire extinguisher on board, failure to secure battery and cover battery terminals, and transporting aquatic weeds on a boat trailer.


Green Bay Team/September

Warden James Moore, of Kewaunee, was traveling southbound on Hwy. B near Hwy. 29 in Kewaunee County as a Wisconsin State Patrol trooper initiated a vehicle pursuit near his location. Moore assisted the trooper and coordinated communications between the state patrol and the Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department. Local officers arrived and assisted until the pursuit ended and the suspect was taken into custody. 

Warden Nic Hefter, of northern Door County, contacted an individual for being in a designated area after hours at Peninsula State Park. Hefter arrested one person on charges of possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia.

Peshtigo Team/September

Wardens Clark Delzer, of Shawano, and Amanda Kretschmer, of Green Bay, took action against a group after the wardens found they had failed to register 14 deer in the past two deer seasons. While conducting the investigation, a loaded .22 rifle also was found inside a vehicle.

Wardens Tim Werner, of Crivitz, Dale Romback, of Wausaukee, Jamin Leuzzo, of Lakewood, and Alex Henseler, of Crandon, responded to Oconto County to assist in searching a large wooded area for an attempted homicide suspect after he fled in a vehicle from Oconto County deputies. The suspect was located the next morning by local officers and taken into custody.

Warden Tim Werner assisted at the Ryder Cup in Sheboygan County with player escorts and public safety patrols.

Marine Enforcement Team/September

Warden Jeff Lautenslager, of Marinette, assisted the Oconto County Sheriff’s Department with a search warrant. The person was charged with theft of a trail camera. After the warrant, Lautenslager interviewed the man for guiding without a license and found he’s been guiding fishermen on Green Bay without a license for several years.

Warden Lautenslager contacted an angler on Green Bay and found the person was in the process of guiding without a license. The person was also found to have illegally guided on multiple occasions throughout the summer of 2021 on Green Bay.

Wardens Jordan Resop, of Sturgeon Bay, and Lautenslager responded to a call of a capsized boat with three people in the water in Lake Michigan off Kewaunee. The wardens located the three individuals off Kewaunee in about 100 feet of water. Each had a lifejacket and were safely returned to shore to be evaluated for hypothermia.

Wardens Mike Neal, of Bailey’s Harbor, Lautenslager, Resop, and Ryan Propson, of Green Bay, and other wardens assisted with security on land and water during the Ryder Cup in Sheboygan.

Warden Neal responded to a call for assistance for two scuba divers who failed to surface within their allotted time. As Neal and the dive team arrived, they surfaced nearly an hour after their planned time. The divers were new and had lost track of time.

Warden Neal was conducting commercial fishing enforcement when he came across numerous net lines floating in the water that appeared to have been cut by a propeller. Neal gathered the lines together and tied them up to minimize the possibility of another boater becoming entangled in them while he worked to identify the commercial angler for net repair.

Warden Travis Sindles, of Kenosha, observed an angler fishing from a kayak with a trolling motor attached in the Kenosha harbor. It was determined the boat was not registered, the angler didn’t have a PFD, didn’t have a fishing license, and didn’t have a salmon stamp.

Lake Winnebago Team/September

Warden Zack Seitz, of Shiocton, helped instruct handgun familiarization and shooting basics at the annual women’s outdoor workshop at the Outagamie County Conservation Club.

Warden Jason Swaney, of Winneconne, took enforcement action on opening day of the early teal season when he came upon two individuals who started shooting 30 minutes before legal shooting hours.

Warden Michael Disher, of Chilton, patrolled the early teal season and dove season openers on the Brillion and Killsnake state wildlife areas. Disher took enforcement actions against hunters without small game licenses, in possession of lead shot, without state or federal stamps, without HIP certification, and juveniles hunting without required supervision. He also took enforcement action against a group of teal hunters who shot at a flock of mallards (closed season) and failed to retrieve at least one dead bird. 

Warden Disher took actions against three individuals who illegally baited with corn more than a week prior to the archery deer season at Killsnake State Wildlife Area. Two of the individuals didn’t have archery deer licenses, and one individual still had to complete his required hunter’s safety class to hunt by himself. 

Warden Jason Higgins, of Oshkosh, investigated a case of a fishing guide who neither showed up nor refunded payments from participants who bought the guided trip. Higgins found the person has not had a valid guide license for two years. The person was previously cited for guiding without a license last year and this year.

Wardens Higgins and Joe Olson investigated a call of litter on a federal waterfowl production area parking lot. Clues led them to the owner of the garbage, who had hired another person to haul the trash to a landfill. The person hired to haul the trash said the trash was dumped in the lot because all the dumpsters he checked were full.

Wautoma Team/September

Warden Molly Detjens, of Wautoma, investigated a retailer who was selling prohibited aquatic invasive species to assist the Michigan DNR in a case. Education and enforcement actions are ongoing by the Michigan DNR based on Detjens’ investigation.

Wardens Kaitlin Kernosky, of New London, and Zack Seitz, of Shiocton, followed up on a call of an individual who shot a wood duck during the teal season. The wardens located the individual referenced in the citizen complaints. The individual stated he shot a blue-winged teal but was unable to locate it. The wardens found the individual had harvested a drake widgeon.

A stolen ATV was found stuck on the Mukwa State Wildlife Area in southeastern Waupaca County. Warden Kernosky found the ATV belonged to a company that reported it stolen from a job site at Hortonville.

Warden Ben Mott, of Wautoma, teamed with a Waushara County Sheriff’s Department deputy on a case involving two people fishing without licenses at a local park. The officers found one person had his licenses revoked for failing to pay a license citation from 2020. The other person, also fishing without a license, had warrants for arrest on drug charges and probation violations. The deputy arrested both individuals and Mott took enforcement actions against the individuals for fishing while revoked and fishing without a license.

Warden Jonathan Kaiser, of Waupaca, teamed with the Waupaca County district attorney’s office to take enforcement action against a meat processor found to have sold wild game meat unlawfully.

Warden Kaiser followed up on multiple unlawful baiting and feeding complaints, in addition to reports of unattended treestands on state land.

Wardens Mott and Kaiser talked about boating safety, fishing regulations, aquatic invasive species and the warden career with the fifth- and sixth-grade students from multiple schools throughout Waupaca County at the annual Hartman Creek State Park Conservation Day.

Warden Kaiser contacted a hunter on state land who was found to be unlawfully baiting and leaving a treestand unattended in addition to being in possession of marijuana and related paraphernalia.


Lower Chippewa Team/September

Warden Adam Hanna, of Clark County, was on boat patrol when he came upon a youth operating a personal watercraft with improperly displayed numbers. The boy drove around an island, saw Hanna, then turned around and went back behind the island and stopped. Hanna then saw the same watercraft traveling at a high speed across the lake. Hanna saw the youth, who had been operating, now in the passenger position behind an adult male who was operating. Hanna followed and contacted the pair on shore, where he found several violations including underaged operation of a PWC. 

Warden Richard Maki, of Chippewa County, was conducting fishing enforcement patrol near Chippewa Falls when he observed an adult male relieving himself in sight of others in a public city park along the Chippewa River. It was also noted the individual was fishing and had too many lines. Contact was made and enforcement action was taken.

Warden Maki and a Chippewa County recreation deputy teamed for boat OWI enforcement on Lake Holcombe in Chippewa County. After conducting a boating OWI arrest, Maki and the deputy also contacted a boat operator running with no lights after leaving a bar in the midst of a disturbance where a female was screaming that she would stab the operator. The male operator was later determined to be a suspect in a physical assault that had just occurred at the bar they were leaving. Due to the stop, the suspect of that assault was identified, and enforcement action was later taken by the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Department.

Warden Jake Holsclaw, of Eau Claire, stopped an individual in Eau Claire County for having two juveniles with him on a UTV. The 1- and 3-year-old juveniles were not wearing helmets or seatbelts, as required.

Warden Holsclaw completed his investigation involving boat title fraud that involved four boat owners over a one-year period. During that time the boat title and registration had not been properly transferred. Also, the current owner falsified a title application document to register the boat.

Lower St. Croix Team/September

Warden J.J. Redemann, of Dunn County, contacted an angler on the Red Cedar River who initially denied doing any fishing. The angler said it may have looked like he was fishing, but he was trying to snag items out of the bottom of the river with a plastic minnow bait. After further conversation, the angler admitted to fishing without a license.

Warden Redemann took a call concerning a stolen boat trailer from Holte’s Landing in Dunn County. The angler launched his boat and went fishing on the Chippewa River. When he returned to the landing, his truck was still there, but the boat trailer was stolen. The sheriff’s department and DNR are handling the case.

Wardens Redemann, Josh Loining, of Barron County, and Mike Melgaard investigated an illegal bear hunting case this past month in Dunn and Barron counties. The wardens took a complaint of hunters who created a disturbance when they killed a 400-pound bear near a daycare without permission. A subsequent investigation showed this group poached the 400-pound bear and at least two other bears without having proper tags and licensing during the first week of bear season. Multiple members of this group provided false information to wardens during the investigation and action was taken. 

Wardens Redemann and Melgaard investigated a suspicious trophy archery buck harvest in northern Dunn County. The hunter became frustrated after several deer walked by out of range of archery equipment. The man switched to a .243 rifle and killed a 10-point buck, then shot an arrow through the dead deer to make it look like a legal archery kill.

Warden Redemann responded to an illegal baiting call and located several illegal bait sites on the property. There were also automatic feeders. Enforcement action was taken for illegal baiting and using automatic feeders. The investigation led to another individual who trapped without a license, without having trapper education, and who trapped out-of-season.

Warden Kyle Kosin, of Pierce County, received a complaint of an individual catching and keeping a lake sturgeon on Pool 4 of the Mississippi River. Kosin contacted Minnesota DNR conservation officers who contacted the person in question, who was found to be in possession of a 54-inch lake sturgeon. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kyle Kosin talked with an individual walking down the side of a highway in waders and carrying a stringer of trout. Kosin found the person was in possession of illegal sized trout. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden Kosin was on the Mississippi and St. Croix rivers when he contacted an individual operating a jet ski greater than no-wake speed in the no-wake area near Prescott.

Warden Jaime McDermid, of Dunn County, investigated a complaint of a truck stuck in the Chippewa River after the operator attempted to drive across. The driver said he was just going to park with his tires in the water, and then he got stuck and needed a tow to get out. The person has done this multiple times in the past. Enforcement action was taken.

Warden McDermid investigated a call regarding operating a boat pulling water skiers at speeds greater than no-wake within 100 feet of a dock. McDermid had warned the same group earlier in the year for the same violation.

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