Project lead: Video shows world through a wolf’s perspective – for the first time

This footage, posted today by the Voyageurs Wolf Project, was captured last year and shows the world through a wolf’s perspective for the first time, according to the project lead.

In an email, Thomas Gable, the project’s lead, said, “What is particularly fascinating is that this collared wolf (V089, a lone wolf) knew how to hunt and catch fish. In the footage, the wolf can be seen eating three different fish. Up to this point, we had only documented wolves from a single pack (the Bowman Bay Pack) hunting and killing fish at a small creek. However, this footage clearly demonstrates that other wolves in our area know how to hunt fish as well. This revelation provides insight into how unique predation behaviors start, are learned, and persist in wolf populations.”

According to the project website, “the Voyageurs Wolf Project is focused on understanding the summer ecology of wolves in and around Voyageurs National Park in the iconic Northwoods border region of Minnesota, USA.” Voyageurs National Park is located in International Falls, Minn.

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