Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 2, 2021

Northwest Zone –
Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, CPO Hoftender cited a Savanna man for unlawfully making food available for deer. He was issued a written warning for trapping raccoons without a license.

In Stephenson County, CPO Swanson assisted CPO Beltran in recovering an injured bald eagle along US 20 outside of Freeport. CPO Swanson transported the eagle to Hoo Haven where it is being treated for a compound wing injury.

In DeKalb County, CPO Engledow received complaint of a pet store in Dekalb selling Northern Leopard Frogs not listed on the companies native species permit. CPO Engledow is working with the Herptologist on this case and the investigation with the company is still ongoing.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kaufman was conducting boat and fishing compliance checks on the Illinois River when he came across a boat whose registration had expired in June 2019. When CPO Kaufman asked the owner why he had not registered the boat for almost 2 years the owner did not have an answer. The owner was issued a citation for the registration and a written warning for a fire extinguisher violation.

In LaSalle County, CPO Kaufman found a boat with two fishermen in possession of a 13.5-inch sauger; the legal possession limit is 14 inches. When asked about the fish the men admitted they didn’t measure the fish before putting it in their live well. They eyeballed it, thinking it was a legal fish. A citation was issued.

In LaSalle County, CPOs and DNR Fire responded to an injured dog at Starved Rock State Park. The dog and it’s owner were walking on an icy trail when the dog started to slip off the trail. The owner tried to pull the dog back on the trail, but she began to slip off the trail as well. The owner let go of the leash and the dog fell into Lonetree Canyon. CPO Pankey and DNR Fire responded to the scene. The dog seemed to have an injured it’s back right leg. CPO Kaufman and Kiprono launched a boat on the Illinois River. They took the injured dog and owner to the boat ramp where the owner’s daughter was waiting for them. The owner took the dog to a local animal hospital.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson conducted boat patrol at Banner Marsh SFWA for boat safety inspections and fishing compliance checks. While on patrol, CPO Thompson spoke with a young boy who had located a “big buck in the lake.” CPO Thompson retrieved the buck and tagged the antlers for the young man to hang on his wall.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell investigated two Peoria County Hunters for reported deer hunting violations occurring during the 2020 archery deer season. The investigation disclosed one of the hunters had unlawfully loaned / transferred his deer permit to another hunter to report the harvest of a whitetail deer. Citations were issued for the loan / transfer of deer permit and use of another’s deer permit.

Northeast Zone –
Captain Eric Schreiber

In McHenry County, CPOs Winters and Kelley responded to a call of an injured American White Pelican at Black Crown Marsh. The pelican’s wing was severely injured, but it managed to elude the CPOs, as it could still swim. Eventually, the pelican was captured and transferred to a local rehabilitation specialist. Unfortunately, despite prompt veterinary care, the pelican did not survive.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes was contacted by a local police officer, who had responded to a report of “illegal trapping” on state owned land in Will County. The complainant removed the trap from the location and turned it over to the local officer. An interview was performed with the complainant, at which time no trapping violations were identified. The complainant was extensively educated on the situation and issued a written warning for “unlawful disturbing a trap without authorization”. The legally licensed and permitted trapper was identified, contacted and returned his property. The trapper was very appreciative of efforts put forth by both collaborating police agencies.

In Cook County, CPO Gilliam observed a man feeding deer in Cathrine Cavalier Woods. The man explained that he didn’t know it was illegal to feed deer. CPO Gilliam educated the man on CWD and other diseases that plague the deer population of northern Illinois.

In Cook County, CPO Waigand and CPO Kater received information concerning trapping in Des Plains. CPO Waigand and CPO Kater investigated the individual’s residence and found the traps were set legally.

In DuPage County, CPO Gates investigated a complaint regarding a Schaumburg man who had been shooting arrows at geese on his front lawn. CPO Gates received a report from Schaumburg Police department and Animal Control about a dead goose they found with an arrow through its body. The next day, Schaumburg received a complaint about the man wearing a red bathrobe and shooting at the geese from his front stoop. Schaumburg PD was able to collect two arrows that the man had fired in the direction of the street. CPO Gates made contact with the man and after a brief discussion, the man admitted to firing the arrows at the Geese, but only to scare them away. The man said he shoots over their heads. I explained to the man the hunting laws in the state of Illinois and how Canada Geese are a protected species, both state and federal. The man received 2 citations for unlawful Take of a Migratory game birds out of season, and 1 citation for Hunting without a hunting license. He was issues 4 written warnings that included not having a state migratory stamp, not having a federal waterfowl stamp, hunting across a roadway, and failure to retrieve (wanton waste). The man was given a mandatory court date in Cook County.

In DuPage County, PO Kusta was conducting sportfish enforcement at a DuPage County River. CPO Kusta observed a white van parked with 2 fishermen actively fishing. CPO Kusta drove past the white van and observed an uncased recurved bow sitting on the dashboard of the vehicle. CPO Kusta asked the fishermen for their sportfishing license, one fisherman was able to immediately produce his license, but the other could not. CPO Kusta asked the fisherman if the van was his, which he confirmed it was. CPO Kusta inquired about the bow on the dashboard and the fisherman advised that he bought the bow for his wife when she became enthralled with the movie “The Hunger Games”. The bow has been sitting uncased on the dash since he purchased it and thought it looked cool there while driving around. CPO Kusta advised the fisherman the bow needed to be cased when being transported and that he needed his fishing license in his possession. CPO Kusta educated the fisherman and documented the violations

Central  Zone –
Capt. John Williamson

In Calhoun County, CPO Michael Goetten is continuing an investigation into an outfitter. Several violations have been discovered including falsification of residency, unlawful take of several deer, failure to report harvests and failure to ensure clients are in compliance. Enforcement action is pending.

In Hancock County, CPO Wheatley, in cooperation with US Fish and Wildlife Agents in Louisiana, were able to reclaim 18- and 17-point Boone and Crockett class deer harvested illegally in Niota by a Louisiana resident in October of 2020. CPO Wheatley has been working on the case since the end of October and utilized multiple resources to identify, find, and interview the subject. Hundreds of man hours were spent chasing tips and trying to locate information to pinpoint a subject. The subject gave a full confession and charges will be filed shortly. Multiple violations have already been identified, and others are still being sought up to and possibly including felony charges. Just another example of good eyewitnesses providing solid information to allow Conservation Police to continue to serve the communities and sportsmen alike.

In Sangamon County, CPO Snodgrass received information of a subject that had posted advertisements for sale in Sangchris Lake State Park. It was found the subject had posted flyers advertising bait and tackle for sale throughout the park at approximately 10 different locations. The flyers were removed and subject was located at his near by shop. The subject was informed it was illegal to place advertisements on state property and issued a written warning for the violation.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Montgomery County, CPO Wright along with CPO Matt Lentz have been investigating a trapping complaint at the Nokomis Quarry. CPO Wright was eventually able to make contact with the Montgomery County resident who was doing the trapping. Before making contact CPO Wright observed the trapper place exposed bait (dead rabbit) next to the trap. When he eventually made contact it was found that he had no trapping license and none of his traps were tagged. The trapper was also in possession of a .22 rifle with a revoked FOID card. CPO Wright asked for consent to search the vehicle and consent was given. During the search, a meth pipe with residue was found. The man was taken to Montgomery County jail and booked for the possession of a controlled substance.

In Randolph Coounty, CPO Ralph Sievers responded to a tip that people were fishing without permission near Sparta. CPO Sievers observed a truck driving on the railroad’s service road that match the vehicle description. The vehicle was stopped and two men were in the truck. Three buckets of fish were in the bed of the truck and a loaded uncased rifle was laying in the backseat. The subjects were issued written warning for trespassing on the railroad right of way and citations for over limit of bass, fishing while fishing privileges were revoked, and unlawful transporting an uncased/loaded rifle under the wildlife code because the driver stated that he had been driving with the rifle in the backseat since squirrel season.

In Perry County, CPO Williams received a complaint of a person trapping a red fox out of season. It was determined a farmer set a trap out due to his chickens and other livestock being attacked. CPO K. Williams explained the requirements for trapping and season dates. The farmer was issued multiple warnings and issued a Nuisance Wildlife Permit to help him with his livestock.

In Fayette County, O Roper conducted an investigation regarding an unlawfully harvested deer in 2019. CPO Roper spoke with the individual who harvested the deer and learned the individual had no valid hunting license, habitat stamp, or deer permit at the time the deer was harvested. CPO Roper issued the individual one citation for unlawfully harvesting a deer with no valid deer permit, and issued the subject two written warnings for other violations.

In Marion County, CPO Swindle and Scott Ballard conducted an interview at a residence in response to a complaint of a possible unlawful possession of an alligator. A permissive search was conducted of the residence. Only four legal turtles were discovered.

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