Saturday, February 4th, 2023
Saturday, February 4th, 2023

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New Tackle to Fire Up 2020-21’s Ice Anglers

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The new gear for the 2020-21 ice-fishing season should get ice anglers fired up for the upcoming hardwater season. 


Tungsten jigs and lures remain at the forefront, while some new additions to old lures and spoons should increase their fish productivity even more. Glow jigs or spoons that make a lot of noise remain hot items, as do rods and reels designed for specific fish species and fishing situations. 


There are also several new accessories that should make your ice-fishing outings easier and more organized. Here’s the
lineup for this ice-fishing campaign.  


Snyder’s Lures Flutter Shaker

The Flutter Shaker from Snyder’s Lures is an attention-grabber, providing noise and action that fish have yet to see under the ice.


It’s a double-bladed spoon with a slight bend in both blades that allows water to flow through them when lifted and dropped. Copper-plated flippers on both ends of the Flutter Shaker provide the finishing touch that panfish and walleyes can’t resist.


There really isn’t another spoon on the market like the Flutter Shaker. It’s available in size No. 8 and 10 red hooks and comes in 12 fish-attracting color schemes.


Clam Pro Tackle

Anglers should be super excited about the new Tikka Mino from Clam. It’s designed as a deadly vertical presentation, perfectly balanced, and a lifelike representation of a jigging minnow. 


It swims and darts like a panicked baitfish, and has prism holographic colors to attract a range of fish. Unlike other jig-style minnows, the Tikka has a durable machined one-piece, zinc-alloy body that will stand up to abuse, and no plastic fins to break off. It’s available in 14 different colors and four sizes.


A jig trailer is a great way to change up any ice-fishing presentation, and the new Silkie from Clam Pro Tackle gives anglers another option. Using a patent-pending thread technology, the silk threads absorb water, so it has a different action from plastics and most non-porous, synthetic jig trailers. It’s deadly on jigs and spoons. The Silkie trailer is available in eight colors.


JB Lures

The JB Weasel Spoon and Gem-N-Eye jig have been long time favorites of ice anglers everywhere. Now JB is offering both with genuine 24K gold plating. Genuine Gold offers a visibility and flash not available in any other finish. Avid anglers know that Genuine Gold plated lures tend to out-fish other products in many situations.


The Gold Back Weasel is available in three sizes including the new 1⁄16-ounce model, sure to be a favorite for perch and crappie anglers. The Gem-N-Eye Gold Back comes in six color options and three sizes.


JB also has added a new float to its winter lineup. The Fire Float is a premium balsa wood weighted float that has a fiber optic stem and a transparent bulb at the top. It is powered by a 3v lithium battery (included) that lights up the stem and bulb for greater visibility.


Rapala Rippin’ Rap and Slab Rap

With quick rod snaps the Slab Rap and Rippin’ Rap expand your target zone. They search in wide, erratic directions, circling back to center after a pause. Lift-drop motion creates subtle vibration on rise, followed by evasive side-to-side motion on the fall. 


Both are fine multi-species baits. The Slab Rap is available in a new 2½-inch size and the Rippin’ Rap is available with expanded color combos.


VMC Jigs

If you’ve ever wacky-rigged for big bass, you won’t be surprised when you ice monster panfish with VMC’s new tungsten Mustache Jigs. They’re designed to be baited with VMC Mustache Worms. 


Featuring an easy-to-rig egg sac and two tapering appendages, a Mustache Worm looks like a tiny wacky worm rig that resembles small fry or micro-plankton. 


Via tungsten, Mustache Jigs are built to punch through slush, drop fast and fish aggressively in a small package. Its hook design ensures lookers become biters and VMC’s exclusive Power Gap hooks feature a wider round gap than other micro-jigs of equal weight, greatly increasing hook-up percentages. Available in six proven fish-catching colors and two sizes: 1⁄16- (size 10 hook) and 1⁄32-ounce (size 12 hook).


Eagle Claw Tungsten Ice Fly Jigs

Eagle Claw Lazer Sharp Tungsten Ice Fly Jigs are the perfect imitator of natural flies and tiny, aquatic insects. These high density tungsten jigs allow faster fall rates, getting baits down to fish faster. 


Offered in a variety of metallic and UV colors for great visibility in all types of water conditions, the range offers incredible versatility in presentation. The Tungsten Ice Fly Jigs are assembled with premium, American-made Lazer Sharp hooks, providing peace of mind that when a fish bites it’s unlikely to get away.


Clam Rods & Reels

Clam Outdoors adds to its line of ice fishing rods and reels with several new options for this winter. The Voltage Rod and Reel Combo offers a strong but ultra-sensitive rod with lightweight wireframe guides and an EVA split handle, paired with a quality reel that features an aluminum spool and instant anti-reverse to set the hook instantly. It’s available in nine models 


The Ice Sniper Series combo may be priced as a starter set, but it features a solid fiberglass rod, stainless steel Dynaflow guides, EVA foam handle with graphite locking slide rings, and a 2+1 ball-bearing reel. It’s available in four different actions.


The Straight Drop Rod and Reel Combo is a quality inline setup that drops your ice-fishing lure with a smooth and straight-off-the-spool line presentation. 


Without coiling or memory, the line will twist less, allowing anglers to get more bites and a better hook-up ratio. Matched with extra-sensitive panfish rods featuring an extremely light yet comfortable EVA handle, the Straight Drop Combo might be the perfect setup to put more panfish on the ice this winter. It’s available in five actions.


Eagle Claw Ice Combos

Ultra-lightweight, the Eagle Claw 2.5 combos offer performance and value. The rods are comprised of carbon blanks, which are lightweight and have tangle-free guides. 


When winter cold dulls reaction times, the extremely sensitive blanks transfer even the lightest bites to the hand and the ultra-bright fluorescent orange tip indicates bites clearly giving anglers every chance to land their fish. 


Paired with Eagle Claw 2.5 carbon spinning reels or carbon inline reels, the Eagle Claw 2.5 combos might offer the best value in ice fishing.


Sufix Advance Ice Monofilament 

The new Sufix Advance Ice Monofilament features 50% less stretch than standard mono and will be a secret weapon for ice anglers hunting a wide range of fish species. 


Combining HMPE and hyper copolymer, Sufix Advance Ice Monofilament boasts superior sensitivity, low memory, unbeatable knot strength, and 50% less UV-light absorption than standard mono.


Lakewood Ice Rod Cases 

Lakewood Products has redesigned and added more sizes to its popular Ice Rod Caddy Series. Ideal for any hard-water angler chasing any species of fish, they now provide protection for rods up to 41 inches in length. 


Designed to float when zipped, the Ice Rod Caddy offers protection and organization. The new design accommodates longer ice rods, and there’s a large pocket for tip-ups or other gear. 


The Lakewood Ice Rod Caddy is available in regular, medium, or large and features carry handles and shoulder strap.


Rapala Ice Accessories 

Rapala’s new folding Camera Panner is the simplest and easiest-to-use panner on the market. To rig the innovative 360-degree, center-lock wheel, simply feed your camera cable through the side cut-outs, cleat the cable into the desired locks, then rotate the wheel to a viewing position. 


Rapala’s Ice Rod Protectors not only support and secure rod tips and blanks during transportation, they prevent line tangles when storing multiple rods. They measure 15 inches, come three-per-pack, and feature built-in reinforcement with protective polyester hook-and-loop straps.


Clam Tackle and Jig Boxes

The new Magnum and Super Slim Jig Boxes from Clam give anglers a durable solution for tackle organization. 


The Magnum has heavy foam that securely holds jigs in place, while the hard plastic exterior case lets anglers see their tackle. This waterproof jig box holds 420 jigs is durable and lightweight.


The Super Slim Jig Boxes are thin but durable, and also hold jigs securely in place with heavy, durable foam.


IceSpike Grips

Everyone who’s set foot on ice has dealt with conventional grips or traction devices for your ice boots that slip off, break, or are hard to put on. That changes with the next generation of ice traction device: the IceSpike.


With IceSpike installed in your favorite insulated boots, it’s easier and safer to get where you want to go. They bite well on black, glare ice and keep you in place when augering holes. 


IceSpike has no chains, straps or coils to interfere with driving your vehicle, either. It’s just unbeatable traction.

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