Closing time – the end of deer season


I hate seeing deer season end. Some years, including this one, I’m physically ready for it as I’ve logged close to 70 miles on my aging legs traipsing through the Adirondacks throughout the course of this season.

But mentally, I am never prepared.

Part of it is the season. I don’t despise winter, as some do, I just love the fall and look forward to it throughout the rest of the year. But now I have to make my final preparations for winter, and given the COVID situation, it appears that it will be a long one.

Although I didn’t get a big Northern Zone buck this year, I did tag a doe near my home with the muzzleloader. And overall, our group did well and there’s plenty of venison in the freezer. For that I am grateful.

But if there’s an open season and an empty tag, I would keep at it. This isn’t a knock on the fact that the holiday-week hunt DEC teased us with is not happening. I do very little Southern Zone hunting, so this would barely apply to me.

But I’ll always jump at an opportunity to take another crack at a deer. Especially having so many “close, but no cigar” opportunities this past season on bucks.

My biggest problem with deer season ending is the adjustment period of going from spending all weekend in the woods, and sometimes at deer camp, to hanging around the house during a period when there’s so little daylight. I like football, but as long as there’s daylight, I’m usually outside. Especially given the fact that I work inside most of the time.

Not that I’m lacking for things to do. Come spring, there will be firewood to start working on as well as gardens and whatever project I, or my wife can dream up. Like whitetails, they seem appear out of nowhere.

I like to get them done before turkey season, and before the heat of summer, which I do despise. Either way, they must be done by the fall so as to have those weekends free come next October and November.

If it sounds like I’m complaining, that’s not the case. I appreciate the fact that I was able to get out again this fall. That I have my health and can walk those 70 miles and see so much is a blessing. And, I’m looking forward to some ice fishing and backcountry skiing this winter.

But like so many others, it’s all about deer with this guy. It’s a year-round passion, which makes the time when it’s finally over so realistically conclusive.

For now, let’s raise a glass to another deer season in the books. And hope that the next one is everything we want it to be.

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