Michigan Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – April 10, 2020


CO Anna Viau responded to a call of a bear cub hanging around a residence outside of Iron River. Upon arrival, CO Viau was spoken to through the window of house by the homeowner. He said that the bear was eating by the back door of the house. As CO Viau walked around the house, she noticed that the homeowner had placed some food on the ground for the bear to eat and the bear yearling was happily enjoying his free meal. After a short time attempting to chase the bear out of his yard, the bear climbed a nearby tree. CO Viau advised the homeowner to clean up the food he had placed outside for the bear and remove access to any other tempting garbage or animal feed so that the bear would find a more suitable place to await spring.

COs Jeffrey Dell and Christopher Lynch interviewed a subject suspected of taking a deer without a valid license during the 2018 deer season. A confession was obtained, antlers were seized, and the case is pending prosecution.


CO Chris Lynch successfully served two multiple count arrest warrants without incident on two different hunters for illegally taking a deer this past fall.

COs Colton Gelinas and Jackie Miskovich attended a recruiting training held in Indianapolis. The training was centered around the hiring and retention of minority groups into a law enforcement career. The COs took valuable information and ideas away from this training, in hopes to implement these ideas into the recruiting efforts for future academies.


CO Dan Liestenfeltz contacted a group of anglers on East Twin Lake in Montmorency County. After talking with the anglers for a while, CO Liestenfeltz asked everyone for their fishing licenses. One subject stated that he was only 16 years old and did not need a fishing license. After further questioning, the subject admitted that he was 17 years old and did not have a fishing license. CO Liestenfeltz issued the subject a ticket for fishing without a license.

CO Dan Liestenfeltz interviewed a subject who had a successful bobcat harvest. According to records, the subject trapped a bobcat in Montmorency County and another in Chippewa County. After interviewing the subject, CO Liestenfeltz was able to get a confession from the subject stating that he did trap both bobcats in Montmorency County. CO Liestenfeltz seized the illegal bobcat and charges will be submitted to the Montmorency County Prosecutor’s Office.


While patrolling Hart Dam CO Micah Hintze observed two fishermen. One fisherman caught a brown trout and quickly placed the fish under some shrubs. CO Hintze contacted the group. Initially the fisherman explained he hadn’t caught any fish. At the same time the brown trout began flopping vigorously catching the fisherman’s attention. CO Hintze explained that that wasn’t a rabbit making the noise in the brush and the fisherman admitted to what he had done. The fisherman was cited for taking brown trout during closed season.


COs Ben McAteer and Charlie Jones followed up on a Report All Poaching (RAP) complaint that involved suspects living on state land in Crawford County. CO McAteer has had multiple contacts with the group and knew that two of the suspects were convicted felons who were unable to possess firearms. A search of the trailer yielded two loaded pistols and rifle ammunition. A file check of the suspect revealed he had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. The subject was arrested on the warrant and the pistols were seized as evidence.

COs Craig Neal and Joshua Russell were patrolling Secord Lake in Gladwin County when they noticed an jump on his snowmobile and ran up to a cabin leaving at least one tip-up on the ice. The COs walked out onto the ice to check the tip-up and found two more jig rods where the angler had been fishing. The lines were still baited and in the water. Additionally, they located another tip-up inside the angler’s open shanty. COs Neal and Russell waited for over 30 minutes before the angler came back out on the ice to check his lines. The angler was issued a citation for fishing with unattended lines and given a warning for fishing with too many lines.


CO Seth Rhodea contacted two anglers fishing in a marina in Bay City. When the CO asked the anglers how their luck had been, they advised they had caught a few. When the CO checked the angler’s buckets, he immediately observed multiple undersize walleye and what appeared to be an over-limit of perch. Upon checking the perch in both buckets, both anglers were found to be over their limit including almost one dozen undersize walleye, and neither angler had a valid fishing licenses. All fish were seized and both anglers left with empty buckets and multiple tickets.


CO Justin Ulberg received information that good numbers of panfish were being caught in a bayou along the Grand River in Ottawa County. CO Ulberg contacted one angler and asked how many fish he ended up with. The angler stated that he wasn’t sure because he wasn’t counting. CO Ulberg counted the fish and discovered the subject was 11 fish over his daily possession. Further investigation revealed that the subject had been charged two previous times for taking over-limits of fish. The subject was issued a citation and the over-limit of fish was seized.


CO Nick Wellman met up with an Indiana conservation officer to investigate a deer that had been brought to an Indiana taxidermist that was killed in Michigan and was very suspicious. The COs met up and interviewed the suspect and his wife. It was found that the man had killed the large 8-point buck with a crossbow behind his house and then several days later purchased his license. Charges are being sought in both Michigan and Indiana.

COs Ed Rice and Chris Reynolds conducted an interview related to a suspicious deer license purchase. CO Rice contacted a woman to ask how her deer season went. The woman stated she shot a 6-point buck but continued to give vague responses to other questions asked by the COs. While inside retrieving the antlers, the woman’s husband came home and gave conflicting information. The husband ultimately admitted to shooting two bucks opening day of firearms season. He’d only purchased one single deer license, so he had his wife purchase a combination deer license, which he then used to tag the second buck. A report will be submitted to the Hillsdale County Prosecutor’s Office.


CO Tom Peterson conducted a patrol focusing on walleye in the Flint River system. The CO observed an individual retain a foul hooked fish. The CO made contact after continued observation and seized the walleye and issued the individual for retaining fish not hooked in the mouth.

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