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Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Nov. 29, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Carroll County, CPOs Palumbo and Hoftender, along with CPOT Kiprono, conducted a waterfowl enforcement detail. Several boat blinds were checked, and multiple citations and written warnings were issued for waterfowl and boating violations. Two federal referrals were also submitted to US Fish and Wildlife Refuge officers for two Chicago area bass fishermen being in a restricted waterfowl refuge in their bass boat.

In Henry County, While patrolling Johnson-Sauk Trail State Recreation Area, CPO Posateri was notified by site staff of a camper who stayed an extra night without paying. She attempted to contact the camper at the campsite; however, he had already packed up and left. She was unable to reach the man by phone. A letter will be sent to the camper to notify him of the violation. If the fee is not paid, charges may be filed for theft of services.

In Stephenson County, CPO Alt forwarded a rifle to Springfield for final disposition upon conclusion of a court proceeding involving the unlawful taking of a Canada goose during the closed season with an unlawful device from a highway right-of-way and from a motor vehicle.

In Boone County, CPO Alt forwarded two shotguns to Springfield for final disposition at the conclusion of a court proceeding involving two men who were charged with unlawful hunting on lands without permission, unlawful hunting deer with dogs, insufficient blaze orange clothing, unlawful hunting deer with unplugged shotguns, unlawful hunting deer with buckshot, and unlawful hunting deer without firearm deer permits.

In Putnam County, CPO Stanbary issued a citation to a Putnam County man after he was found to have harvested two deer on public ground without proper licensing. The hunter was also cited for not possessing a habitat stamp which is required when hunting deer in Illinois.

In Putnam Conty, two waterfowl hunters at Donnelley/DePue State Fish and Wildlife Area were issued warnings by CPO Stanbary for failing to maintain separate bag limits. The two had their day’s harvest combined and piled in the front of a boat.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt and CPOT Leannah responded to a complaint of unlawful hunting white-tailed deer by aid or use of bait. The investigation is ongoing.

In Winnebago County, While on patrol, CPO Alt received a complaint of individual(s) unlawfully taking/possessing undersized walleye on the east shoreline of the Rock River at Fordham Dam. Upon arrival, CPO Alt inspected all nine shore fishermen who were present; and he located the violator. This angler had two walleyes in a bucket of water beneath three freshwater drum. The angler was not in possession of a measuring device and indicated he was using a stick to measure the fish. Three additional walleyes on an adjacent stringer were obviously undersized. Walleye limits for the Rock River are six walleye per day, per person; but they must be at least 14 inches in total length. All fish were photographed on the CPO’s measuring board and released back into the River. The subject was cited for unlawful taking and/or possession of undersized walleye.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson investigated a complaint of harassment of wildlife. After identifying a suspect, he conducted an interview at the suspect’s residence. A confession was received to the allegations involving the harassment of wildlife, including white-tailed deer. The female suspect was cited and taken to jail on an active Fulton County warrant.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson located illegal commercial fishing gear at Goose Lake in Rice Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area. He identified the suspects involved, and the men admitted to unlawfully fishing without permission and unlawful dead setting of gill nets. Citations were issued.

In Fulton County, CPO Thompson located and seized an illegal tree stand in Rice Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area. The suspect was identified, and the tree stand was returned. Written warnings were issued.

In McDonough County, CPOs Thompson and Elliott received a report alleging that a Bushnell man took a deer without tagging and wanton waste. The CPOs identified the suspects involved and received confessions to the unlawful take of a white-tailed doe. The man went hunting with a friend and harvested a doe without licenses or permits. Additionally, the deer was located with a substantial amount of viable meat left to waste. The two men were issued citations and warnings for the violations.

In Stark County, CPO Palumbo issued a citation and a written warning to a Chillicothe man for failing to tag a buck. The man transported the untagged buck in the back of his pickup truck, and his uncased crossbow was in the backseat. 

Northeast Zone – Capt. Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, CPO Kelley responded to a neighborhood for a complaint of a Canada goose that was decapitated. The investigation is ongoing.

In Kankakee County, CPOT Elliot assisted with the investigation of a freak accident at Kankakee River State Park. A park patron was sitting in his car in the concessions parking lot while talking to a park employee who was standing next to his window when a large, live pine tree suddenly fell over and onto the vehicle. The park employee was able to get out of the way, but the patron remained in the vehicle. Despite the tree crushing through the roof and windshield of the car, the patron escaped without serious injury.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes and Sgt. Wollgast attended a town hall meeting to address the public’s concerns regarding suspected hunting within incorporated limits. Representatives of the Will County Sheriff’s Department and the Forest Preserve District of Will County Police Department also attended the meeting.

In Will County, CPO Honiotes responded to a neighbor dispute concerning hunting and fishing rights on a shared private body of water. Both parties were educated on their water usage rights, and no enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, Sgt. Mooi received a tip about a possible poached deer, and he was able to catch the hunter before he unloaded the deer from his trailer. The hunter admitted to taking the yearling doe with a field tipped crossbow bolt. The deer was tagged, but the hunter had not yet reported the harvest. Enforcement action is pending

In Cook County, CPOT Kusta conducted sport fish enforcement at a Cook County Forest Preserve inland trout lake. He located a fisherman without an inland trout stamp who was in possession of a rainbow trout. The fisherman was educated about the need for the inland trout stamp, and a written warning was issued. The fish was released back into the lake. A second trout fisherman was checked, and he did not have his fishing license on his person. A check of the POS system revealed he did have a valid sport fishing license, and a written warning was issued. In a separate incidence, CPOT Kusta checked two individuals who were actively fishing. One fisherman was unable to produce a fishing license, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPOT Kusta conducted sport fish enforcement in Chicago. He observed a fisherman wearing a head lamp and carrying a fishing pole and a spear-like device while walking the shoreline looking into the water. The fisherman put the fishing pole down and grab the spear-like device and place it in the water for a few seconds. The fisherman brought the device out of the water and picked up his fishing pole before continuing to walk. A fishing compliance check was conducted, and it was confirmed that he had an Illinois sport fishing license. When asked about the spear-like device, the man said it was used to scare the fish out areas so they could be snagged. The fisherman was advised that he could not use the device to spear fish, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In DuPage County, CPOT Kusta received a complaint regarding trapping and possible poisoning. The investigation revealed that the trapping was done by a legal trapping agency, and no poison was observed in the area.

In DuPage County, CPOT Kusta received a complaint regarding a deer with its head cut off and hind legs removed. He located the deer carcass and found that the deer had been scavenged on and scattered throughout the area. The cause of death was not determined, and the investigation is ongoing.

Central Zone – Capts. Laura Petreikis and Jed Whitchurch

In Adams County, While checking archery hunters at Fall Creek Rest Area, Sgt. Myers arrested two subjects for uncased crossbows and one subject for hunting without licenses or archery permits. The subject was found to be revoked for child support issues.

In Hancock County, CPO Jansen received information that a Florida subject illegally harvested a 10-point buck. It was determined that the hunter did not have an either sex permit and had used a family member’s resident permit. The deer was seized, and three citations and two written warnings were issued.

In Cass County, CPO Thornley observed a vehicle driving slow and then stopping in the roadway near sunset in Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area. He conducted a traffic stop, and the driver stated he was looking for deer. CPO Thornley noticed the man was covering a can in his lap with his hand, and it was alcohol. No weapons were found in the vehicle. A citation was issued for illegal transportation of alcohol.

In Cass County, while on patrol of Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area during the youth firearm deer season, CPOTs McClenning and Wahlbrink found two adult archery deer hunters. CPOT Wahlbrink issued two citations to the adult hunters for hunting in areas designated only for youth hunters. A written warning was also issued to one of the hunters who was not wearing the proper amount of blaze orange/pink. In a separate incidence, an individual was issued a citation for littering when he failed to pick up two beverage containers and two cigarette butts that he had left on the ground after hunting at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area. He was also issued a written warning for failing to obtain a windshield card.

In Christian County, CPO Wright checked fishermen on Sangchris Lake and observed two men fishing on the rocks in front of the dam. One was found to have no fishing license due to revocation for child support issues, and the other fisherman was in possession of a short crappie. Both men were issued citations.

In Logan County, CPO Thornley and CPOT Roesch received a report of a hunting accident in rural Logan County. It was determined that a man and young grandson were out deer hunting in a double ladder tree stand. As the man attempted to exit the stand, he lost his footing on the wet stand and fell approximately 14 feet to the ground. The grandson called his parents, who then called 911. The quick actions of the grandson assisted emergency personnel in getting to the scene quickly to render aid.

In Mason County, CPOT Wahlbrink investigated an ongoing complaint of livestock (hogs) running at large and damaging property. Multiple affected landowners stated that the issue had been going on for several years. The owner of the livestock was issued a citation and given a mandatory date to appear in court.

South Zone – Capt. Eric Manker

In Clinton County, While conducting deer hunting enforcement, CPO Macias and CPOT Swindle and came across a father/son hunting on public land. A compliance check was performed after the two hunters came out of the field. It was discovered that the adult hunter did not have his hunting license with him, but a check of the POS system revealed he did have a valid license. The man stated that he must have left it in another set of clothing, and he was very apologetic about the situation. A written warning was issued, and the officers made sure he understood that a hunter must have all valid documents on his person when out hunting.

In Clinton County, CPO Buhnerkempe and CPOT Skelton investigated a South Carolina hunter participating in the PKC World Coon Hunt. CPO Buhnerkempe received information that the subject’s hunting privileges were revoked and would be competing in the event in Clinton County. The officers arrived at the location with a Clinton County Deputy and apprehended the hunter when he came out of the woods. A search of his person resulted in the discovery of cocaine, pills, and ammunition. The subject is a convicted felon and is prohibited from possessing firearms and firearm ammunition. The subject was booked into the Clinton County Jail on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges.

In Monroe County, CPO Sievers conducted waterfowl enforcement. While checking the Kidd Lake Marsh West Unit, one pit had four hunters and one non-hunter in the pit. The rules only allow the permit holder and two other partners to be in the pit. The hunters were two adults and two teenagers. The non-hunter was helping the youngest hunter. The permit holder was issued a written warning.

In Jefferson County, CPO Jourdan cited a man for archery deer hunting over a large pile of corn. The man admitted shooting three deer from the stand location and only recovering one of them. The man also failed to report the harvest of that deer as required.

In Fayette County, CPO Roper received information about an individual who was possibly hunting deer over bait. He found the site and observed a large pile of corn approximately ten yards from a tree stand. The next day CPO Roper observed an individual sitting in the stand next to the corn. After a brief conversation with the hunter, he admitted to placing the corn. Two citations were issued for hunting over bait and making food available to white-tailed deer.

In Fayette County, CPO Roper received information of an individual who had ran over a badger earlier in the year and took it to a taxidermist to have the animal tanned. It was discovered that the individual had no valid trapping license at the time the animal was taken and was therefore not allowed to keep the animal. He located the individual and spoke with him about the incident. The individual admitted to taking the badger. One citation was issued for unlawfully taking a badger with no valid trapping license, and the badger was seized as evidence.

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