Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Nov. 15, 2019

Northwest Zone – Captain Laura Petreikis

In Ogle County, CPO Palumbo investigated the report of an over-limit of Canada geese, and the report was unfounded.

In Ogle County,  while conducting hunting enforcement on state sites, CPO Beltran checked several deer hunters. Several infractions were found, and enforcement action was taken.

In Ogle County, CPO Beltran conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River. He conducted a fishing compliance check on the fishermen of one vessel, and they did not have any licenses on board. Citations were issued.

.In Boone County, CPO Alt and CPOT Alvarez-Gerbino conducted a boat patrol. Several boats were inspected, and the following violations were found: unlawful operation of motorboat without a lanyard, insufficient PFDs, unlawful operation of watercraft without a certificate of number, unlawful operation of a watercraft without batteries fastened to hull and shielded, and unlawful operation of a motorboat without a horn or whistle. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In LaSalle County, while conducting fishing enforcement, CPO Kaufman asked a fisherman for his fishing license; and the man produced a fishing license. Further investigation revealed that it was his son’s fishing license.  The fisherman’s fishing privileges had been revoked due to child support issues, and the man was issued a citation.

In La Salle County, after receiving a call about a buck being shot a Mitchells Grove Hunting Area, CPO Wagner proceeded to the area to investigate. During the month of October only antlerless deer can be harvested at Mitchells Grove. He was able to locate the individual, and the subject admitted to harvesting the buck. It was also discovered that the permit used to tag the deer was purchased after the fact. Appropriate citations were issued, and the nine-point buck was seized.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt and CPOT Alvarez-Gerbino investigated a complaint involving a Rockton residence attempting to sell a black bear fur/hide in the green state using social media. The complaint was validated, and the violation for unlawful sale or offer to sell black bear fur/hide was addressed.

In Winnebago County, while conducting a boat patrol on Pierce Lake, CPO Alt and CPOT Alvarez-Gerbino came upon a 14-foot open motorboat with expired watercraft registration. The boat safety inspection revealed the front seat passenger was fishing without a fishing license and possessing/consuming alcoholic beverage in a state park where posted prohibited. The boat operator was found to be in violation of operation of an unnumbered watercraft, no PFDs aboard, no sounding device aboard, and not having the battery covered or secured to hull as required. In a separate incidence, they observed a boat violating the No Wake Zone, and a boat safety inspection was completed. They found the following violations: no lanyard cut-off tether attached to his person as required during operation, only one wearable PFD (the others were torn and not in serviceable condition), and the registration on the bow was not three inches as required for legal display. Appropriate enforcement action was taken. A third boat safety inspection was conducted, and the following violations were found: no serviceable fire extinguisher, no Type IV throwable PFD, failure to attach the lanyard cut-off during motorboat operation, and battery terminals were not shielded as required. Appropriate enforcement action was taken. After observing another boat violate the No Wake Zone, a safety inspection was conducted. The following violations were found: unlawful operation of motorboat without a lanyard cut-off attached when required and insufficient wearable PFDs. Another boat safety inspection revealed that the operator did not have the lanyard cut-off tether attached to his person as required for motorboat operation, the three-inch registration numbers were not displayed as required, and one of the batteries was not secured to the hull as required. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell conducted boat safety and fishing compliance checks along the Illinois River. A Galesburg man was issued a citation for failure to transfer a boat registration, and three written warnings were issued for additional boating and fishing violations.

In Peoria County, CPO Lazzell is investigating the unlawful harvest/removal of multiple trees along the Rock Island Trail.

Northeast Zone – Captain Jed Whitchurch

In Lake County, while patrolling Adeline Jay Geo-Karis Illinois Beach State Park, CPO Winters and CPOT Iaffaldano observed a vehicle traveling at 44 mph in a 30-mph zone; and a traffic stop was initiated. While CPO Winters was speaking to the driver, he smelled the odor of burnt cannabis coming from inside the vehicle. He asked the driver how much cannabis he had; and the driver replied, “none, we smoked it all.” The subject was arrested for DUI.

In Lake County, CPO Kelley found two individuals to be in possession of undersized largemouth bass at Grayslake. The minimum length limit is 15 inches. Citations were issued.

In Lake County, CPO Reid cited a subject fishing at Waukegan Harbor for failure to immediately release an undersized smallmouth bass. The fish was 19 inches, and that body of water has a 21-inch minimum length limit.

In Lake County, CPO Reid conducted a boat accident investigation involving two individuals that had to be rescued from Lake Michigan by a Coast Guard helicopter after they fell from their jet ski.

In Lake County, CPO Reid conducted multiple details at Waukegan Harbor after receiving complaints of illegal snagging. Numerous citations were issued for unlawfully snagging salmon in restricted areas.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber located a bowhunter sitting in a tree stand hunting over apples, a salt block, and grain. The violator was issued one citation and a written warning.

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber issued a citation to a Chicago man for transporting an uncased/loaded .22 caliber rifle in his motor vehicle.

In Cook County, while conducting fishing compliance checks, CPOTs Gates and Prasun came across three different fishermen who had been fishing without a sport fishing license. Enforcement action was taken, and the fishermen were educated on the licensing laws. In a separate incidence, CPOTs Gates and Prasun checked a subject that did not have a fishing license; and he refused to provide his name or required documents. He was arrested for obstructing an officer, and he was cited for fishing without a sport fishing license. The man was transported to the Chicago Police Department where he was subsequently processed and released with a mandatory court date.

In Cook County, while conducting sport fish enforcement at a Chicago harbor, CPOT Kusta drove past a fisherman that was snagging out of season. When the fisherman saw the CPOT drive past him, he immediately packed his poles and ran. The fisherman ran across a busy road and onto a golf course. CPOT Kusta was not able to catch up to the violator, but he did locate the fisherman’s rod and reel and jacket on the golf course where the man had jumped the fence. The abandoned property was recovered. In a separate incidence, CPOT Kusta checked a fisherman and determined his fishing privileges were suspended; and the valid fishing license that he had in his possession was obtained fraudulently. Appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Cook County, CPO Klemme, CPOT Kusta, and Sgt. Mooi conducted a snagging detail at the Chicago harbors. CPOT Kusta observed an individual walking up and down the shoreline with a snag hook on his line thirty minutes before snagging season started. The individual was wearing a head lamp and looking in the water. CPOT Kusta contacted the individual and educated him on laws regarding snagging. A second individual was cited for snagging within 200 feet of a moored watercraft and being in possession of a snag pole or line where prohibited.

Central Zone – Capt. Laura Petreikis and Capt.  Jed Whitchurch

 In Cass County, CPOT Wahlbrink inspected a watercraft with three occupants on board at Jim Edgar Panther Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area. One citation and four written warnings were issued for the five violations found.

In Cass County, CPOT Wahlbrink performed compliance checks on ten archery deer hunters. One written warning was issued to a hunter who had left his deer permit in his vehicle.

In Logan County, While conducting deer hunting enforcement, CPO Wright and CPOT Roesch checked an archery hunter. The archery hunter was found to be in possession of a .357 revolver.  He had a valid FOID but did not have a concealed carry permit. The hunter was educated on the laws of carrying firearms while archery hunting, and appropriate enforcement action was taken.

In Morgan County, while conducting a boat patrol in the Meredosia Refuge, CPOT Wahlbrink and CPO Wichern discovered a string tied to a tree, and the string led out into the water. The string was tied approximately seven feet above the water line, creating a hazard for people recreating on the water. Further investigation revealed the string was part of a trotline consisting of numerous bare hooks anchored in the water. CPOT Wahlbrink seized the trotline and placed it into evidence.

In Sangamon County, CPO Wright checked an archery hunter at Sangchris Lake State Park and found that the man did not have his deer permits or hunting license in his possession. A check of the POS system revealed that he did have archery permits and a hunting license. The hunter was issued a written warning.

In Sangamon County, CPOTs Wahlbrink and Roesch responded to a complaint involving hunting without permission. Upon arrival, the officers identified an unoccupied truck parked off the roadway that matched the caller’s description. They noticed the truck had two compound bow cases in the bed. Minutes later, two individuals dressed in camouflage and holding compound bows, came walking out of the timber on the adjacent side of the road. The hunters complied with a request to lead the officers back to the stands they were hunting from. It was determined that the hunters were on property they had permission to hunt. Compliance checks were performed, and no violations were discovered.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clinton County, while conducting deer hunting compliance checks, CPO Macias conducted a compliance check on a hunter as he walked out of the timber. Several field points were discovered in his quiver. He asked the hunter if he was using them for hunting deer, and the subject said, yes. The hunter was new to the sport, and CPO Macias educated the young man on the fact that only broadheads were to be used for hunting deer. A written warning was issued to the new hunter.

In Jefferson County, CPO Haggerty received a complaint of a vehicle parked in a restricted area at state site. Later that day, she located the subject who was scouting for deer. The subject was informed that he was not authorized to enter the restricted area for any reason, and a citation was issued.

In Pope County, While conducting a boat patrol on the Ohio River, CPOT Wilkinson and CPO Knop discovered commercial fishing devices. An inspection was completed, and a commercial fishing device was unlawfully placed in a tributary of the Ohio River. A written warning was issued to the commercial fisherman.

In Saline County, When coming back from checking several baited areas, CPO Knop encountered a father and son at their vehicle. They had just finished deer hunting. After checking their permits and licenses, he inquired about the tub of deer mineral in the back of their truck. The father said he had not yet put the mineral in their hunting area but had placed another supplement on the ridge line. The father believed it to be okay as long as he was not hunting over it. CPO Knop informed the hunters that even though they were not hunting over it, any sort of ingestible supplementation for deer was illegal. A written warning was issued.

In Johnson County, CPO Teas responded to a call, along with deputies from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, regarding a subject shooting his neighbor’s domestic turkey. The subject observed the turkey walking down a field edge and shot it with a shotgun. The subject believed that it was a wild turkey. The owner of the turkey confronted the shooter which led to a physical altercation between the two. No charges have been filed.

In Johnson County, CPO Johnson investigated a case involving subjects who painted phallic art on the Tunnel Hill Trail tunnel. He was able to find evidence that linked a subject to the incident. The subject was interviewed, and a Class A misdemeanor citation was issued for defacing government property.

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