Wisconsin sportsmen: nominate an ethical hunter for annual award

Even though it’s still early in 2019, it’s not too early to begin thinking about who could be nominated as the next Wisconsin ethical hunter. The award is assigned every year. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

This year, do something to provide a good feeling for yourself and another hunter. Nominate an ethical Wisconsin hunter, who could – after review by a selection committee – be named the Wisconsin DNR 2019 ethical hunter.

In addition to being presented certificates and other memorabilia by the department’s chief warden, the winner will receive a product gift from the corporate sponsor, Vortex Optics in Barneveld, a worldwide company that manufactures rifle scopes, binoculars and range finders.

A short award presentation is held at the Vortex Optics Headquarters in Barneveld. Come early and enjoy a tour of the new facilities and indoors shooting rifle range.

The 2018 winner turned away the chance to claim a deer skull with and large rack still attached, then worked through social media to find the archer who shot the deer, but lost the trail. Finally, he convinced the landowner who found the deer skull/antlers to gift the find to the archer.

So rather than keep the deer when offered, he worked to get it to the rightful hunter. Required by law? No, but an ethical thing to do.

Any Wisconsin hunting activity qualifies the potential ethical hunter – turkey, pheasant, squirrel, deer or many others.

Ask any field warden about the specifics, submit a nomination, and begin feeling good about your deed.

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