Outdoor News Radio – May 11, 2019

On Outdoor News Radio this week, Rob Drieslein smugly recounts the tale of his 17-year-old son’s first wild turkey from last weekend, then Rob and Tim Spielman discuss the outlook for Fishing Opener 2019, plus news that Youth Waterfowl Day in Minnesota may become Youth Waterfowl Weekend. Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame legendary angler “Tackle” Terry Tuma offers his suggestions for handling the unstable weather of spring 2019 while fishing for negative walleyes and massive “slab” crappies. Old friend Joe Albert, the Minnesota DNR Division of Enforcement’s communications manager, visits and talks about several topics, including the recent funeral for Conservation Officer Eugene Wynn. Tim Lesmeister and Drieslein wrap up this week’s show with more opener chatter plus they jump into the continuing raging debate over the naming of Lake Calhoun – aka Bde Maka Ska – in Minneapolis.

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