Agriculture Department gets new director

Reynoldsburg, Ohio — Clearly, the new director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture is counting on her years as an attorney and a state legislator to help earn the accolades of the constituency she now chiefly represents: The state’s farmers.

As a result, expect Dorothy Pelanda to walk the minefield of issues that may very will conflict with Gov. Mike DeWine’s stated pledge to help clean up the mess that is the Maumee River Watershed the way a rubber-booted cattle rancher steps around cow piles.

In a recent interview, Pelanda continued to demonstrate her lawyer and legislative chops.

Pelanda did not directly answer whether she’ll demand that Maumee River Watershed farmers do a better job of keeping nutrients from pouring into the system. These nutrients are the fuel source that annually has led to the outbursts of algae that seasonally plagues Lake Erie.

Indeed, one of Pelanda’s first acts – and as reported by The Ohio State University Extension in a Jan. 16 blog posting by the school’s Evin Bachelor – was to change “…the status of the proposed watersheds in distress rules in the Register of Ohio to ‘To Be Refiled’ status as one “that has been temporarily removed from JCARR (Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review) consideration by the rule-filing agency.”

To read the complete story on Pelanda’s appointment, see the March 29 issue of Ohio Outdoor News.

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