Pennsylvania continues to lead nation in deer-vehicle accidents

According to the 2019 QDMA Whitetail Report, the Keystone State continues to far surpass all other states in terms of deer-vehicle collisions, comprising more than 10 percent of the nation’s estimated total of deer-related accidents as a whole.

Based on industry data provided by State Farm Insurance, Pennsylvania filed an estimated 141,777 claims from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018, which is a conservative total since it’s based on comprehensive and collision claims, and doesn’t even include policy-holders with solely liability insurance.

Rounding out the top five states of the nation’s 1,330,276 overall deer-vehicle-accident claims during this time period are, in order: Michigan (87,959), New York (72,314), North Carolina (64,200), and Texas (60,857). Pennsylvania tops second-place Michigan by 53,818 accidents.

Pennsylvania also led the pack in terms of deer-vehicle accidents per road mile with 0.57 deer-related crashes per road mile. Maryland was a distant second (0.43), followed by Delaware (0.39), Virginia (0.37), and Michigan (0.34) in the top five. The majority of accidents occurred during spring fawning and fall breeding seasons.

The whopping 141,777 collisions registered in 2017-18 marks a 23-percent increase since 2011-12, when Pennsylvania filed 115,571 claims, and a 28-percent increase since 2002-03, when 111,1142 claims were filed.

With an estimated 367,159 deer harvested in the 2017-18 hunting seasons, the deer-vehicle accident total equated to roughly 39-percent of the overall state harvest. That same year, Pennsylvania hunters ranked third in the nation for both antlered buck harvest (163,750) and antlerless harvest (203,409), and ranked second for antlered buck harvest per square mile (3.7). It was third for antlerless harvest per square mile (4.5).

The annual QDMA Whitetail Report is compiled and written by Quality Deer Management Association staff as a comprehensive resource for reporting the status of white-tailed deer, commonly regarded as the foundation of the hunting industry in North America. It is available for purchase at

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