Watertown man watches young buck interact with backyard deer decoy

Even though a Montana Decoy shows a thin profile, during the rut, young bucks have one way of thinking. Just ask James Gehring, of Watertown, who was recently preparing for his day at Edward Jones, and decided to take a peak out his window. It was then that he noticed a buck creeping up his back lot line from a small irrigation ditch.

He’s lives in Watertown and is not connected to any woods, save for the small ditch, so the buck was way off course.

“I had only put the decoy out earlier that morning,” he said. “I sprayed it down with some scent-killing spray and was letting it air out. I wasn’t hunting over it or anything, just airing it out.”

The buck creeped up towards the decoy and made a couple passes at the lifeless imposter before finally bailing out on the date.

“My kids and I watched the entire thing unfold,” he said. “I had to quiet them down so they didn’t spook him. It was pretty cool.”

The encounter will certainly give Gehring some added confidence when he does get a chance to use the decoy in a hunting situation.

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