A different approach for the 2018-19 deer season

(Photo by Bill Diers)

Well, the Illinois 2018-19 deer season is officially underway. As always, I was in the deer woods on opening day for morning and afternoon hunts. The day was damp and dismal at best. I’ve never killed a deer opening day, but I’ve never not seen one, either.

This year the only critter I saw was of a feline nature – and not the cool kind like a bobcat or mountain lion. When a gray-striped feral cat walked under my stand, I briefly considered taking aim. What? Don’t judge. I’m just trying to do what I can to preserve the ever-dwindling pheasant and rabbit population in my area. Besides, for you cat lovers out there, I opted not to raise my bow on the furry creature.

The 2017-18 season was quite possibly my best ever. I harvested a doe and an awesome buck. Sure, he’s a buck that many hunters would sarcastically provide me with 32 reasons why I should have let him grow at least another year. In fact, at least one person did.

For the first time in a very long time, I truly didn’t care what someone else thought. I know, this may sound contradictory from the strong opinion I’ve shared for several years regarding a mantra that I call, “big rack mentality.” I suppose this would be indicative of the age-old advice, “practice what you preach.”

It’s setting up to be an interesting year in the deer woods – at least for me. Read more about my deer season in the Oct. 19 issue of Illinois Outdoor News.


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