Wisconsin needs to clean up violations during ginseng digging season

The Wisconsin wild ginseng gathering season is open, but with that season comes a host of violations by unethical diggers. The Wisconsin DNR is going to need the help of ethical ginseng diggers to help curb illegal activity. (Photo by Jerry Davis)

The two-month wild ginseng digging season is now open.

If any outdoors recreational activity gives anglers, hunters, trappers and others a bad label, it has been the violations associated with the wild ginseng harvest.

Digging undersized plants. Trespassing. “Group digging.” Causing buyers to lose their licenses.  Stealing from landowners. Digging illegally on closed property (state land). Harvesting without a license.

Those and other illegal acts impact us all, as well as the future of the activity.

If ginseng populations cannot maintain themselves, the season will be closed by federal law. Then only the illegal diggers will be participating.

Lawful diggers owe it to the state’s resources to report illegal activities. Lawful diggers owe it to ginseng digging activity to help landowners who may not be diggers through education, assistance and providing information about ginseng harvest.

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