Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – June 29, 2018

Northwest Zone– Captain Laura Petreikis

In Henry County, CPO Posateri received a call from a witness saying he watched a man with a cast net take bass from the Hennepin Canal at the Colona Boat Ramp. She responded to the area, and the man was found to be in possession of four fish illegally taken with a cast net. Only shad, minnows, and crayfish can be taken with a cast net. The net was seized, and the East Moline man was cited.

In Scott County, CPO Wichern investigated a hunting accident involving a turkey hunter. The turkey hunter did not realize that he had been accidentally shot by another turkey hunter on adjacent property until two days after the fact. The hunter had his wife examine the spots on his neck and scalp that he believed to be from black locust thorns. His wife thought the spots were pellets, and he was taken to the hospital. Three copper-plated #4 shotgun pellets were removed from just under his skin. The hunter stated he had only heard one other shot the day he was hunting, and that shot came from an adjacent property. He admitted to hen calling approximately 15 minutes prior to the shot, but he did not see a hunter or any turkeys the rest of the day. Due to the thick cover and high ravines in the area, the incident has been deemed an accident.

In Sangamon County, while on patrol at an inner-city pond, CPO Macias noticed a subject fishing. The pond has a posted no fishing sign. When the subject saw the CPO looking at him, he quickly began to pack up his tackle and left the area. A short time later CPO Macias spoke to him, and he admitted he did not know that he could not fish there. He was issued a citation for no permission.

In Sangamon County, CPO Macias received several phone calls concerning a roadkill bobcat. He went to the location described by the complainant, and he found a dead female bobcat. It was determined the bobcat was struck by a vehicle earlier that day.

In Morgan County, CPO Macias went to Passavant Area Hospital to check on a hunter who was involved in an accident. The hunter was chasing a tom turkey and unknowingly crossed into another person’s property during the chase. As the hunter was stalking the bird, a separate hunter thought he was a turkey and shot him in the face, neck, and arms. He is expected to make a full recovery. Violations are pending.

In Morgan County, While investigating a hunting without permission complaint, CPO Wichern located a turkey hunter on an adjacent property. A field inspection of the hunter’s equipment and licenses showed that the hunter failed to purchase a 2018 hunting license and habitat stamp prior to hunting that morning. The hunter was cited for the violations and was instructed to purchase the proper licenses before going turkey hunting the next day.

In Jersey County, CPOs Gushleff and Goetten investigated tire tracks that were on a maintenance lane at Mississippi River State Fish and Wildlife Area. After walking the lane, damage to the trail due to the muddy conditions was found. The lane was posted as “Authorized Vehicles Only.” As the CPOs left the area, they observed a mud-covered SUV parked approximately a mile from the State site. The CPOs interviewed the residents, and they admitted to driving on the lane and getting stuck. They also admitted to taking another vehicle back there to pull the first one out. A citation was issued to one subject, and a written warning was issued to a second subject.

In Winnebago County, CPO Alt was inspecting shore fishermen along the Rock River at Fordham Dam when he encountered two subjects fishing. A compliance check was initiated, and one of the subjects was fishing without a license. During the inspection, the subject in violation provided a false name and date of birth prior to fleeing the scene. Once the correct information was obtained, CPO Alt leaned the subject was wanted on an armed and dangerous warrant from the Rockford Police Department. Additional warrants for arrest were sought by CPO Alt for unlawful fishing without a fishing license, obstructing identification, and resisting/obstructing a peace officer.

Northeast Zone – Capt. Brett Scroggins

In Kankakee County, CPO Farber received a TIP complaint from a concerned member of the Kankakee River Rats, a fishing/conservation group. The complainant advised he had located several fishermen along the Kankakee River illegally keeping smallmouth bass, and a description of the violators was given. On the Kankakee River, smallmouth bass must be released between April 1st and June 15th. CPO Farber was unable to locate the subjects at that time; however, four days later he located the subjects fishing in the same spot. While conducting a compliance check, the CPO located a stringer between the two fishermen with several smallmouth bass on it. An interview was conducted, and both men were issued citations for the violations.

In Cook County, CPO Thornley conducted fish enforcement of Cook County lakes, rivers, and streams. As he pulled into the parking lot of one of the lakes, he spotted two fishermen. When the fishermen spotted the CPO’s squad, they began to move items closer to their chairs. After several minutes, CPO Thornley approached the fishermen and conducted a fish compliance check. Each fisherman possessed a valid fishing license. When asked if they had any fish, they denied catching any fish. CPO Thornley requested they open their containers to inspect for fish, and he located three bass. When the bass were measured, it was determined all three bass were in violation for being too short. One fisherman was issued a citation for possession of short largemouth bass, and the fish were confiscated.

In Cook County, CPO Thornley conducted fishing compliance checks and came upon a fisherman who did not possess a fishing license. The individual stated he was 15 years old. When asked how he got to the park, he said he rode his bicycle. After further questioning, the individual confessed that he did not have a bicycle and the car located a short distance away was his. The fisherman then admitted he was 16 but did not possess a fishing license or driver’s license. The young man had to call his parents to come get him and the vehicle. A citation was issued for no fishing license, and the vehicle was turned over to his parents.

In Cook County, while on patrol in William W. Powers State Recreation Area, CPO Ausmus noticed an angler in hip-boots wading in the north pool of Wolf Lake. A fishing compliance check was conducted, and the angler was issued a written warning for wading where prohibited. In a separate incidence, he conducted a fishing compliance check of an adult male that was fishing. The Indiana man stated he thought it was a free fishing weekend and produced his smartphone with the Indiana DNR website. It was explained to him that it was indeed a free fishing weekend in Indiana, but he was in Illinois. He was issued a written warning and given instructions on how to obtain a nonresident fishing license.

In McLean County, CPO Graden investigated an abandoned vehicle complaint in Moraine View State Recreation Area. A 2001 Dodge pickup truck had been left on a Gander Bay campsite for several days. The registration had been removed, and it was emptied of all valuables. The key was left in the ignition. A VIN search identified the last registered owner, and she was contacted. She claimed the truck’s engine had “blown up,” and the vehicle not operable. She was given three days to remove the truck but failed to do so. The truck was towed. The registered owner was issued a citation for unlawfully abandoning a motor vehicle on public property.

South Zone – Capt. Jim Mayes

In Clark County, CPO Mieure completed an investigation on an out-of-state resident who had unlawfully taken a trophy buck. There were six Illinois violations (unlawful take of white-tailed deer, no valid permit, unlawful feeding of white-tailed deer, unlawful possession of wildlife taken illegally in the state, failure to tag deer upon kill, and failure to report deer harvest) and two Indiana violations. The case has been referred to the US Fish and Wildlife Service for federal prosecution for violation of the Lacey Act. A 17-point buck was seized and entered into evidence.

In Coles County, CPO Mieure responded to a call from Fox Ridge State Park staff regarding a Mattoon man causing problems in the campground and harassing park staff. CPO Mieure located the individual and issued him two citations for cutting trees on state park property and possession and consumption of alcohol in a prohibited area. A written warning was issued for destruction of trees on park property, and a civil citation for drug paraphernalia was issued after taking the man into custody and conducting a search of his person. The subject was transported to the Coles County Jail.

In Randolph County, CPO Schachner assisted CPO Sievers with locating and removing 33 illegal cannabis plants which were planted in several remote areas at a nature preserve. They then went to the Indian rock art and documented the new graffiti. An investigation into the graffiti is being conducted.

In Randolph County, CPO Schachner assisted CPO Sievers and two IDNR biologists with investigating a large reptile and amphibian kill (several hundred turtles) at a slough near the Mississippi River. They collected live and dead frogs and turtles for testing. The cause of death is not known at this time, but Ranavirus is suspected.

In Franklin County, CPO Lay completed an investigation of fishing without landowner consent. The two Franklin County residents were issued citations for fishing on private property without permission.

In Franklin County,  CPO Lay issued a citation to a Franklin County angler for fishing in the Big Muddy River without a license. The fisherman was initially called in as a traffic hazard while he fished from a road bridge south of Benton.

In Lawrence County, CPO Taylor conducted a timber truck inspection on a straight truck with 42 logs. The truck was pulling a trailer loaded with 18 logs. The driver did not have transportation paperwork and was issued a citation for proof of ownership. The truck and trailer license plate revealed the weight capacity for hauling was 36,000 pounds. It appeared that the vehicle and trailer were overweight. Portable scales were brought in to weigh the truck. The truck and trailer weighed 85,400 pounds. Illinois State Police arrived and issued the appropriate citation for being overweight.

In Perry County, CPO Lewis received a call from a recent theft victim. The person advised CPO Lewis he had seen his Yamaha outboard motor mounted to a boat being towed down the road. The towing vehicle and stolen motor were found parked at a residence. CPO Lewis confirmed that it was the motor that was reported stolen. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office assisted with the investigation, and the motor was returned to its owner. Charges are pending with the Perry County State’s Attorney’s Office.

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