In North Dakota, hefty moose, elk, bighorn sheep hunting application numbers

(Photo by Bob Drieslein)

North Dakota’s moose and elk lotteries have been held, and individual results are available by visiting My Account at the state Game and Fish Department’s website.

A total of 21,042 applications were received for moose, 18,079 for elk and 14,617 for bighorn sheep.

Successful applicants will receive a letter the week of April 30 stating the license will be mailed after the successful applicant submits the correct license fee and purchases a valid 2018-19 hunting license. All hunters, regardless of age, are required to have a general game and habitat license, or combination license, in addition to their moose/elk license.

The bighorn sheep lottery is scheduled in September, after summer population surveys are completed and total licenses are determined. Once the lottery is held, successful applicants will be contacted to select a hunting unit.

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