Wednesday, February 8th, 2023
Wednesday, February 8th, 2023

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Study: Spike continues in women’s shooting sports participation

Athens, Ala. — New research on women’s participation in shooting sports shows a significant increase from previous reports, according to a recent study.

Shoot Like A Girl, a leader in growing the number of females in shooting sports, said it has conducted an intensive study on participation of women in the shooting sports industry. It studied several disciplines including pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting, archery and hunting. According to Shoot Like A Girl, the study indicates that women are choosing to spend their recreational time in shooting sports and, as the study showed, target shooting for fun was the leading activity across all disciplines.

“It is a known fact that women have been the fastest growing demographic for several years now, and we continue to grow. There is a chance that our data is a course correction for the industry, too, based on the responses received after our query of a sizeable number of women.” said Karen Butler, president/founder of Shoot Like A Girl.

The study found that participation has increased by as much 189 percent in some disciplines from a 2015 report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Butler said she conducted the survey to show the impact and importance of women participating in shooting sports. Staying true to Shoot Like A Girl’s mission, Butler said she wanted to provide the industry with such numbers so manufacturers and businesses will continue to increase products and opportunities for females participating in the shooting sports industry.

The full report from Shoot Like A Girl breaks down activities by discipline, hunting by animal species hunted and gives information on club and organization memberships, as well as equipment used. For more, go to

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