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Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs & Collars – Nov. 17, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Palumbo issued a citation and written warnings to a Hinckley man for killing and possessing a hen wood duck during the closed season and being in possession of two boxes of lead shot while teal hunting in Potters Marsh on Pool 13 of the Mississippi River.

CPO Finn was on a boat patrol of the Illinois River when he encountered two fishermen to be in possession of short largemouth bass. Both men were issued citations for keeping a short largemouth bass in possession.

While driving through Starved Rock State Park on Labor Day, CPO Kaufman noticed someone had driven over several four-inch by four-inch posts. From the tire marks in the grass, it appeared the individual failed to negotiate the curve, struck the posts, and left the scene. The vehicle’s front license plate was found at the scene. CPO Kaufman talked to the park staff; the accident occurred between midnight and six a.m. Labor Day morning. CPO Kaufman determined the vehicle was registered to an individual from Naperville. He contacted CPO Mooi, and he will be contacting the vehicle’s owner. The investigation is ongoing.

While patrolling the Illini State Park Campground, CPO Jansen received a call from the Marseilles Lock and Dam stating there was a boater who was blocking the locks and refusing to move for barge traffic. CPO Jansen arrived on scene and requested the Lock allow the boat into the locks before the barges to better handle the situation. The operator was arrested for operating a vessel under the Influence of alcohol, OUI with a BAC greater than .08 percent, interference with navigation, and violation of the PFD requirement for his 10-year-old son who was not wearing a PFD. Once the operator was secured in CPO Jansen’s squad, the female passenger (who stated she was nine months pregnant) fell out of the boat and into the water. CPO Jansen jumped into the vessel and pulled the woman back into the boat. She was unharmed. After processing the arrest, CPO Jansen was called to Starved Rock for a vehicular burglary complaint.

CPOs Finn, Filipiak, and Wagner worked a detail to check teal hunters on the opening day of teal season. During the detail, three hunters were found to be hunting in a federal refuge and unlawfully taking teal. One hunter was found to be hunting with an unplugged gun. Two boats were found to be missing safety equipment. In all, seven citations were written, and three written warnings were issued.

CPO VanZant cited two subjects who snuck in to the restricted area at Powerton Lake. They were cited for being in a posted restricted area and not having sport fishing licenses.

While patrolling Rock Cut State Park, CPO Fraser received information from a passerby about a vehicle crash near the Park entrance. CPO Fraser arrived at the scene and observed an unoccupied pickup truck. The truck had crashed through a sign and a fence, ending up stuck on top of a large boulder. CPO Fraser discovered the vehicle had been reported stolen earlier that day and called for assistance to track the occupants. Other passersby stated they observed four juveniles running on the highway near the Park entrance, and a description was provided. State Police and local police canine arrived on scene, and an ultimately unsuccessful canine track was completed. Crime scene technicians processed the scene, and the investigation is ongoing..

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

CPOs Knop and Semenik worked the Fox River and Chain O’Lakes on the teal season opener. While working, they encountered hunters hunting in a restricted area, an unregistered watercraft, failure to have the proper number of PFDs in the watercraft, and drug possession.

CPO Winters followed up on a tip that an individual may be unlawfully in possession of a western hognose snake. CPO Winters spoke with the subject, and the subject stated that he has had the snake for a couple years. The subject was advised he needed to obtain a permit to be in possession of the snake. CPO Winters took possession of the snake, and a written warning was issued.

CPO VanWiltenburg cited a subject on the Fox River for possession of an undersized largemouth bass (7½ inches). There is a 14-inch minimum legal size limit.

After a two-year investigation, a subject charged with several violations by CPO VanWiltenburg pled guilty to hunting without permission and was fined $500. The other charges, including killing squirrel out of season and wanton waste, were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

CPOs Davis and Semenik cited a subject for snagging smallmouth bass on the Fox River at Algonquin Dam. The fish were released alive.

CPO Davis and Sgt. Schreiber arrested three subjects in Woodstock for dove hunting over bait (wheat). Further investigation is pending as to other hunters who hunted on the same baited field earlier in the day.

CPO Davis cited a subject for overloading a rental boat at McHenry Dam. CPO Davis could not get their attention from shore, and the boat was located directly below the dam. Since there were children in the boat, he commandeered a rental boat and completed the boat stop.

CPO Davis cited a subject for waterfowl hunting without a Federal Waterfowl Stamp. Two warnings were also issued for failure to maintain separate bag limits.

CPO Bergland was called out for a complaint of waterfowl hunters hunting away from a designated blind site. The hunters were 17-years-old and from out of state. They had been given wrong information on where they could hunt. Appropriate enforcement action was taken, and they were given the correct information about hunting in the Fox River Waterfowl Management Zone.

CPO Ausmus enforced the Watercraft Registration and Safety Act at Diversey Harbor. Violations documented were: no sounding device; no fire extinguisher; and no visual distress signals (Lake Michigan). While conducting enforcement, a Park Ridge subject arrived on a personal watercraft with a severe laceration to the eyelid. The subject was operating the personal watercraft and hit a wave which caused him to hit his face on the handlebars. The subject was transported to the hospital via CFD ambulance. The investigation is pending.

CPOs Stanbary and Thornley conducted a boat patrol on the Chicago River. During the patrol, ten vessel inspections were completed. Two citations were issued to boaters: one for operating without navigational lights after sunset and another for having a child under the age of 13 wearing no PFD. Two written warning were issued during the patrol for equipment violations.

CPOs Stanbary and Thornley patrolled William Powers SFWA. During the assigned patrol, CPO Stanbary issued three citations. One person was issued a speeding citation after he was radared traveling twice the posted speed limit within the park. A non-resident was cited for no valid sport fishing license.

CPO Stanbary stopped a suspicious vehicle within William Powers SFWA after it was observed to have a broken rear window and occupied by several people. During the stop, it was verified that the registered owner was present, and the unit was not stolen. A passenger within the vehicle was observed with an open alcohol container beneath his feet. He was cited for possession of alcohol in a restricted area. Another open bottle was found behind the front passenger seat, and it was confiscated.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPOs Greuel and Mieure, assisted by a Clark County Deputy, arrested a Martinsville man in rural Clark County for unlawful harvest of wild ginseng during a closed season, no valid ginseng harvest license, unlawful transport of wild ginseng across state lines without certification, possession of drug paraphernalia, cultivation of 20-50 cannabis plants, and resisting arrest.

In response to several complaints, Sgt. McReynolds and CPO Greuel cited a Mattoon woman for violation of the posted quiet hours at Wolf Creek State Park.

While on a boat patrol, CPO Greuel and Sgt. McReynolds cited a Morton man for insufficient PFDs onboard a watercraft on Lake Shelbyville after stopping the boat for improper passenger location.

CPOs Graden and Wright conducted a boat patrol at Lake Decatur on September 3, 2017. Several written warnings were issued. CPO Graden arrested a 27-year-old Decatur man for unlawful operation of a watercraft under the influence of drugs. During the vessel stop, cannabis and drug paraphernalia was discovered. CPO Wright issued a civil citation to a passenger on the boat for unlawful possession of less than 10 grams of cannabis.

CPOs Greuel and Wellum cited a Paris man for multiple counts of hunting without permission of the landowner, hunting without a valid turkey permit, and unlawful feeding of wildlife.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Macias checked dove hunters at Sangchris Lake State Park. Later that day, one of the hunters decided to go for a canoe ride at another location, and he did not have a PFD. A citation was issued to the subject.

CPO Macias checked several dove hunters at Sangchris Lake State Park. Four of the hunters did not have their FOID cards on their person, and a written warning.

CPOs French, Lentz, and Tapley checked a group of dove hunters. One hunter had a shotgun capable of holding more than three shells, and he was issued a citation.

CPO Schachner conducted a patrol on the Kaskaskia River related to a “jon boat adrift” complaint. The boat was located, and it turned out to be a dumped fiberglass recreational boat which had been scuttled and almost completely submerged. Due to the extreme difficulty of towing the boat, it was secured to the bank with several tie-offs. It was also marked with brightly colored jugs for safety reasons.  There will be additional investigation into the dumping.

CPOs Rolfingsmeier and Schachner worked the opening day of dove season in southern St. Clair County where they conducted an undercover detail on a baited dove field. On opening day, CPOs Rolfingsmeier and Schachner observed five hunters hunting the baited dove field and harvesting doves. After observing the hunters hunt for several hours, CPOs Rolfingsmeier and Schachner conducted compliance checks on the hunters. When asked about the bait put out in the field, all the hunters said they knew it was there. All birds were seized, and citations were issued for hunting over bait.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

CPO Roper received an anonymous complaint about an individual illegally digging ginseng. After investigating the matter, it was discovered that the individual had committed a license violation from the 2016 season. The individual was issued a citation for unlawfully harvesting ginseng without a valid ginseng harvest license.

CPO Smith worked a recreational boating and fish enforcement at Forbes Lake. He issued four citations to individuals possessing alcohol at Rocky Point Beach. Rocky Point Beach is a restricted area for alcohol possession. CPO Smith issued two warnings to fishermen for not having their license in possession, two warnings for sounding device, one warning for fire extinguisher, one warning for battery cover, and one warning for towing in a restricted area.

CPOs Lewis and Somers stopped a vehicle for driving off of the roadway at the Kinkaid Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area. During the stop, both CPOs could smell the odor of cannabis. A search of the vehicle revealed a small amount of cannabis. The driver was charged with driving off the roadway on IDNR lands and issued a civil citation for possession of less than 2.5 grams of cannabis.

CPO Somers conducted a boat safety inspection on Kinkaid Lake. During the inspection, the operator had indicators of impairment. The operator was arrested for operation of a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. The subject submitted to chemical testing and was found to have a BAC of 0.164 percent.

CPO Somers, along with a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service law enforcement officer, conducted surveillance of a baited area used for dove hunting.  The investigation is ongoing.

CPO Johnson conducted a boat patrol on Lake of Egypt. During a boat safety inspection, the operator of the watercraft showed signs of impairment. The operator was arrested for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. His BAC tested at 0.104 percent.

CPOs Taylor and Roper checked dove hunters at Sam Parr State Fish and Wildlife Area. Four individuals were found hunting with lead shot, and one subject was hunting with an unplugged shotgun.

CPO Taylor investigated a trailer hauling logs that had broken down along side of the road. Further investigation revealed the trailer and logs belonged to a subject that was acting as a timber buyer but did not have a timber buyer license. The subject was issued 2 citations for not having a timber buyer license and transporting more than 2 logs without proof of ownership.

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