Mission Crossbows, SUB-1: A new brand identity, crossbow platform

Mission by Mathews has announced the formation of Mission Crossbows, which according to the company will have a new brand identity separate from Mission Archery. Also according to the company, with the rebrand comes the introduction of a new crossbow platform – the SUB-1. 

According to the company, CEO and Chief Engineer Matt McPherson and his engineering team set out to improve crossbows in every category – accuracy, ease of use, stealth, maneuverability, and fit and feel. Each component was scrutinized, resulting in over 24 patents/patents pending for the new SUB-1, the company said.

Consistently delivering groups less than 1 inch at 100 yards, the company said that the SUB-1 also features an innovative trigger system that has the ability to safely de-cock without firing a bolt or disengaging the trigger.

For more information, go to missioncrossbows.com.

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