Survey says: AR-platform gun buyers are younger

The outdoors industry is well aware of the truism that if it wants to tap the wallets of hunters and anglers than it first must plumb their minds.

And few are as good at cracking the skulls of sportsman then Fernandina Beach, Florida-based Southwick and Associates. This survey and subsequent analysis firm’s on-going electronic-based questionnaires delve into the most minutiae of details.

Though clients spend big bucks to learn what Southwick uncovers, the firm offers up interesting teasers that point in the direction in which hunters and anglers are willing to travel in order to leave their respective credit card numbers in their wake.

Among Southwick’s most recent findings include the detail that AR-platform gun buyers are not only younger but also are more ethnically diverse than buyers of other long-gun forms.

These two noteworthy points reinforce what other findings suggest, the hypothesis being that today’s veterans returning to civilian life are familiar with AR-platform guns and feel comfortable in owning and using them – in the same way returning veterans of World War I took up Springfield and Enfield Pattern rifles while World War II veterans believed that nothing beat the M1 Garand or the Colt Model 1911 pistol.

Also, today’s AR-platform gun buyers are spending more on various uses for their firearms as well as visiting the gun range more frequently, says Southwick.

In tracking other data collected by its exhaustive surveying methodology, Southwick found through its most recent data collection that just shy of 84 percent of the hunters it contacted said they chased deer; obviously, no big surprise there.

Read more on this story in the Aug. 18 print edition of Ohio Outdoor News.

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