Don’t wait, take that hunting/fishing trip of a lifetime now

Back in 2000, Paula and I were playing a lot of golf – too much golf, actually. It consumed our summers in the Adirondacks and, as we played and then hit the practice range often to work on our games, cut deeply into our time on great fishing spots like Lake Champlain and the Ausable River’s famed West Branch. Before we knew it, the short North Country summer was over.

We took a two-week trip to play the great links courses of Ireland that year – Ballybunion, Waterville, and others, and Royal County Down and Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland. It was memorable, and we did it while we were young and had plenty of game, instead of waiting until we were retired and bunting the ball down the fairways. We were glad we went when we did; it was an exhausting trip but enjoyable, much more so than it would have been in our later years.

Ultimately, we quit golf. Cold turkey. It had to be that way. If we picked up the sticks we’d be back in the game full bore. Instead, we fished, and fished some more. And relaxed and enjoyed the summer instead of fueling our competitive fire.

Why am I writing this in an outdoor blog? Because it applies to our outdoor pursuits.

Go. Go now. Book that trip of a lifetime, whether it’s a hunting or fishing excursion you’ve dreamed of for years, the one you’ve vowed you’ll take after you retire.

Don’t wait. There are no guarantees in life. Things happen. Stop dreaming and make the dream come true.

Think about it. That backcountry elk hunt, that Alaskan or Yukon grizzly or moose hunt, that mountain goat hunt in British Columbia, that New Zealand trout fishing adventure? Are you better equipped now to handle that physically? Is it something you’ll be able to tackle when you’re collecting Social Security?

The happiest people I know are those who pursue their dreams and make them happen. You’d be surprised how easy that can be. Sure, it takes a commitment, maybe some sacrifice, especially from a financial standpoint. But it can happen. I know plenty of passionate sportsmen and women, blue-collar folks who enjoy hunting and fishing, who have managed to do just that over the years.

When all is said and done, it’s about making memories. And there are no greater memories to be made than those in the field and on the water.

So stop dreaming and start planning. Figure out a way to make it happen. Now. Not later when you likely won’t be able to enjoy the adventure nearly as much because of the physical limitations brought on by age.

You can do it. And you won’t regret it.

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