Illinois Outdoor News Cuffs and Collars — May 19, 2017

Region I – Capt. Laura Petreikis

CPO Jones arrested a Fulton man and a Clinton, Iowa, man for unlawful entry to a restricted area at French Bluff Natural Area. Both men were picking mushrooms during turkey season before 1p.m. Both men were issued citations.

CPO Palumbo issued a citation to a Lee County man for unlawfully taking of a wild turkey gobbler with no permit. The turkey was seized.

CPO Posateri investigated a possible deer permit violation. The man from Taylor Ridge was cited for failing to check his deer in the same day it was harvested.

CPO Palumbo issued written warnings and a citation to multiple subjects that were hiking and mushrooming in Lowden State Forest during closed hours due to turkey hunting.

CPO Beltran was dispatched to the Oregon Dam to investigate a call regarding unlawful take of smallmouth bass. When he arrived, he discovered an Aurora man who had an undersized and unlawfully taken smallmouth bass. The season for smallmouth is closed until June 15 on the Rock River. CPO Beltran issued a citation and called the complainant back to thank him for being concerned about the natural resources.

CPO Palumbo investigated the disturbance of commercial fishing gear belonging to DNR Fisheries. A Morrison man believed the net belonged to someone illegally commercial fishing and took it into his possession. The net was recovered, and a written warning was issued.

CPO Alt completed a follow-up investigation on an unlawful hunting without permission and unlawful taking of wild turkey complaint that occurred on Easter morning. Three suspects were identified by an off duty McHenry County Sheriff’s Deputy who were lawfully turkey hunting. Violations committed and confirmed by CPO Alt involving two of the three suspects included: unlawful hunting on lands of another without permission, unlawful taking of wild turkey, unlawful hunting without a hunting license, unlawful hunting without a habitat stamp, unlawful hunting without valid spring turkey permit, and one account of attempted bribery to a public official. Charges are forthcoming.

CPO Finn was checking fishermen along the Hennepin Canal. He observed two fishermen with a bucket of fish in the weeds. After inspecting the bucket, it was determined there were two short largemouth bass in the bucket. Each of the fishermen claimed to have caught one of the short fish. The length limit on the Hennepin Canal is 14 inches and the two bass measured 12.5 inches and 11 inches, respectively. Each of the fishermen was issued a citation for possessing a short largemouth bass.

CPO Finn encountered a father and daughter turkey hunting in Putnam County. After doing a standard compliance check, it was determined the dad and 18-year-old daughter had several violations (9 in total). CPO Finn explained the laws and gave the hunters hunting digests. The father received two citations, one for possessing another person’s tags and one for no habitat stamp. He also received a warning for not signing his turkey tag.  The daughter received several warning, including no habitat stamp, possession of another person’s tag, hunting without a valid permit and not signing her permit.

CPO Thompson received a call from a turkey hunter in reference to an issue. The hunter claimed he and his son hunted the youth season and were successful on a Sunday during the season. However, the hunter admitted in the celebration of his son’s first turkey, he forgot to call the turkey in until the following day. A written warning was issued.

Region II – Capt. Brett Scroggins

While checking fishing licenses around Long Lake, CPO Winters came across a subject wanted on a warrant. The subject was taken to Lake County jail and issued a citation for unlawfully fishing without a fishing license.

CPO Vaughan completed multiple boat registration and titling investigations in Lake County. Citations were issued for failure to transfer certificate of number within 15 days of purchase and failure to transfer title upon sale/purchase of a watercraft.

CPO Honiotes investigated a report of an overturned jet ski on the Kankakee River. After locating the watercraft, a thorough inspection was performed revealing the Illinois registration numbers had been ground off rendering them mostly unreadable. The HIN plate was still intact that identified the last registered owner.  Further investigation is pending.

CPOs Farber and Reid conducted a detail at Milliken Lake. Several trout fishermen were cited for fishing during a closed season. Most fishermen came early to claim their spot and wait for legal hours. Some anglers decided to start the season early and were cited for it.

While patrolling a private body of water where a trespass complaint has been established, CPO Reid made contact with a fisherman who had sneaked on to the property to fish without permission of the owner. It was also determined the individual’s fishing privileges were currently revoked due to prior aquatic violations. The individual was subsequently arrested for fishing without permission and fishing while license revoked.

CPO Reid stopped two individuals loading their boat on a trailer after a fishing trip. It was determined the driver of the truck currently had a suspended driver’s license, and the registration on the vehicle was also suspended. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for driving while license suspended and operation of a vehicle with suspended registration.

CPO Sanford conducted an administrative deer investigation stemming from the 2016 deer season, resulting in one citation for hunting without a valid either-sex archery permit, along with two written warnings for other violations to the wildlife code. All violations occurred in Jo Daviess County.

CPO Stanbary patrolled the Lake Michigan harbors. A non-resident angler was cited for attempting to use a resident sport fishing license. Two other anglers were issued written warnings for untagged devices. A fisherman at William Powers State Fish & Wildlife Area was issued a written warning for no inland trout stamp.

CPO Mooi investigated a trapping complaint in DuPage County. The property owner was previously warned about nuisance trapping without a permit. After an investigation with assistance from the Lombard Police Department, the man was cited for taking animals by use of poison, trapping without permits and habitat stamps, and using untagged traps.

CPO Mooi responded to a complaint of a trapper leaving a raccoon to languish in a trap for three days. CPO Mooi observed a raccoon in the trap and spoke with the man who admitted to leaving town on Saturday. After reminding the man that it was now Monday, the man stated he did not remember if the trap was set before leaving. The man was cited for failure to check traps and other trapping violations.

Region III – Capt. Jim Mayes

CPO Barnes cited a Windsor subject for fishing without a license at Lake Shelbyville.

CPO Greuel and Sgt McReynolds cited Jewett and Mattoon men for unlawfully remaining in an area closed for hunting. The subjects were found to be unlawfully camping in a restricted area in Hidden Spring State Forest in Shelby County. The subjects were also issued numerous written warnings.

CPO Greuel and Sgt McReynolds responded to a complaint of mushroom hunters entering a hunting area prior to 1 p.m. in Hidden Springs State Forest.  Three Effingham subjects were located and issued written warnings.

CPO Reeves made an arrest of an Urbana man for trespassing on private property. The subject was hunting for mushrooms.  He has a court date in Champaign County in May.

CPO Wright spotted a one-person kayak on the Sangamon River with two people (a father and daughter) on board. Upon completing an inspection, only one life jacket was found on board. CPO Wright informed them of the violations. A citation was issued for not enough life jackets, and a written warning was issued for the over loading of the kayak.

CPO Wright located a camp site on private ground near the Sangamon River. Upon making contact with the person camping, it was found that she did not have permission to be there. Also located in the camp site were numerous materials used to make methamphetamine.                     Several other pieces of drug paraphernalia were located along with a vile containing meth. The subject was arrested and taken to Macon County jail.

Region IV – Capt. Jamie Maul

CPO Blazinic was conducting general enforcement at Siloam Springs State Park. At approximately 12:23 p.m., CPO Blazinic entered the park and noticed two individuals carrying plastic bags with morel mushrooms. CPO Blazinic asked the individuals if they were aware they could not mushroom hunt until after 1 p.m. due to turkey season. It was clear from the subjects’ facial expressions that they did not read the sign at the entrance to the park indicating no mushroom hunting until after 1 p.m. During the check, one subject possessed a Failure to Appear warrant in Adams County for a 24-36 mph speeding violation. The warrant was found to be not valid. Each subject was issued a written warning and was shown the “no mushroom hunting until after 1 p.m.” sign.

On April 11, CPO Wheatley received notification from a confidential source stating he was in close proximity to a turkey shot off the roost prior to shooting hours by a Missouri man. After some questioning, CPO Wheatley contacted a Missouri agent and passed the information received along and requested he interview the suspect. The Missouri agent conducted an interview of the suspect. The suspect admitted to hunting prior to time, shooting a turkey from the roost prior to 7 a.m. and hunting without a habitat stamp. The Missouri man was charged with those offenses, and the tail fan, beard, and spurs were confiscated due to the poaching violation.

CPO Goetten investigated a hunting without permission complaint in Jersey County. A suspect was identified and interviewed. He admitted to harvesting a turkey on the property without permission. He was issued citations for the unlawful take of a turkey and hunting on property without permission.

CPO Blazinic was called by the Pike County Sheriff’s Department reference a bobcat that was struck by a vehicle on Illinois Route 54 outside Summer Hill. CPO Blazinic responded and with the help of an Adams Electric Co-Op crew was able to get the bobcat into a pet carrier for transport. CPO Blazinic transported the injured bobcat to the local vet in Quincy. The bobcat sustained a broken leg, jaw and internal injuries. The bobcat died of its injuries approximately 48 hours later.

CPO Bettis seized 4 untagged deer stands at Jim Edgar Panther Creek Conservation Area. The stands were left up past the date in which they are required to be removed.

CPO Ralph Sievers finished a turkey poaching complaint that was reported on March 30. The complainant stated that he saw a light approach an area where turkeys were gobbling on the roost at daybreak. He then heard two gunshots, and the light returned from where it had come. CPO Sievers arrived on scene and took photographs of tire tracks and foot prints. Through the investigation and making contacts with the people from the area, CPO Sievers identified that a trapper had shot and killed a beaver he had caught in a trap. The beaver had been clogging a drainage culvert for a waterfowl project.

CPO Ralph Sievers checked two men standing on a bridge and looking towards the water. One subject was holding a bow equipped with bowfishing arrows. One fisherman had an expired fishing license and was issued a written warning. CPO Sievers informed the fishermen that it was illegal to shoot at the fish from the roadway.

CPO Ralph Sievers checked three fishermen at the Coulterville City Lake. One fisherman was issued a citation for fishing without a fishing license. He had not purchased a fishing license in several years.

Region V – Capt. Tim Daiber

While on routine patrol at the Crawford County Conservation Area, CPO Roper initiated a hunter compliance check on two individuals exiting the woods in camouflage clothing. While conducting the hunter compliance check, it was discovered the individuals had been turkey hunting that morning. The individuals did not possess site specific turkey permits for that area. Both individuals were issued citations for the permit infractions.

CPO Smith was on routine patrol and observed two people fishing at a small lake. CPO Smith asked both individuals for their fishing license. One individual stated he did not purchase his yet. CPO Smith issued a citation to the individual for fishing without a valid sport fish license.

CPO Smith checked another fisherman at the lake and found him to be fishing without a valid sport fish license. The fisherman was 16 years old and thought he didn’t need a license until 18.

CPO Smith arrived at another small lake and observed a fisherman fishing from a boat. CPO Smith approached the fisherman from the bank and asked the fisherman to bring the boat closer to him. CPO Smith checked all essential safety items and found the fisherman’s fire extinguisher to be empty. CPO Smith issued a written warning for the violation.

CPO Smith received a phone call from a landowner stating there was an unknown truck parked near his property, and he thought they were mushroom hunting. CPO Smith arrived in the area and observed the truck. CPO Smith then noticed an individual walking out of the woods. A few minutes later two more individuals came out of the woods. CPO Smith checked each individual through dispatch and found them all to be valid and clear. CPO Smith called the landowner and explained the severity of the charge of criminal trespass and asked if a written warning would suffice. The landowner agreed, and CPO Smith instructed the three individuals of the consequences of trespassing. CPO Smith issued 3 written warnings for criminal trespass to real property.

CPO Mohrman assisted the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service with transporting an arrestee to jail. USFWS officer Campbell was patrolling on Crab Orchard Refuge’s Little Grassy Lake by boat when he apprehended a subject wanted on a Jackson County arrest warrant. The windy conditions of the day were going to make it difficult to transport the subject by watercraft. CPO Mohrman assisted by meeting the officer and arrestee on shore where the arrestee was transported by truck to the Jackson County jail.

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