Tuesday, February 7th, 2023
Tuesday, February 7th, 2023

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In snowy North Dakota, hungry deer pose problems

BEULAH, N.D. — With snowfall approaching 60 inches in parts of North Dakota this season, wildlife are in search of food, and that means problems for landowners.

The number of deer calls from landowners is far higher than previous years Kevin Kading told The Bismarck Tribune.

Kading, who leads private land programs for the state Game and Fish Department, said in the past three weeks the department has received 150 calls. He said the department generally receives about 30 calls. However, he noted during the winter of 1996-97 the department received 1,000 calls.

Joe Schutt, who lives near a heavily deer-populated area, recommended fencing off property to prevent stressed deer from attacking valuable livestock.

Schutt purchased his fence through a Game and Fish Department cost-share program that helps landowners prevent damage to their property. The program paid half of Schutt’s fence, which was installed in 2015.

The department has helped with the installation of as many as 800 fencing projects, Kading said.

Landowners are advised to learn hay stacking techniques and placement to prevent depredation.

Kading said the deer-proof fencing is a good investment for the future. The fencing is funded by hunting-fees.

He said landowners could also prevent damage to their property by providing access to hunters.

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