By ice (if safe) or by boat, great trout action to be had

The ice is iffy in all areas and we all have the itch to get out and catch some fish. Don’t risk your life on unsafe ice when there are many other opportunities out there to catch some great fish with the long rods.

The lakefront offers anglers some great opportunities to get out and catch some hard fighting brown trout, lake trout, and steelhead.  These fish are in the harbors and are reachable by both shore anglers as well as boaters.

From Indiana all the way up to Milwaukee there are some great opportunities for us anglers to get a line wet and have the chance for a fish of a lifetime.  It doesn’t take a lot of specialized gear and you can be fishing in no time.  Like I said a boat is not even a necessity.

Anglers can be all set with a simple spinning rod and reel set-up spooled with light fluorocarbon for float fishing or braid for vertical jigging opportunities.  Live bait like wax worms, spawn sacs, and minnows are easily found and offer the opportunity to tangle with a harbor trout.

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