CWD confirmed at second Minnesota deer farm

A case of chronic wasting disease has been confirmed at a Meeker County deer farm, according to a release Friday, Jan. 20 by the Minnesota Board of Animal Health.

According to the release, the positive CWD samples came from a 2-year-old female white-tailed deer that died on the farm near Dassel in southeastern Minnesota. In accordance with state law, tissue samples were collected from the carcass and submitted for CWD testing. Farmed deer, 12 months of age and older, are required to be tested for CWD if they die or are slaughtered.

The Board’s records show the deer was born on a farm near Merrifield in Crow Wing County, where two deer were recently confirmed with CWD (click here to read the Outdoor News story on that report). The deer was moved to the Meeker County farm in December 2014. There it was part of a herd of 14 white-tailed deer, which remain quarantined on the farm.

“This is why it’s important for the board to maintain accurate animal identification and herd inventories,” said Dr. Paul Anderson, assistant director at the Board of Animal Health. “We were able to look back at five years of recorded deer movements out of the infected Crow Wing County herd, locate herds that received deer from it, and investigate those farms for a CWD infection. This tracing led to the discovery in Meeker County.”

In Crow Wing County, the original quarantine remains in place after the two female deer tested positive for CWD. The Board is reviewing animal movement records into and out of the herd during the past five years.

Movement records out of the herd show deer were moved to four other Minnesota farms during the five year trace-back period, including the farm in Meeker County. All associated herds remain under movement restrictions. Movement records into the herd show one of the two CWD infected deer was moved into the herd in 2014 from a deer farm that is no longer in business. The other positive deer was born on the farm.

Information about Minnesota’s farmed deer and elk herds can be found on the Board of Animal Health website.

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