Ohio DNR seeks hunter input on deer seasons

The Ohio Division of Wildlife wants your advice as a deer hunter about shaping elements in regulations for next year and beyond.

The mere title of a news advisory, entitled “Licensed Deer Hunters – We Need Your Input!”, seems to add credence to the division’s sincerity about the value of your thoughts.

“We know your time is valuable and we sincerely appreciate your participation in this short survey,” the advisory begins.  The central topics being mulled over include the use of urine-based attractants, the youth gun season, and the two-day bonus gun season.

The survey just takes a few minutes, but you will need to have your customer ID handy to begin. The question about urine attractants asks whether you use them at all, and if so, whether they are natural or synthetics.

The youth season questions ask whether or not you favor retaining such special treatment for young hunters, and if so when to slot the season — in mid October or just before gun week, as currently done.

Similar questions involve the bonus two-day season, whether to keep it as is, a weekend before Christmas, or two days between Christmas and New Year’s, or eliminate it altogether.

The survey also include space for your own comments on any of these, or other issues. It says here that these all are, or can be, hot-button issues in many quarters. It is anticipated that comments and a summation of the survey answers will affect deer-rule proposals sent up to the Ohio Wildlife Council, which typically should make its plans available for public scrutiny during the annual district wildlife public open houses in early March.

If you did not receive an email copy, you can access the survey at this on-line web address:  https://wildohio.researchfeedback.net/wh/s.asp?k=147733608401


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