Pennsylvania Outdoor News Fishing Report – June 17th, 2016

Anglers are reminded that bass are in the immediate-catch-and-release season to protect spawning fish in inland waterways through June 17. For more, visit 


Lake Erie — Perch were spotty in recent weeks, with catches – no limits – reported anywhere from 28 to 60 feet, or 42 to 50 feet straight out of Walnut Creek. The hot bite was walleyes at night at the mouths of the streams. One walleye weighed 9 pounds. Lake trout were in 45 to 50 feet and hitting spoons. Smallmouth bass were in Presque Isle Bay. Some early morning waders caught several nice largemouth and smallmouth bass up to 20 inches and a few freshwater drum, all on soft plastics. The crappie bite was spotty. One angler reported catching a Rudd, an invasive species, measuring 16.25 inches. A few nice smallmouth bass and some brown trout were landed on Elk Creek. Boaters are advised that construction began June 1 at Walnut Creek access in the Walnut Creek Marina, with most work being done on the western channel wall; both the marina and channel remained open to boat traffic.

Lake Pleasant (Erie County) —Rainbow trout were reported under slip sinkers with about 12 to 18 inches of line from the swivel to the bait. This 25-acre natural lake gets very weedy in summer.

French Creek – (Erie, Mercer, Venango, Crawford counties) — Near-perfect flow in late May made for good walleye fishing and releases of smallmouth bass from Union City to Franklin. The smallmouths taken on live creek baits were average in size and hitting in slack areas and cut banks.

Pymatuning Reservoir (Crawford County) —In a recent tournament, 36 teams weighed a total of 96 walleyes. First place was three walleyes totaling 12 pounds, 4.1 ounces. Two recent non-tournament walleyes reportedly measured 29 and 31 inches. Some walleyes were hitting in emerging weedbeds, and others were around points and submerged islands. Crankbaits, jigs and crawlers, and crawler harnesses all were effective. Crappies were hit or miss with the weather, but most anglers were having success on jigs around structure, like humps, stumps or fallen trees. Bluegills were moving shallow by June. Numbers of bass also were reported. Two muskies around 50 inches were reported. Catfish were hitting in the channel south of Clark Island.

Canadohta Lake (Crawford County) — This natural lake was yielding big numbers of crappies and bluegills in the lagoon area.

Woodcock Creek Lake (Crawford County) — A nice bite on walleyes was reported in recent weeks.

Oil Creek (Crawford County) — One angler released several wild brook trout, ranging from sublegal to 8 inches, and a wild brown trout about 10 inches, on an Adams dry fly and an olive Hair’s Ear nymph.

Allegheny River (Venango County) — Smallmouth bass were released in recent weeks, with nice numbers reported on drop-shot rigs.

Sugar Creek (Venango County) — A few nice rainbow trout were released on mealworms and minnows. One angler released a 20-inch brown trout on a crawler drifted on a suspended float set-up.

Shenango Reservoir (Mercer County)  — Crappies, including some 1.5 pounders and a 2 pounder, were reported in recent weeks, with 1⁄32-ounce jigheads and white/chartreuse bodies effective. White bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleyes and northern pike also were reported.

Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County) — Crappies were hitting from shore. One boater caught a 15.75-inch crappie on a homemade jig. Walleyes were reported from the causeway to Launch No. 4. A 31-inch, 10-pound walleye was reportedly taken on a crankbait May 20. Nice-sized largemouth bass, including one reportedly 6-plus pounds, were released in recent weeks. Some anglers released big numbers on buzzbaits. Shore anglers caught bluegills on flies and jigs.

Lake Arthur (Butler County) —Nice catches of walleyes were reported by anglers drifting crawlers on the old roadbeds. Hybrid striped bass were reported along shore at boating access areas, especially after 10 p.m. Panfish were hitting around blowdowns, with jigs tipped with minnows under bobbers effective. Largemouth bass were hitting along shore and in coves, with crawlers bounced along the bottom effective. Crappies were reported on white twister tails and 1⁄16-ounce jig heads. Big channel catfish were reported on standard baits.


Somerset Lake (Somerset County) — Carp were in spawning mode as of June 1 on this popular 253-acre lake. Some channel catfish were reported. One angler caught a 31-inch bowfin.

Quemahoning Reservoir (Somer-set County) — A few northern pike were reported in early June. One angler caught nice-sized bullheads.

Laurel Hill Lake, Kooser Lake (Somerset County) — An excellent trout bite persisted through at least early June on both of these fisheries.

Browns Creek (Greene, Washington counties) — Trout were active through early June at the confluence with Garner Run.

Lake Wilma (Greene County) — Nice-sized rainbow trout, bluegills and crappies were reported in recent weeks.

Monongahela River — Rainfall through early June left water high and muddy. Anglers were catching flathead catfish, including some in the 20-plus pound range, around Rice’s Landing and Maxwell lock and dam. A few walleyes and white bass were caught around Maxwell, with early evening hours productive.

Glendale Lake (Cambria County) — Crappies were hit or miss at least until early June, and sizes were running small.


Hammond, Tioga Lakes (Tioga County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported that as of early June, crappies were a mix of pre- and post-spawn fish, with many holding around structure in deeper water. Some crappies were being caught from shore on Hammond. Areas around the boat launches were fishing okay before dark and early in the morning.

Hills Creek Lake (Tioga County) — Top-water frog patterns were the ticket for releases of bass up to 4 pounds in early June. Nice numbers of panfish also were reported, with pockets in the weeds and weedlines yielding perch, bluegills, and crappies. Timber closer to the dam also was fishing well for crappies.

Cowanesque Lake (Tioga County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported releases of nice bass on jigs and creature baits in early June, with many fish near brush piles and weeds in shallow water. Shallow crankbaits and squarebills in bluegill and shad colors also were productive. A few fish were hitting buzzbaits, spooks, and jitterbugs.  Some muskies were reported.

Hamilton Lake (Tioga County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported trout were hitting PowerBait in early June.  Crappies were spotty, but anglers caught some after dark on live minnows and during the day, trolling small stickbaits. Bluegills were hitting live baits, flies and poppers.

Beechwood (Tioga County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported in early June that anglers were releasing bass and pickerel and catching perch and crappies on waxworms and minnows. A few trout were being caught. There was limited success on walleyes.

Tioga Spillway (Tioga County)  ­— Don’s Tackle Shack reported that small walleyes up to 12 inches were being released on various plastics and live minnows in early June. Jigs tipped with crawlers also were working.  Some nicer smallmouth releases and pickerel were reported. Catfish were just starting to turn on.

Upper Pine Creek (Tioga County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported phenomenal hatches in early June, with green drakes, brown drakes, slate drakes, blue-winged olives, sulphurs, and various caddis and stoneflies in the air.  Spin fishermen were doing well, too, on waxworms, live minnows, and butterworms.   Productive lures included small spinners, small stickbaits and spoons.

Pine Creek (Lycoming County) — Don’s Tackle Shack reported June 3 that the creek was in great shape, and a decent number of trout were rising for at least one evening angler. Caddisflies were plentiful and a few stoneflies and green drakes were hatching, although drakes were coming to an end. Anglers earlier in the day caught fish on sulphurs and blue-Winged Olives.

Fishing Creek (Clinton County) —Trout were taking nymphs such as Bead-head Pheasant Tails, Bead- head Prince nymphs, and Green Drake nymphs, as well as dries such as Sulphurs, March Browns, Green Drakes, and Blue Quills. Early morning and late afternoon into the evening hours were productive.

Foster Joseph Sayers Lake (Centre County) — Numbers of crappies were hitting on a variety of baits from minnows and twister tails to tubes.

Penns Creek (Centre, Snyder, Union counties) — Trout were hitting through early June on nymphs such as small dark Mayflies, Stoneflies, and Caddis pupae, as well as dry flies such as Green Drakes, Blue-Winged Olives, Midges, Tan Caddis, Sulphurs, March Browns, and Coffin flies. Green Drakes were hatching as of June 1.

Spring Creek (Centre County) — TCO Fly Shop reported June 3 that conditions were good with close to average flows and nice clarity and water temperatures in the 50s. The sulphur (16-18) hatch was starting to wind down, but activity was reported in the early evening hours until dark. Other hatches included blue-winged olives (18-22), tan caddis (16-18), and midges (22-26). Anglers were catching trout in the lower section on crawlers bounced on the bottom.


Lake Redman, Lake Williams (York County) — Warming water temperatures in early June activated panfish, with good catches reported on both fisheries.

Susquehanna River — The York Haven area and other parts of the river were yielding channel catfish up to 29 inches on standard baits such as liver, shrimp, and crawlers.

East Licking Creek (Mifflin County) — Trout were hitting in the special regulations stretch, with various flies and lures productive.

Honey Creek (Mifflin County) —Water was slightly high but fishable as of June 1 and trout were reported on Sulphur nymphs and Pheasant Tail nymphs (14-16).

Holman Lake (Perry County) — Crappies and panfish were reported at this Little Buffalo State Park impoundment, with small minnows and jigs productive.


Lehigh River (Carbon County) —Trout up to 20 inches were reported through June 1 from Bowmanstown to Palmerton, thanks in part to holdover fish put in by a local club for a tournament around Bowmanstown. Spinners and stickbaits were productive. Smallmouths and fall fish are mixed in and biting well on crawlers, minnows and spinners.

Mauch Chunk Lake (Carbon County) — Crappies were reported off the fishing pier at boat launch A, with mealworms or jigs and minnows productive. Pickerel and perch also were hitting. Bass were released along with chain pickerel near boat launch B.

Beltzville Lake (Carbon County) — Catfish were reported in the evening hours around Pine Run boat launch. Yellow perch and white perch also were reported around the same launch. Striped bass were hitting mostly in the late afternoon and evening hours, with chicken livers, white bucktail jigs, and live bait effective.

Little Lehigh River — Trout were hitting well through June 4, thanks in part to weekend stockings by a local cooperative nursery.

Wallenpaupack Lake (Pike County) — Walleyes were hitting, with fish up to 7 pounds reported. Striped bass also were reported, along with bass and panfish.

Leaser Lake (Lehigh County) — Anglers are releasing muskies, bass, catfish, walleyes, perch, crappies and bluegills on this 117-acre impoundment. All species except trout must be released because the fishery is now being regenerated following dam repairs.


Octoraro Lake (Lancaster County) — On June 4, Jim Neary’s Bait and Tackler reported a fantastic white perch bite on a simple setup of chunks of crawlers with a couple of split shot. Bass were released on chatterbaits. One bass angler released a 24-inch walleye on a crankbait. The crappie bite had peaked, but anglers were still catching them deep on fatheads on slip bobbers or two-to-three inch twister tails, or 2-inch skirt baits. Catfish were coming on stronger every day, with green crawlers or fresh chicken livers the tickets. The bigger ones were hitting large shiners or pike-size lures.

Delaware River (Bucks County) — Anglers in the Trenton stretch caught striped bass on smaller poppers, crankbaits, chunked bunker, and live eels through early June. Around New Hope and above the 202 bridge, stripers were hitting on minnows, grubs, live eels and poppers. Anglers around the wing dam reported walleyes, releases of smallmouth bass, and catfish with live minnows, nightcrawlers, grubs and crankbaits productive.

Lake Luxembourg, Levittown Lake (Bucks County) — Both fisheries were yielding panfish on minnows, mealworms, spinners and grubs, but the trout bite at both fisheries was slow through early June.

Lake Nockamixon (Bucks County) — Crappies were hitting jigs, tubes, and crankbaits – each in small sizes – near shoreline structure on this 1,450-acre reservoir.

Pennypack Creek (Philadelphia, Montgomery counties) — Rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, and smaller carp were hitting corn, waxworms and spinners through early June. Fly- anglers targeting trout reported catching sunfish on dry flies. Bluegills were very active.

Compiled by Deborah Weisberg

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