Southern Wisconsin Fishing Report – May 13th, 2016


Bluegill fishing was best in warmest water spots. North ends of lakes warm fastest, so concentrate on these areas first. Weeds, piers or wood will also hold bluegills. An ice fishing jig or No. 10 hook baited with a spike, waxworm, red worm, or small plastic tail will work. Crappies were found above weeds in 15 feet of water or less near warm water areas. White bass have been caught from the Rock, Wisconsin, and Wolf rivers. Anglers did best using a three-way rig with a streamer fly baited with a large fathead minnow. Catfish were caught on the Rock and Crawfish rivers, along with Koshkonong, Cherokee Marsh and Beaver Dam. Largemouth bass will be in pre-spawn mode. Smaller males will be cruising the shallows. Larger females will be found along drop-offs, points, or weeds outside the warm spawning areas. Smallmouth bass will also be in pre-spawn patterns, but look for the smallies suspended in deeper water around points and rocks. Walleyes are now in post-spawn patterns. Look for them around weed beds or rock bars in 5 to 10 feet of water, especially areas near current. A jig, Lindy Rig or slip bobber rig baited with a jumbo fathead, golden shiner, chub, sucker, leech, or nightcrawler will work best. Muskie fishing should be great this weekend, as long as you are willing to downsize your lures. Target drop-offs or weed beds for best results.

DNR hotline, (414) 382-7920.

Smokey’s Bait Shop, (262) 691-0360.

Dick Smith’s Bait, (262) 646 2218.


A cold front last week slowed things down, but anglers were still catching catfish from shore on Lake Mendota near Governor’s Island and on Cherokee Marsh. The catfish have bumped 30 pounds. Crappie action slowed on Lake Monona and Lake Waubesa, but that will pick up as soon as the warm weather returns. Quite a few anglers have been heading to the Prairie du Sac dam to fishing for walleyes. Lake Wisconsin crappies have turned on here and there, with some good size and numbers showing up.

D&S Bait and Tackle, (608) 244-3474.

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