Catskill Fishing Report – May 13th, 2016

The unsettled weather of this week should be a help to fishing. With low water conditions, a cloudy day is a help. March Browns should be the major hatch in about a week or so, Hatches seem to be a little earlier this year, probably due to the warmer winter.

Caddis flies were active on all rivers. As Caddis flies increase, mornings can be a good time for spent caddis. Small Olives were also being seen on all rivers. There were still a few Blue Quills. Hatch intensity varied from day to day. Fish have moved into the faster water.

Beaverkill and Willowemoc: Both rivers were clear and in decent shape at last look. Caddis are around most days, along with some Blue Quills. Most of the Olives are late afternoon.

Delaware East Branch: Still somewhat low and clear. This can be a challenging river. There were still some Hendricksons and spinners, There are still some small Olives emerging later in the day.

Delaware West Branch: Had a reduced release of 150 cfs from Cannonsville. Only wading is possible at this release. Longer and finer leaders will be a big help. There were still some Hendricksons in the upper reaches and a decent number of small Olives, Blue Quills and Caddis.

Esopus: Water was up below the portal and wading was limited.  Better conditions existed above the portal.

Neversink: Wadeable and at a decent flow at last report. Below Bridgeville there were some March Browns. The upper area has more Olives and Caddis. Sulphurs are the next major hatch on this river.

Delaware Main Stem: Was at a good fishing level. It has fished well this spring. There are more March Browns on this river but mostly Caddis, spinners, small Olives and Blue Quills.

Catskill Flies

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