Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – September 25th, 2015

Salt Fork Lake (3,060 acres; Guernsey County) – Crappies will take a variety of baits, including worms, grubs, crickets, small spinners, and popping bugs. Look for crappies to be suspended or near wood in deeper water this time of year. Fishing from a boat has been very productive in the past year. A variety of rental boats are available from the lake’s marina. For channel catfish, try nightcrawlers or chicken livers fished on the bottom. Nighttime fishing offers some great opportunities. For largemouth bass, topwater action will start to pick up with cooler temperatures. Use the “twitch and wait” method – cast the plug, let it lie on top of the water, and occasionally twitch the bait.

Scioto River (Scioto County) – For catfish, give the Scioto River a try at the Ohio River confluence. The shore fish access adjacent to Alexandria Point Park in Portsmouth is a popular and productive fishing location. Flathead, channel, and blue catfish can be caught at this location this time of year by fishing cut shad and skipjack. They can also be caught on nightcrawlers and chicken livers. Hybrid striped bass can also be caught this time of year using shad imitation swimbaits. Hybrids are also known to occasionally take chicken livers fished off the bottom.

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