Saturday, January 28th, 2023
Saturday, January 28th, 2023

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Hunting for hunting clothes: where women should spend and where they should save

With bow season roughly three months away, there is much to be done: from scouting, to hanging tree stands, to investing in the appropriate clothing. However, for women starting out in the sport the latter can be sometimes be the most difficult part of the process.

I can recall many times throughout my early teen years climbing up into a tree stand wearing my Dad’s insulated boots and old camo pants with a belt cinched at my waist. The boots were huge on my smaller feet and the pants wouldn’t have stayed up without the belt, but I didn’t care. It was a beautiful morning and I was warm.

The fact is there weren’t that many clothing options for young women at the time. Especially, not in any stores in the Quad Cities.  And if we did make the drive to Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops to pick up some women’s hunting gear, it was often quite expensive. So you could say my hunting clothes were a mixture of sizes, brands, and styles.

Now women have more options than ever and for someone who has been hunting since childhood, it is encouraging to see. I have been able to walk into several of the large outdoor retailers and find a women’s section with the basics. However, our options are still far fewer than that of men. With reduced variety, one thing I have personally noticed is a more narrow price range. The retailers are finally recognizing women, but it sometimes comes at a cost.

Quality hunting gear is expensive. I understand the most technologically advanced fabrics can be pricey. However, for women just getting started sticker shock can set in. I want the best gear and technology out there, but sometimes it is often beyond my price range. So what should women splurge on and where can they save?

We’ll explore that question in my next blog post.

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