Yard work or fishing? Annual dilemma begins

Last fall, instead of turning my duck boat over in the backyard at the end of the season, I kept it on the trailer and parked it in the garage. My thought was that over the winter, instead of watching the snow pile up on the keel, I would do some work on the boat and finish the collapsible blind that has been waiting to be installed for three seasons.

Truth be told, it wasn’t just the thought of the duck blind project that led me to push the boat into the garage last November. Before duck season ended, we were slammed by a foot of snow, making it a little more difficult to perform the annual end-of-season task of storing the boat in the yard. So I chose the easy route, while telling myself that it would be a good thing.

Now the snow is gone and springtime activities are starting in force: turkey hunting, fishing, mushroom hunting, paddling….. and boat blind building. What are the odds that the boat blind will get put together this spring now that there are so many other more fun things to do outside?

Fortunately, as I’m writing this we’re still stuck in the “in-between” stage for outdoor activities. My turkey season hasn’t started, yet. It’s not nearly warm enough for morels to pop. The ice has become unsafe and is breaking up quickly, but in most places around our neck of the woods you still can’t launch a boat. The snow just left the yard, so the grass hasn’t grown much at all and I won’t need to push a lawn mower for a couple weeks.

But that will all change quickly. There’s not much time to get projects done before spring activities really get moving. Stay tuned to see if I have a boat blind ready to go for the coming duck season or if I’m relying on natural cover for yet another year.


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