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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – December 12th, 2014

Region I
A District 1 CPO discovered a video on a social media site depicting a vehicle chasing a deer through a cornfield – and event had very recently occurred. The person responsible was identified and the District 1 CPO provided the video and tip information to a District 6 CPO. Two District 6 CPOs interviewed the people involved, resulting in the issuance of a citation to the driver of the vehicle for unlawful use and aid of a vehicle to pursue white-tailed deer. The driver was issued a written warning for shining and the passenger was issued two written warnings under the accessory section of the Illinois Wildlife Code.
A District 7 CPO responded to a landowner complaint of six waterfowl hunters on her private property without permission. The six hunters were contacted in layout blinds goose hunting. Enforcement action was taken, and the six hunters apologized and said they would not come back.
A District 1 CPO received a message about a bobcat caught in a foothold trap. The bobcat had bitten an individual attempting to release it. With the help of Animal Control, the animal was removed and tested for rabies.
A District 1 CPO investigated a personal injury hunting accident in Ogle County. The accident occurred when an archery deer hunter fell from his treestand. The hunter had been drinking alcohol prior to hunting and had been hunting approximately one hour before he had to urinate. The hunter was not wearing a harness and fell from the stand as he was preparing to climb down with his bow in hand and an arrow nocked. The hunter fell approximately 15 feet and suffered a broken neck, broken back, spinal cord damage, broken ribs and a paralyzed right arm.
A District 1 CPO responded to hunting without permission complaint. The CPO met with both the landowner and the coyote hunter to hear their side of the story. It was determined permission had been granted to the hunter, however, the landowner was now upset because he did not expect the coyote hunter to be there before the firearms deer season. The conversation between the two men was quite heated with profanity and various threats. The hunter said he feared the landowner and would like to pursue charges for assault.
A District 1 CPO took appropriate enforcement action on a Whiteside County water fowler for not having his wearable personal flotation devices readily accessible while hunting on the Rock River. The PFDs were in a storage compartment that was covered by bags of decoys and other waterfowl hunting gear.
While in marked uniform patrol in rural Boone County, a CPO received anonymous tip information regarding an archery deer hunter, who the CPO had arrested in past years, and who was hunting on a revoked hunting privilege. The CPO responded to the farm property where this illegal hunting was occurring and began to check the area. After several hours of surveillance, the suspect was observed riding by slowly as a passenger in a motor vehicle past this rural property. It was later learned the hunter had seen the CPO watching from the road, hid his bow and hunting equipment in the woods, and was picked up by a relative on the other side of the property. The next morning, the CPO returned to the field and, after six hours of walking the property, found the stashed hunting equipment. The items were seized as evidence to the case and taken to the ISP Crime Lab for fingerprint analysis. An inventory of the articles in the hunting pack revealed that the suspect was also in possession of drug paraphernalia and suspected cannabis.
While looking into a TIPS complaint, two CPOs found several salt and mineral blocks placed around a field. The area was monitored and a crossbow hunter was discovered hunting the area. The CPOs waited on the hunter to come out of the field and at 5:20 p.m. the hunter returned to his vehicle. The hunter still had his crossbow cocked and loaded. The CPOs cited the crossbow hunter, who was not eligible to use a crossbow, for illegal use of a crossbow, illegal attempt to take deer, hunting by use or aid of bait, arrow nocked after hours, feeding deer and possession of another hunter’s tag while in the field. After taking the crossbow and searching the field for trail cameras, three cameras were found and taken as well. One of the cameras showed the same individuals hunting on a previous day. The crossbow hunter then received four more citations for illegal use of a crossbow, illegal attempt to take, hunting by use or aid of bait and feeding deer. The crossbow hunter received 10 citations in all and the crossbow and three trail cameras were taken.
A CPO was patrolling Big Bend State Fish and Wildlife Area and two hunters were observed walking down a road through the SFWA with loaded shotguns. It was determined the subjects were en route back to their vehicle. The CPO explained to them “If you’re loaded, you’re hunting.” One of the hunters was new to hunting and it appeared to be an honest mistake. Written warnings were issued to the hunters.

Region II
While out scouting, a District 2 CPO found a large pile of shelled corn 50 yards in front of a newly constructed waterfowl blind. The CPO returned a day later with another CPO and CPOT and observed six subjects hunting out of the blind. The subjects limited out on Canada geese and were separated and interviewed regarding the corn. All six subjects admitted they knew the corn was there. The decoys were placed directly in the corn which when cleaned up filled up nine and a half 5-gallon buckets, approximately 47 gallons of shelled corn. All subjects were cited for hunting waterfowl with the use/aid of bait. One subject was issued a written warning for attempting to take over limit of geese.
A District 2 CPO received an anonymous complaint of a subject hunting over bait. The CPO scouted the area and found a stand with bait on both sides along with a trail camera. The CPO returned the following week and found a subject hunting in the stand. The subject was cited for hunting deer with the use/aid of bait.

Region III
A District 11 CPO arrested a Mattoon man who had got his truck buried in the waterfowl area of the Lake Shelbyville Wildlife Management Area. The man had then reported his truck stolen to the Sullivan Police Department two days later. The CPO conducted an interview with a Sullivan police officer and the man admitted to driving into the waterfowl area and then reporting his truck as stolen. Both agencies filed charges against the man.
A District 11 CPO encountered two South Carolina men who claimed to have just shot one doe apiece in Moultrie County. The officer noticed two lumenocks glowing on one quiver and the other man’s quiver had no bloody arrows. A further interview revealed that one of the men had shot both does and only had one tag. Enforcement action was taken.
A District 11 CPO arrested a Florida man who was hunting in Moultrie County out of the same party as the South Carolina men he had cited the prior night. The CPO had discovered that the man had shot a 10-point buck the prior hunting season and only had an antlerless-only tag. After an interview, the man admitted to killing the buck and tagging it with an antlerless-only tag and reporting it as a doe. The man received multiple citations and has a pending court date. Florida Fish and Game will be seizing the buck head from the man’s residence upon his return.
A District 11 CPO obtained additional information on another one of the Florida hunters who were hunting in Moultrie County. Two years prior, this man also shot a 9-point buck and used an antlerless-only tag. Interviews with one of the man’s hunting partners revealed the information to be correct. Florida Fish and Game will be visiting him as well upon his return. Enforcement action is pending. Of the eight out-of-state hunters in the hunting camp, none of them had a buck tag.
A District 19 CPO was called to Clinton Lake State Park about a group of vehicles that had entered a restricted area. The CPO found that a University of Illinois fraternity moved a barricade to the campground area that was closed for a handicap hunt. A volunteer heard voices and found the fraternity was only 80 yards from an occupied blind. Further investigation revealed that this was the same group that had entered the same area last year during the hunt. Information was obtained and up to 24 subjects/citations will be issued.

Region IV
A Brown County CPO cited a non-resident for the illegal harvest of an antlered deer without an either-sex tag and the illegal use of another’s either-sex firearm permit. The subject had posted a picture on the internet of him with the deer. The incident occurred in November of 2012. The CPO was able to obtain a confession from the subject.
A Brown County CPO cited a subject from northeastern Illinois for hunting with the aid of bait. The subject thought it was legal as long as he was 100 yards away. The subject was using a feeder with corn and was not 100 yards away from the feeder.
Brown County and Lasalle County CPOs worked together to catch a non-resident who was hunting over bait. Upon inspection of the area, it was found he had just harvested a deer. The deer was not tagged. While dealing with that subject, another hunter arrived at camp on an ATV with an uncased bow.
A Jersey County CPO received a complaint of two subjects shooting a deer with a rifle. While harvesting crops, a farmer observed a subject shoot a deer from a vehicle with a high-powered rifle before. A CPO met with the complainant who had located a dead deer in a field. The CPO conducted surveillance on the area that night. The CPO observed a truck enter the field. The driver turned the truck’s lights off for several minutes. As the truck began leaving the field, the CPO conducted a traffic stop. Two gunshot deer were in the bed of the truck. The driver was found to have a suspended driver’s license and a revoked FOID card. He also showed signs of alcohol impairment. The subject failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI. He had a BAC of 0.20 percent. He admitted to shooting the deer with a 30/30 rifle “for fun.” He was arrested for DUI, driving while license suspended, hunting with the aid of a conveyance, hunting from a public roadway, transportation of a loaded uncased firearm and the unlawful take of a deer.

Region V
A CPO received a call about rifle shots heard at 6:30 in the morning in Pope County. The CPO drove to the area and spoke with a subject from Florida. The subject initially lied several times to the CPO. The CPO discovered evidence on the property and the subject confessed to shooting a spiked buck with a .270 caliber rifle. The subject was issued multiple citations for unlawful take and hunting with a rifle.
A CPO arrested two Jefferson County men for hunting without permission. The men drove a truck onto the complainant’s hunting lease. The complainant’s trail camera photographed the passenger in the vehicle sticking a loaded crossbow out the window. The men stated they were catching up with a pack of coyotes. Charges included hunting without consent of the landowner, hunt by aid of conveyance and uncased bow.
A CPO was notified by ISP District 19 Dispatch to make contact with a trooper. The trooper stopped a Louisiana truck for speeding in White County. The truck had a 10-point buck in the bed. The trooper said the subjects indicated to him it was a road kill. He voiced concern to the CPO over the phone about the subjects in the vehicle being extremely nervous. The CPO traveled to the stop location and observed the buck in the bed of the truck which showed no signs of injury from a vehicle. The CPO secured an uncased 7mm rifle from the vehicle. Upon inspecting the deer, no visible trauma except the bullet hole between the eyes and one eye hanging out of the socket was noted. The driver admitted to shooting the deer. He said it was in the ditch and appeared injured or sick. He could not take the CPO to the location where the deer was shot. The driver was cited for unlawful take/ possession of whitetail deer, shooting along or across a roadway, uncased firearm in vehicle, no hunting license and no deer permit. The buck head and 7mm rifle were seized.
A District CPO cited a Missouri resident for fishing without a non-resident fishing license. The fisherman was in possession of a resident fishing license and explained that the clerk where he purchased the license must have made a mistake.
A CPO took a compliant of a subject shooting a rifle out of a truck in Union County. The area is under extra patrol.


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