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Illinois Cuffs & Collars – August 22nd, 2014

Region I

A District 1 CPO was called to Prophetstown State Park to assist in the recovery of a pickup truck that was in the Rock River. A Lyndon man and his girlfriend were attempting to put their fishing boat onto their boat trailer after a day of catfishing. The brake line blew in their truck as she was backing down the ramp and the truck and trailer became completely submerged in the river. The driver got out of the truck before it went completely under. The truck was located by Prophetstown Fire personnel, wearing PFDs, and a towline from a local tow truck company was attached and the truck and trailer were recovered.
A handgun that was seized from individuals at an unruly campsite at Starved Rock State Park was awarded to the Illinois Conservation Police. A group of campers were drinking against posted regulations and had been cited for possession of alcohol. The group continued to drink after the CPO left. They created a disturbance at 3 a.m. and threatened a nearby family. The officer received a complaint the next day as the last camper was packing his final things. A search located cannabis, drug paraphernalia, and a loaded handgun. The individual pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis, and all other charges were dismissed.
A District 6 CPO working in Ogle County heard a dispatch from Ogle County Sheriff’s Office in reference to a pick-up and trailer all over the roadway. The CPO and partner were in the area of the report and observed the vehicle driving onto the shoulder several times. The CPO initiated a traffic stop and ran the subject through a field sobriety test. The subject passed the test and showed no signs of alcohol or drug impairment. The subject stated he had been getting very little sleep and fell asleep behind the wheel. The subject was issued several IVC citations and warnings and picked up by his son.
A District 6 CPO working in Winnebago County responded to a complaint made by Rock Cut State Park staff. RCSP staff believed a camper falsified camping registration documents to stay in a campsite a day earlier than he had reserved, forcing another camper out of their spot. The investigation is ongoing pending contact with the Reserve America Camping Registration website.
A District 6 CPO working in Winnebago County responded to a complaint made by Rock Cut State Park staff. RCSP staff observed three subjects at the swim beach after hours. The CPO responded and found the three subjects at the beach with their bicycles. The three subjects, in their mid-20s, stated they were staying in the park campground and were “on an adventure.” The subjects were issued citations and escorted to their campsite.
A CPO arrested a group of subjects for hunting rabbits out of season, from a roadway, and with the use or aid of a motor vehicle. Three rabbits, a woodchuck and two firearms were seized.
A McConnell man was arrested for the second time for driving while license revoked. Both times he claimed to just drive for fishing. He was confined at the county jail.
A District 6 CPO and CPOT were on boat patrol during the Ottawa fireworks. They found a boat running without navigation lights 20 minutes after sunset. Once the officers made contact they found the boat did not have any PFDs on board and the operator had been drinking. The operator failed field sobriety and gave a breath sample of 0.173 BAC. When asked what beverage he had been drinking, he said beer, when asked how much he said “12 ounces at a time.”
A District 1 CPO followed up on a deer permit investigation. Records showed the hunter checked in a deer harvest for the “antlerless only” season when the season was closed in Henry County. It was determined the hunter was not hunting in Henry County and had used the wrong tag for the deer harvested. A written warning was issued.
A District 6 CPO was training a new officer. The District 6 CPO informed the trainee to stop the vehicle and observe fishermen before being spotted. After observing individuals fishing, the trainee drove to the fishermen and checked their licenses. An individual who was seen fishing stated that he was not fishing and refused to give his name. The trainee showed great restraint and informed the individual that he was observed fishing through binoculars and asked for the individual’s identification. The male asked if he was under arrest. The trainee stated that he was going to be issued a citation for fishing without a license. The male wrote his name on a piece of paper and stated that he was going to go to court. The male and a nearby female started talking loudly and became obnoxious. They demanded to see video. The District 6 CPO asked the male if he had purchased a license last year. The male replied “yes,” and he stated that he had just not purchased this year’s license yet. The trainee issued the male a $120 citation and left. The individual cited never made eye contact with the officer and said “I’ll see you in court.” Upon leaving, the trainee looked up the violator’s license history. The violator had not purchased a fishing license since 2011. The violator was flagged for not paying child support in 2014 and is not eligible for a fishing license.

Region II

District 3 CPOs conducted a covert detail with the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department on the Kankakee River at “Party Island.” Plain clothes officers conducted surveillance of the area and called in marked patrol boats/uniformed officers for take down. Several underage consumption of alcohol and drug arrests were made. The previous weekend District 3 CPOs had made similar arrests working the area from marked patrol boats.
A District 3 CPO investigated a complaint of a subject falling off of the cliffs in the Rock Creek portion of Kankakee River State Park. A male subject was flown to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove for injuries that included a broken leg/hip and a laceration to his head.
A District 2 CPO and CPOT arrested two subjects for OUI. One was .072 and the other was .091. The first subject was operating on Petite Lake. The second subject was operating a canoe on Pistakee Lake with a trolling motor, had no registration, no PFDs and no Fox Waterway user decal.
A CPOT and CPO made an OUI arrest on Fox River near Spring Beech Way in Cary. A subject initially refused to board the boat stating that he did not trust the DNR and has been screwed by DNR before. The subject was subsequently arrested for OUI after submitting to a breath sample. Manual override with subject’s sample being .195.

Region III

A District 19 CPO was checking fishermen in Kennekuck Cove County Park in Vermilion County when he located a convicted sexual violent predator and placed him under arrest for unlawfully entering a public park and he also cited him for no fishing license and unlawful pollution of waterway for sinking his beer cans.
Two District 19 CPOs were conducting boat patrol on Clinton Lake when they came upon a capsized sail boat. They were able to secure its occupants and tow the watercraft to shore without incident. It was not a boat accident.
Two District 19 CPOs were conducting boat patrol on Clinton Lake when they located a Bloomington man operating a watercraft under the influence of alcohol with a recorded BAC of .103. He was processed and released on Notice to Appear.
A District 19 CPO received a phone call from the Mahomet Police Department of a man who had reportedly killed a goose in his subdivision. After meeting with the Mahomet officer at the scene, a 75-year-old male subject was identified as the subject who reportedly killed the goose. The subject attempted to lie about killing the goose; however neighbors in the area had pictures showing the subject shooting at the goose. He later admitted to chasing the geese with a BB gun (pistol type) and had accidentally killed one of them. Appropriate actions were taken.
A District 19 CPO, while on his way home, spotted a newborn calf alongside a farmer’s field in a flooded ravine. The CPO made his way to the newborn calf and moved it to higher ground. The calf’s mother soon returned. The CPO contacted the farmer and advised him of the situation.

Region IV

A Jersey County CPO and a CPOT checked a fisherman at Beaver Dam State Park. During the check, they determined the subject did not have a valid driver’s license. Later, while patrolling the park, they saw the subject driving a vehicle. The subject was arrested for driving while license revoked possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of cannabis.
A Jersey County CPO took a report of a property damage boat accident on the Mississippi River in Calhoun County. The subject hit a wing dam and damaged his lower unit.
A Calhoun County CPO recovered a Bald Eagle in Macoupin County. The cause of death is undetermined.

Region V

While checking fishermen at JC Lake in Jefferson County, a sergeant found two people fishing without a license. The man had multiple armed and dangerous warrants out of Rock Island County. He was arrested on the warrants, transported to the Jefferson County Jail and issued a citation for the original charge of fishing without a license.
A CPO found a boat in a ditch near Logan, in Franklin County. After a brief investigation, the CPO was able to return the boat to its owner. The owner thought the boat sunk a year ago.
During a boat patrol on Rend Lake CPOs made a boat stop. The operator of a boat was recognized as an operator of an ATV in which a landowner had complained was operating illegally on his property without consent. The landowner had a trail camera photo of the violation. The boat operator received citations for operating his motorboat with subjects riding on the gunwale and for the illegal operation of the ATV earlier this year.
A CPO completed an investigation from a burglary at the Mt. Vernon Game Farm from March 11 this year. During the burglary, a Kubota side-by-side, power tools, and container of explosives were stolen. Damage was also sustained to buildings by the entry and attempted entry into the buildings. The side-by- side was recovered a short time after the crime. The CPO interviewed a person of interest that was incarcerated at the Jefferson County Justice Center. Information obtained from the investigation led to three subjects that were responsible for the burglary. The CPO collected stolen property that was previously sold by the suspects and recovered stolen property from a separate burglary and arson. Felony warrants were issued on those involved. One subject was taken into custody by the Mt. Vernon Police Department and held on $40,000 bond. Another subject was arrested by the CPO and his sergeant and held on $90,000 bond. All subjects await trial in Jefferson County.
CPOs stopped two bass boats on Rend Lake who were violating the no wake area under a bridge at Rt. 154. The wake from the front boat caused other fishermen under the bridge to toss in the waves caused by the boats not slowing down. Both boats were previously reported to CPOs earlier in the day as suspected OUIs by a concerned boater. Turns out the boats were operated by a father and son. Both operators were arrested for Operating a watercraft while Under the Influence of alcohol (OUI). One refused breath testing and the other was over twice the legal limit at .162 percent. The District Sergeant took another boat out to the stop and assisted with the arrests and removing the watercraft.
A CPO and sergeant both stopped people while driving motor vehicles on the bike trail of Wayne Fitzgerrell State Park. One driver said he didn’t want to stop on the main road so he pulled off on the side road (bike trail, posted no motor vehicles) to let his friend relieve himself in the woods. Enforcement action was taken.
A CPO responded to a dumping complaint on the Randolph/Jackson County line. Numerous old television sets and computer monitors were stripped of any scrap metals then dumped off the roadway into a ditch. Persons of interest located up the road (who happened to be employed as scrappers) denied any wrongdoing but did agree to clean up the litter. The investigation continues as this area has been an illegal dump site for some time.
A CPO received a complaint from Illinois State Police radio while on boat patrol at Lake of Egypt. The CPOs responded and a subject that was trying to sell a raccoon taken from the wild by use of Facebook was the complaint. An illegal sale of the raccoon was stopped at the location the seller had picked. The subject fled the scene on foot , but was later located at a residence in Marion and taken into custody for an outstanding arrest warrant out of Williamson County for failure to appear (FTA) on a domestic battery charge. The subject was also charged for unlawfully attempting to sell a wild game animal and jailed at the Williamson County Jail.

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