Illinois Cuffs & Collars – July 25th, 2014

Region I

A District 1 CPO and CPOT conducted a boat patrol on the Rock River in Ogle County. Several citations and written warnings were issued for PFD violations, registration violations, various equipment violations, possession of undersized smallmouth, and fishing license violations.
While on patrol in Franklin Creek State Park, a District 1 CPO and CPOT noticed a vehicle parked in a Day Use area of the parking lot that had several items of trash on the ground around it. The CPOs observed several items consistent with drug use in the vehicle as they looked through the windows. Soon the owner of the vehicle returned and consent was given to search the vehicle. A cannabis pipe and a jar containing a small amount of cannabis were located. The owner of the vehicle claimed ownership and informed the officers there were two more people on the trails and one was in possession of a pipe. The other two subjects arrived and the pipe was discovered. Two subjects were arrested and transported to the Lee County Jail.
Three District 6 CPOs responded to a call of a missing boater in Marseilles. The subject jumped in and was swept away from the boat by strong currents. The subject went under water and never resurfaced. The search was halted due to severe weather and was to resume the next morning.
A District 7 CPO observed the operator of a watercraft on the Illinois River near Peoria attempt several times to load his watercraft on a trailer. After completing a boat safety check, the operator was believed to be under the influence of alcohol. The operator was placed under arrest and he provided a breath sample of .127 percent BAC.
An Oregon, Ill. man paid $2,000 in fines and is on two year supervision for hunting without permission and hunting over bait. All of his hunting gear was forfeited to the state.
A District 6 CPO was dispatched to a bike accident at Rock Cut State Park. The 9-year-old female had been riding her bike down a hill when she lost control. The CPO provided medical care until paramedics arrived. The girl’s injuries were a severely lacerated left leg and a broken wrist. She was transported to St. Anthony’s Hospital for further treatment.
The Mississippi River was once again approaching major flood stage in Henderson County. Local officials requested that CPOs monitor the levee break at the Henderson Creek State Fish and Wildlife Area. Once the river reaches a certain level, water flows through the breach and around the Lock and Dam 18, exiting into Henderson Creek. Local officers were monitoring not only the breach, but the effect it has on the drainage district levees.
CPOs responded to a 911 call of a fall in Illinois Canyon. After responding to Illinois Canyon, it was found the victim was not there. After repeated attempts to contact the 911 caller, they re-contacted and it was found the caller really did not know what the name of the canyon was. The caller was no longer at the victim’s location. After a 21⁄2-hour search, the victim was located and refused medical treatment. The victim was issued a citation for climbing rocks at the waterfall at Illinois Canyon.
A District 1 CPO and a CPOT responded to an injured goose call at Prophetstown State Park. The goose was located and taken into possession. While waiting to relay the goose to a wildlife rehabilitator, the CPOs checked fishermen. One fisherman quit fishing and returned to the camp when he saw the CPOs. The CPOs asked him for a fishing license and the man explained he was from Kentucky and didn’t want to buy an expensive out-of-state license. The CPOs explained he could get a 24-hour license for $10.50. It was discovered the man was wanted on a warrant out of Whiteside County and the man resided in Morrison. The subject was taken to jail on the warrant and issued a citation for fishing without a valid sport fishing license. The goose was relayed to a licensed rehabilitator.

Region II

A District 2 CPO cited two subjects on the Fox River for possession of a 101⁄2-inch largemouth bass and a 13-inch largemouth bass.
Two District 2 CPOS found a group of teens trespassing on a local gravel pit. The CPOs split up and came in from both sides, so when they tried to run, they were unsuccessful. Two of the subjects were in possession of cannabis and paraphernalia. They were charged accordingly.
A District 2 CPO found a subject in possession of a 14-inch northern pike on the Fox River in Lake County. A 24-inch size limit applies statewide.
Two District 2 CPOs found a subject with his kids fishing on Pistakee Lake. When asked what they caught, they replied catfish and carp. When the CPO lifted the plastic bag out of a separate bucket, he found four undersized largemouth bass (two 10 inches and two 13 inches). Appropriate enforcement action was taken.
After covering the patrol boat from a night out on the water, and just making it back before heavy rains swept the area, a CPO and CPOT drove back down to the Chain O’ Lakes State Park boat ramp where they had seen two individuals fishing from the shoreline earlier. One individual had a 19-inch walleye in a bucket and stated he had no idea what the fish was. Unfortunately for him there is a protected 18- to 24-inch slot limit. The second individual stated he wasn’t fishing and had no identification. He provided name and date of birth, which indicated no record on file with state police. After the third round of “No Record on File,” the CPO informed the subject he was being arrested for obstructing identification until he could determine who he was. After placing the first cuff on the subject he stated, “Ok. I’ll tell you who I am.” The subject was arrested and cited for not having a fishing license and the obstructing identification. The subject informed the officer that he didn’t want to get a ticket for fishing without a license. A second CPO was called to assist. As they were finishing with that incident the last boat of the evening came into the ramp. Subjects switched operators and were both subsequently arrested for operating a watercraft while under the influence of alcohol. One subject had a BAC of .13 and the second a BAC of .14. Cannabis and a 9⁄32-inch deep well socket with burnt cannabis residue were also found in the watercraft.
A CPO and CPOT arrested an underage subject swimming at a local gravel pit for consumption of alcohol by a minor. The subject stated that he was not drinking because he had been in trouble for alcohol in the past. However, the subject had the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and kept weaving from side to side. A PBT, with manual override, indicated the subject had a BAC of .172.

Region III

A District 11 CPO cited a Charleston man for improper passenger location. The passenger was sitting on the front of the pontoon, outside the rail, while the boat was underway.
A District 11 CPO investigated a minor boat accident on Lake Shelbyville. An Oak Forest man tied up his boat near the Coon Creek campground when water entered the boat from wave action, causing it to sink. The boat was recovered by Findlay Marina.
A District 19 CPO investigated a boat accident on Lake Decatur. A female passenger on the watercraft received a prop cut due to jumping overboard to rescue a 3-year-old passenger who had fallen overboard. One citation was issued to the operator for passenger location. No one on the boat was seriously injured.
Two District 19 CPOs working Clinton Lake arrested a Bloomington man for OUI. The operator had a BAC of 0.155.
Two District 19 CPOs assisted biologists with a report of illegal possession of endangered reptiles. It was reported to the biologist that a person started his own reptile rescue in Danville. The owner of the reptile rescue stated that someone left two alligator snapping turtles and one alligator on his porch. After interviews it was found that the owner’s assistant went to Hoopeston and picked up the reptiles from a residence. Department of Agriculture and wildlife violations were addressed and charges are pending.
A District 19 CPO was contacted by Weldon Springs State Park of a theft that occurred in the campground. A water cooler and various food items were taken from a youth camp group. Upon arriving at the park, the CPO stopped two vehicles that were reported to have been involved. The suspects stated that they had nothing to do with the thefts. The CPO then interviewed other campers and ascertained that the original suspects were the violators. The CPO was able to meet with the suspects in Clinton and obtained a confession for the thefts. The cooler was returned and an agreement was made for financial restitution for the items that could not be returned. State Park citations were issued for other violations found.
While on patrol on Clinton Lake, two CPOs stopped a boat for a safety inspection. During the inspection it was noted that all individuals had been drinking. They removed the operator from the boat and noticed a strong smell of an alcoholic beverage. After field sobriety tests were given, the subject was placed under arrest for OUI. When asked why he was being placed under arrest, the officer stated that he could not even recite his ABCs. The operator stated that he had done them perfectly. The officer informed him that he made three errors and ended on the letter “v.” The operator then stated that he could have done better but his knee was messed up. The operator of the boat refused all breath tests and was arrested for OUI.

Region IV

A CPO in Brown County was working a boat enforcement detail in Jersey County. While inspecting the watercraft, he noticed several empty beer cans. The subject had bloodshot eyes and a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. He failed one field sobriety and refused the rest. He refused to take a breath test. He was transported to the Jersey County Jail.
A sergeant in Jersey County was working a boating detail when he noticed someone was having trouble backing the trailer in the water. After the boat was taken out of the water, the sergeant. spoke to the driver. The driver had bloodshot eyes and a moderate odor of alcohol on his breath. The subject failed a field sobriety test. The subject had a BAC of .083. He was transported to the Jersey County Jail.
A Jersey County CPO and a CPOT were patrolling the Mississippi River. They stopped a watercraft and conducted a safety inspection. After identifying a couple of violations, they ran the subject through the Illinois State Police. The operator of the watercraft was wanted on a warrant for burglary. He was transported to the Jersey County Sheriff’s Department.
A Jersey County CPO and a CPOT conducted interviews with suspects for falsifying landowner permits. It was determined that one subject falsified a resident landowner deer permit application to receive free permits for his children and ex-wife, who are not hunters and do not reside at the same address. With the permits, he and a friend harvested several bucks over the two-buck annual limit. A total of 21 bucks were seized in the investigation. Enforcement action is pending for several counts of falsification of landowner deer/turkey permit applications, falsification of DNR harvest records, the unlawful take of more than two antlered deer in a single season, the unlawful transfer of deer permits, and the unlawful take of deer.
A Calhoun County CPO responded to a medical emergency on Enterprise Island on the Mississippi River. The subject was securing his personal watercraft when he broke his artificial hip. They transported medical personnel to the scene. Once the subject was secured to a backboard, they transported the subject to an ambulance.

Region V

A CPO in Pope County is investigating the unlawful harvest of timber involving over 30 trees. The species included various oak and hickory trees. The CPO also assisted DNR Foresters in measuring the stumpage to determine the board feet taken. The case remains under investigation.
Two timber trucks were stopped and inspected in Hamilton County. Several violations were found and appropriate enforcement action was taken.
A CPO and CPOT conducted ramp inspections of watercraft at Crab Orchard Lake. The CPOT issued written warnings for some minor boat violations and to a subject for fishing with too many sport fishing devices.
CPOs conducted boat patrol on Lake of Egypt. A subject was cited for failure to have a fishing license while fishing. Other minor boating violations were documented with written warnings.
A CPO and CPOT conducted boat patrol on Kinkaid Lake. Minor boat violations committed by subjects were documented with written warnings.
A CPO and CPOT recovered an injured bald eagle that had eluded capture earlier. The immature eagle has a badly broken right wing and was transported to Free Again Wildlife Rehabilitation in Carterville. If the wing cannot be fixed, the eagle will become an education bird.
A sergeant assisted Franklin County Sheriff’s Office and the Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake with a man who discharged a pistol at the spillway. The man discharged a pistol into a fish trying to get it off his hook.  Enforcement action was taken.
A CPO was called by a juvenile who wanted to turn himself in for shooting a great blue heron. The CPO spoke with the juvenile and his father and learned the juvenile shot the heron with a .22 caliber rifle while it stood along a county road near a ditch. The juvenile subject thought he hit it but the bird was never found. In lieu of charges, the juvenile was given an assignment of writing a statement of what happened, an essay about the natural history of the great blue heron, and an essay regarding firearms safety. The assignments were completed the next day and additionally his father has now assigned him to take the hunter safety class again.

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