Pheasant Hunting Tips

When the National Rifle Association was founded in 1871, the organization's core purpose was to provide firearm training and education. Some 140 years later, that mission remains unchanged, as evidenced by NRA's nationally renowned firearms training and hunter recruitment programs.

In fact, the NRA, in conjunction with the state of New York, developed the first hunter education course in 1949. NRA's development of firearm safety and hunter education more than 60 years ago is still the benchmark of today's courses.

With that in mind, we welcome you to Pheasant Hunting 101—the first in a series of videos designed to give hunters some very basic information on different types of hunting. This video is designed to serve as an introduction to the basics of pheasant hunting—everything from the types of guns and loads used to pheasant habitat and hunting tactics.

Join J.R. Robbins, managing editor of, as he takes a look at what you need to get ready for your first pheasant hunt.

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