Tungsten ice fishing lures electrify the 2013-2014 angling marketplace

Terry TumaIt’s the dominate term on the ice tackle marketplace this winter: tungsten. Many companies have new tungsten lures, and I know many anglers will be dropping them through the ice this winter. I’ve had the benefit of being able to test some of these lures, and they performed well depending on the mood of the fish. Here are some more of my thoughts on tungsten.

Will my tackle kit have tungsten jigs in it this winter? You bet. It’s denser and heavier than lead, so it gives us the opportunity to fish it fast. Tungsten lures drop fast, so they provide a great way to enter  deep water quickly. I use a lot of No. 12 and 14 size hooks, and tungsten definitely drops faster than similar-sized lead. Lead drops slower, and that can cost you fish during an active bite.

I am still a big advocate of finesse, but there’s definitely a time for tungsten. That time is aggressive fish in deep water. That’ not to say you can’t take a finesse approach once the lure is in that deeper water.

Just understand that given the density and weight of tungsten, you may need to alter your jigging action. Many times, a real slow flutter is key in catching fish, so you may need to impart less energy to provide that lighter approach.

If you have a school of crappies, target those fish at the edges or underneath the school with your tungsten lures. They’re more expensive than lead, but they’ll definitely be part of my arsenal this winter.

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