Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – September 13th, 2013

Lake Rupert( Vinton County) – Largemouth bass are available in good numbers and sizes and can be caught using a variety of artificial lures. Try fishing areas with lily pads or the riprap on the dam in the morning and evenings. The saugeye bite should be improving with cooling water temperatures. Drift fish jigs tipped with minnows or troll crankbaits along the drop-offs of flats close to deep water. Good numbers of catfish are available throughout this 327-acre lake. Try fishing a tight-line rig on the bottom using chicken livers or nightcrawlers as bait.

Hocking River (Hocking and Athens counties) – Using a canoe to fish for smallmouth and spotted bass can be a successful adventure this time of year.  The best fishing tends to be near submerged structure, rock or wood, especially if located in current. Successful baits include minnows, crawfish, roostertails, or jigs with twister tails. Channel catfish can be targeted on rocky shorelines using a simple slip bobber rig baited with a nightcrawler. 

R.C. Byrd Tailwater (Ohio River) – Water remains higher than normal, but don’t let that deter your fishing efforts. A good catfish bite should continue for anglers willing to fish muddy water and faster current. For channel catfish, try tight lining chicken livers or nightcrawlers and for shovelhead catfish, live or cut gizzard shad and skipjacks fished along the rip-rap should produce results.

Piedmont Lake (Belmont County) – Largemouth bass fishing should be picking up. Try using a variety of crankbaits or spinnerbaits cast along the shoreline. As shad begin moving into the lower end of the lake, shad-colored baits should be successful. Smallmouth bass are also present in this lake and can provide a fun opportunity for anglers. Nighttime angling for smallmouth bass is especially productive this time of year. Fish along rocky shore line in six to nine feet of water using tube jigs and spinnerbaits. Short-arm spinnerbaits (7⁄16- ounce) with a pork trailer work well at this lake. Spinnerbaits should be retrieved slowly just along the bottom over rocky substrate.

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