Wisconsin Cuffs & Collars – September 6th, 2013

District 6 — Eau Claire area

Warden Adam Hanna took a complaint about runoff from gasoline-contaminated soil used as fill near the Black River. Hanna found that clean fill from an old gas station was used by a local business, but that contaminated soil had been discovered and hauled to a landfill for evaporative treatment. Stormwater runoff measures were taken to prevent the fill from eroding into the river.
Warden Hanna took two complaints about birds suspected to have West Nile virus. Hanna made arrangements for the birds to be rehabilitated or tested for the disease. In both instances, local police departments (Thorp and Neillsville) located the sick birds and recognized the possible threat. Hanna was thankful for their willingness to involve themselves in non-traditional police work.
Wardens Shaun Deeney and Kurt Haas were patrolling on Lake Wissota when they encountered two male subjects fishing by the Hwy. K bridge. Both men said they were fishing without licenses. They also were in possession of drug paraphernalia and marijuana. Citations were issued for the fishing violations, and the drugs were seized by a Chippewa County deputy.
Warden Deeney and warden supervisor Jeremy Peery were patrolling Long Lake when they observed a man hovering 20 feet above the water’s surface. As they got closer they found the man was operating a jet-pack connected by a hose to a PWC. This new form of water recreation is known as a JetLev or Flyboard.
Warden Randy Dunkel, of Cornell, received a complaint that three young males were netting fish below the dam in Chippewa Falls. Dunkel responded to the area and found that the juvenile fishermen were netting lake sturgeon as they porpoised near the bank. When the juveniles had the fish in the nets, they took photos and released the sturgeon. Dunkel talked with the young fishermen at length, explaining the rules and regulations and seriousness of their actions. The fishermen were given warnings for their actions.
Warden Scott Thiede, of Eau Claire, had two anglers attempt to identify themselves as other people. A man from North Carolina used the name of a friend, and a woman from Eau Claire identified herself as her sister. In both cases, computer records revealed the truth. Citations were issued for fishing without a license, and criminal charges are pending for obstructing an officer.
Warden Ken Thomson investigated a complaint about people who were tearing down a house that had asbestos siding. Thomson discovered the group was burying the items on the property, but the siding did not contain asbestos. Thomson informed the men that they could not bury the siding and shingles, as it was in violation of the state solid waste laws. The men made arrangements to get a dumpster and properly dispose of the waste.
Warden Kurt Haas assisted ranger Terry Boone, of the Black River State Forest, in locating an individual who had a fire he did not extinguish at the end of Haugsted Road in the state forest. The suspect left the fire burning, and left numerous soda cans and other litter along the shoreline of the Black River. This was during a dry period in July when forest fires were a high concern. A suspect was identified, and enforcement action was taken.

District 8 — La Crosse area

Warden Dale Hochhausen, of Onalaska, assisted the Winona County Sheriff’s Department and other agencies with a boat accident on the Minnesota side of the Mississippi River below Lock and Dam No. 7. A tugboat went through the first roller gate and flipped on its side. Hochhausen assisted with searching for a missing person. A hazardous materials dive team recovered the body.
Warden Robert Jumbeck, of Alma, received information from the Pepin County Sheriff’s Department regarding an individual found shooting at crows from the road. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Matt Modjeski, of Sparta, assisted a Jackson County deputy with an intoxicated person seated in a pickup parked at a club in Millston. The officers saw a live raccoon inside the truck. The intoxicated person said he found the raccoon along the road. The Black River Falls ambulance took the intoxicated person to a facility, and Modjeski released the raccoon back to the wild.
Warden Edward McCann, of La Crosse, and recruit warden Dustin Gabrielson observed an ATV being operated down a sidewalk at a high speed in front of a business. After contacting the subject, the wardens discovered the ATV was not registered, the operator had not taken an ATV safety class, and he was operating in the highway right of way. Enforcement action was taken.
Warden Cody Adams, of Crawford County, was pulling off the Mississippi River around 11 p.m. when a houseboat went around Adams and then darted back toward shore and crashed into shore. Adams motored over to the houseboat to ensure everyone was safe. The operator later was arrested for operating while intoxicated and had a BAC of .19. The state’s legal limit is .08.

District 10 — Wautoma area

Warden Ted Dremel, of Waupaca, started to receive complaints in July about people placing bait/feed on their property to attract deer. Hunters are reminded to not place bait/feed for deer prior to 24 hours before the season.
Warden Mark Schraufnagel, of Clintonville, concluded a turkey-baiting investigation. Enforcement action was taken on the landowner responsible for the violation. Warnings were issued for hunting near the bait or assisting in placing bait.
Warden Nate Ackerman, of Berlin, and recruit warden Mick Wallor responded to a complaint about an ATV and UTV being operated on a road. The wardens found the machines being operated on a road, and the UTV had no registration. Enforcement action was taken
Wardens Ackerman and Wallor conducted an interview of a subject who had left illegal bank poles in the water on the Fox River. The subject admitted to not checking the lines as required. Enforcement action was taken.

District 11 — Peshtigo area

Warden Jim Horne, of Shawano, followed up on a complaint about boating too close to piers and pulling a water skier too close to swim rafts and piers. Horne made contact with the suspect, who was warned the previous year for the same violation. Enforcement action was taken for operating a boat/towing a water skier within 100 feet of a dock, raft, and/or piers.
Warden Horne responded to an initial call about a PWC and boat colliding on Shawano Lake. Horne responded to the area, where it was determined to be a fatal boating incident. The victim entered the water to retrieve a dog and then could not get back to the boat as the wind pushed the boat farther away. As the victim was struggling, a boat occupant entered the water in an attempt to help. That person could not find the victim and barely made it to a life jacket that had been thrown to the victim. Several citizens came to assist the survivor after they heard cries for help.
During the July 4 weekend, warden Mike Stahl, of Oconto Falls, spent time watching boat trailers returning home on Hwy. 141 for possible aquatic invasive species violations. Stahl observed more than 75 boat trailers in less than one hour. Stahl issued a citation for transporting aquatic vegetation.
Wardens Stahl and Jonah Lottig, of Madison, responded to a call about a missing 11-year-old child at the Bagley Rapids Campground on the Nicolet National Forest. Stahl and Lottig assisted in a ground search, as well as a house-to-house search near the campgrounds. The boy was located unharmed at a neighboring residence, sleeping in a camper adjacent to the home.
Wardens David Oginski Jr., of Wausaukee, and Tim Werner, of Crivitz, assisted Marinette County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Zach Albrecht with a possible boat accident investigation.The operator had driven his boat into the shore. Luckily, the shore was marsh with a muck bottom. This all took place during daylight hours. No damage was done to the boat. No one was injured. The boater was arrested for OWI.
Warden Oginski and deputy warden Albrecht worked Fourth of July fireworks on Lake Noquebay. An operator did not have boat lights and was contacted. The operator had 14 other people on the pontoon boat with him. Some were young children and sober adults. The operator was arrested for OWI and was a .18 BAC on the PBT.
While working boating and fishing enforcement in the Peshtigo River State Forest, warden Tim Werner, of Crivitz, observed a vehicle leave a state boat landing and begin swerving and entering oncoming traffic. Werner conducted a traffic stop and determined the subject to be operating under the influence. The two passengers also were highly intoxicated. The party had just spent the day boating on High Falls Flowage. Werner arrested the operator for motor vehicle OWI (second offense).
Wardens Werner and Oginski were working boating enforcement on Lake Noquebay when they contacted a boat for improperly functioning navigation lights. The subject was determined to be intoxicated. The subject also was in possession of a loaded .380 handgun.The subject was arrested for boating OWI, and charges are pending for intoxicated possession of a firearm.
Warden Joe Paul, of Lakewood, received a call regarding a wolf attack on a bear dog. USDA Wildlife Services assisted with the investigation. It was confirmed the incident was a bear attack and not a wolf attack.
Wardens Paul and Matt Meade, formerly of Crivitz and now in Mercer, closed a case in Marinette County Circuit Court in which a subject pleaded guilty to two charges of buying and using fraudulent hunting and fishing licenses.

District 14 — Sheboygan area

Warden Bob Lee investigated a call received from the Germantown Police Department about a snake found in a furniture shipment from Texas. The snake was ultimately identified as a rat snake, which is not considered harmful.The snake got outside and has not been seen since.
Warden Sean Neverman investigated a report of two possible feral pigs being harvested in Washington County. Neverman contacted the landowner who reported the harvests, and obtained information about the pigs, including photos. DNR Wildlife staff determined that the pigs were escapees from a pig farm and that they’d been in the wild for a period of time.
Deputy warden Bill Mitchell, of Washington County, with wardens Nick Blankenheim and Mike Clutter, assisted the Milwaukee Police Department in looking for a women who reportedly drowned in the Milwaukee River one night. The wardens used the SAFE boat, which is equipped with side-scan sonar. A witness placed the person last observed within 10 feet of the echo location received by the sonar equipment.
While assisting the Milwaukee Police Department with an issue on the Milwaukee River, wardens Clutter, Blankenheim, and Mitchell were made aware of a sea gull entangled in fishing line. The wardens retrieved the gull, performed some emergency rehabilitation work, and untangled the gull and set it free.

District 16 — Racine, Kenosha area

Warden Isaac Kruse, of Racine County, organized and participated in an aquatic invasive species group check. Wardens Blankenheim, Mitchell, Groppi, and Clutter worked at the Milwaukee Harbor while Kruse and Lindquist worked at the Racine Harbor. They contacted 20 to 25 boaters and educated them about aquatic invasive species. Kruse also checked sport fishermen at the Racine boat landing while conducting an AIS group check. Salmon-A-Rama was in progress.
Wardens Kruse, Hirschboeck, Gomez, Katzenberg, Niemeyer, and Sinclair worked at the Concerns of Police Survivors Kids Camp in July.
Wardens Kruse and Niemeyer contacted a woman operating a pontoon boat without registration numbers on Tichigan Lake. The woman admitted to consuming three mixed drinks earlier in the day, and stated she was on four prescription medications. After failing field sobriety tests, the woman was arrested for boating OWI.
Warden Juan Gomez, of Walworth County, worked the Tichigan fireworks on the Fourth of July. Gomez was working on the Fox River and arrested a boater for OWI. Gomez also worked boating enforcement on Lake Beulah. He stopped a boater for a seat back violation. It is illegal to ride on the back of a seat or on the rail while a boat is underway. He also found three individuals who were under the age of 21 consuming alcohol. They were turned over East Troy police officers, and enforcement action was taken.
Warden Mike Katzenberg, of Walworth County, completed an investigation of a fatal boat accident that occurred on Twin Lakes. Wardens Mike Hirschboeck, Jake Link, Isaac Kruse, and Jen Niemeyer assisted with the investigation and interviews. A boat operator was moving out to deeper water when the boat began taking on water. All individuals on board abandoned the boat. One individual in the boat jumped out and began swimming toward shore. The individual was observed going under the surface of the water and not returning. The victim later was pronounced dead at a local hospital. 

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