Archery Practice with Zelenda Koch and Tony Platt

Kristen MonroeHoly Toledo, have you looked at the calendar lately? Archery deer season starts Sept. 14. With all of the fishing and work that I've been doing this summer, I have not given my bow nearly enough attention.

Who better to sling arrows with in a pre-season warm-up than Zelenda Koch and her boyfriend, Tony Platt? I arrived at a local archery range recently to meet with Zelenda and Tony, both of Franklin. I couldn’t ask for better inspiration.  Tony and Zelenda are contestants on a new television series called Nock Out. The competitive archery reality show will determine the best all-around archer among 12 contestants. The winner will be rewarded with a $20,000 prize. Episode No. 4 will air this Friday at 1 p.m. on NBC Sports. The Wisconsin couple is still going strong, with six episodes to go.

Besides being competitive archery enthusiasts, they also hunt deer, duck, small game, rough fish and more. The desire to improve their hunting skills lead them to participate in 3-D target competitions locally. Now they shoot all over the nation.

“The world of archery is much bigger than the little bubble you live in. We have learned so much and it has humbled us,” said Koch.

“Everyone has their own style of shooting. What’s right for me won’t exactly be right for the person sitting next to me,” Platt said.

The long list of competitive accomplishments they both have achieved is remarkable. But what impresses me the most is their positive attitude and personalities. Their contagious passion for archery motivates others. Since I have yet to tag my first archery deer, sighting in my bow and practicing is more important than ever.  It feels good to shoot with people who are upbeat and insightful. Their interests carry them into fields outside of hunting, as well. Zelenda achieved her black belt in judo and Tony is an International Defensive Pistol Association competitor. They are my kind of people. I look forward to duck hunting with them this fall and seeing what happens on Nock Out. No matter what happens, they will always be winners.

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