Go big or go home when fishing the big lake

Cory YarmuthLake Michigan can be a very tough nut to crack and this year has certainly shown the true colors of the lake.  Limits have been tough to get, but with some time and patience you can find them.

One of the keys to becoming a better angler is to keep switching up your presentations until you find what works best for your conditions.  Recently I have found that the need to upsize my baits has proven to be the ticket to bigger and more fish in the boat.

Cleaning fish I have found baitfish over 6 inches in some of their bellies.  This has lead me down the path to running much larger presentations in my spread.  Magnum spoons, large flashers and large flies are all items that any Lake Michigan angler should have.
If you have them then you should run them.  Too often people will downsize their presentations and this is opposite of what you really should be doing.

Go big and you will be rewarded with more fish in the boat.
Good luck out there!

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