Northern Wisconsin Fishing Report – July 12th, 2013


Rainfall continues to keep the rivers and flowages at above-average levels. Walleye anglers are still faring well on the Chippewa River, especially those using leeches. Lake Wissota fishing has slowed. Otter, Marshmiller, Popple, and Bass lakes are producing bluegills and bass. Panfish action may slow with insect hatches on the rise. Try using a micro jig with a worm or waxie in shallow water. Long Lake is producing giant smallmouths in the 20-plus-inch range. Channel catfish and flatheads are beginning to take worms and chicken livers in shallow water in Chippewa Falls. Shore anglers have been catching a lot of bluegills on Half Moon Lake – Carson Park – in Eau Claire. Panfish action has improved in the shallows of McFalls Bay at the east end of Lake Altoona.
Buroker’s Taxidermy and Bait, Eau Claire, (715) 835-0847.
Bill’s Sport Shop, Chippewa Falls, (715) 723-9033.


Bluegill action has started to slow down, but they’re still being caught on worms, with the best bite during the day in 9 to 14 feet of water on Lake Noquebay. Drift from the shallow weeds out to 14 feet of water. You should start finding bluegills at about 10 feet. High Falls Flowage bluegills seem to have shut down. They’re not in the shallows, but no one has found them in deep water yet. Muskies are hitting bucktails on Caldron Falls Flowage weed edges. Smallies are hitting on the Menominee River, but the river is running pretty high. Bass and northerns are hitting on Leftfoot Lake.
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The walleye and northern pike action has been very good. This late spring held the weeds down. And, there hasn’t been a lot of sun getting through because of the clouds. There are some very nice weed edges, but not tons of thick weeds. The fish are  using the edge of the hard weeds, so they’re easy to find. Some walleyes are just starting to move out to the 10- to 14-foot rock bars, but they’re biting and a lot of fishermen are still catching them. The bigger pike are on the deep side of the weeds near deep water. The smaller pike are everywhere, and they’re hitting everything and anything, especially on sunny days. The muskie fishing has been OK, too, but pick your days.
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The bass fishing has been consistent, with the pike action not too far behind. Walleye action has been good on some lakes, but not quite so good on other lakes. Crappie and bluegill action has remained very good so far – and for a much longer time than most anglers would expect. Muskie fishermen are seeing a number of fish, but they’re not hooking as many as they’d like. Cold nights last week slowed muskie fishing.
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Anglers were having some good action on Lake Superior, but rain slowed the fishing. Find the mud line in the lake and you should find some brown trout. Anglers are still catching walleyes in the St. Louis River, in Superior Bay, and near Barker’s Island, and Arrowhead Flats. There hasn’t been a lot of talk yet about muskies on the river. Walleyes were hitting on Amnicon Lake near the mouth of the Amnicon River, and in the river itself. Big sunnies are being caught in a number of smaller lakes.
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The panfish and the walleyes are active right now in 2 to 8 feet of water. Use a jig and half of a crawler for both species, as they’re in the same areas. Bass are hitting OK. Largemouths are moving into the weeds where they’re hitting frogs and Senkos. A lot of small muskies are being caught up to 36 inches – mostly smaller males. There has been some action on surface baits and bucktails. Guys are seeing fawns and some turkey poults, but no grouse chicks have been seen yet.
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Fishermen have been doing well in general, with crappies, bass, and walleyes leading the way on Big Clam, Little Wood, and Warner lakes. Some big largemouths have been hitting. Bluegills also have been hitting well.
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The fishing on Spooner Lake has been outstanding for northern pike, bass, and bluegills. Big McKenzie Lake has seen good action for all species, with some good walleye action very early in the morning. Crappies up to 13 inches were being caught on Lower McKenzie Lake.
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The big mayflies started hatching last week. This major hatch is always a killer for the walleye bite for three to four days after it happens. Smallie action is good. They’re not moving to deep rocks yet. They’re mostly in 8 to 14 feet over gravel. Muskie action is very good. There are a lot of movers, and some takers. Work outside and over weedbeds. Northern pike action is good. As waters hover in high 60- and low 70-degree range, pike have been active on spinnerbaits, chatter baits, spinners, and swim baits in any shallow cabbage beds. Fish up to 41 inches were caught. Largemouth bass action is fair to good on plastic worms, No. 3 Mepps, and spinnerbaits.
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