Southeast Ohio Fishing Report – July 5th, 2013

Jackson Lake (Jackson County) – Bluegills can be caught throughout the lake from early spring until fall.  Preferred baits are generally wax worms and nightcrawlers fished under a bobber. These fish are popular with both shore and boat anglers.  Bass can also be found, but may be harder to catch this time of year. Try early morning and late-night opportunities to take advantage of the cooler temperatures. Spinnerbaits and tube baits have proved most successful in the past. Catfish angling should also be in full swing.  Nightcrawlers, chicken livers, or prepared catfish baits work well when fished on the bottom. Located approximately two miles west of Oak Hill, this 251-acre lake is accessible off State Route 279 as well as Tommy Been Road. 

Dillon Reservoir (Muskingum County) – Channel catfish have been biting well over the last couple of weeks. Try fishing live bait and chicken livers on the bottom. The sunfish bite will continue to slow with the warming temperatures, but they can still be caught. Try using worms or small crappie jigs in one to five feet of water. Largemouth bass may be harder to catch this time of year, but they can also still be caught if you know where to look. Try soft plastics fished around structure anywhere from the boat ramp on State Route 146 to the dam.

Wolf Run Lake (Noble County) – While other anglers are catching bluegills and catfish this time of year, head out to Wolf Run Lake for something different – crappies. The fish are plentiful in this lake, and the pressure to catch them is relatively low. Try fishing live minnows in 10 feet of water or deeper near steep drop-offs and ledges. If your minnows are fading quickly because of the heat, try switching to a tube bait.  Don’t forget that crappies have a very thin mouth and it doesn't take much to set the hook. If you feel a bite, just start reeling in and the strike is usually enough to set the hook. Largemouth bass can also be fun to catch this time of year. Try casting crankbaits and plastics in 10 feet of water or less along the weedline. 

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